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This is a full-day workshop on intermediate to advanced topics on building real-world ReactJS Web applications. Basic knowledge of React is required for this workshop. We will start by learning about the core fundamentals of Redux including pure functions, actions, reducers, the store, and subscriptions. Then we will integration Redux into a React app, learning about components vs containers, accessing the store, async actions, middleware, and thunks.

Next, we will layer in React Router 4, learning about params, queries, and redirects; prompt before navigation, and scrollToTop. Animations Fundamentals in Vue. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of animation and how you can tie in animations in your Vue. Basic Vue knowledge would be helpful.

Accessibility and Conversational UI Workshop. Mobile web traffic has outpaced desktop traffic since , and Google now uses your mobile website for search results and SEO. What is your "Mobile First" and "Offline First" architectural strategy to address this? Mobile web pages, on average, take 22 seconds to load. The average user will wait only a second or two before they abandon your website for the next search result in the list.

What is your plan to maximize web performance? Beyond Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, the 1. Is your architecture ready to handle a conversational UI? How do you intend to go beyond text and images to fully engage all of your users' senses? If you are ready to move past the superficial "framework of the week" hype and unlock the full potential of the web platform as well as your own full potential as a web developer , this full-day, hands-on, lab-driven workshop is for you.

Unlock the full potential of the web platform. Unlock your website for all devices and all users. Unlock your future as a standards-based web developer. Learn to wield the full power of RxJS Observables in this hands-on workshop. Simplify your JS, React. Allow your applications to naturally react to data changes and user interactions. In this workshop you'll learn: No matter what your framework or stack, you can use RxJS to level up your code. Modern Front-end Performance Strategies and Techniques. How can we make our websites faster if we have no control over the server?

Is that even possible? The skeleton loading pattern Better loading for static assets Lazy loading Service Workers Better build processes and more! Attendees will need to bring a laptop with Node and Google Chrome installed. Familiarity with React will be helpful, but is not required. What to expect when expect ing. Every day, brilliant programmers around the world write awful tests. These days, most developers finally! In fact, many of us write so many tests we often feel overwhelmed by massive suites of erratic, inconsistent, and redundant tests. Worse, because tests play second-fiddle to production code, it can be hard to make the time to identify and address root cause problems before they spread throughout our projects.

We've been helping teams test their JavaScript for nearly a decade, and we've distilled what we've learned into 30 "smells"— indicators of potential test design problems, each paired with an example exercise. Attendees are encouraged to come to the workshop with their most painful test in hand and to share them with the group.


Hook up clothing houston tx

Together, we'll collectively identify each test's root cause problems and how to address them in a systematic, repeatable way. Please bring your testing horror stories and particular tests you hate maintaining. This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of Vue so you can start being productive and building apps immediately. With visual animations and analogies that make abstract concepts concrete, along with coding challenges that help you learn by doing, you'll have a solid foundation of Vue skills by the end of the day.

Brought to you by the teachers at VueMastery.

A full day workshop on mastering SVG. We'll cover basic concepts then do hands-on exercises so you can learn all about coding SVGs in detail! Proven patterns for building Vue apps. In this workshop, we'll cover everything you need to know to get started building world-class Vue applications. Topics will include configuring Webpack for single-file components, setting up the most advanced workflows currently possible, how to organize and reorganize increasingly complex applications, and more. A full day workshop on React Native - leverage your Web programming skills to build native apps.

October 17 Main conference days: October Wednesday October 17th. Animation Fundamentals in Vue. React Native Workshop Gant Laborde. What to expect when expect ing Sam Jones Jeremy Fairbank. Proven patterns for building Vue apps Chris Fritz. React Router, Redux and more hands-on Sia Karamalegos.

How to Learn Angular Tara Z. React State Museum Gant Laborde. New to front end dev? Get rocking with Vue. Lazy and Progressive Eric Portis. Intro to CloudKit Peter Buerer. Web Native Apps Marcus Hellberg. NodeJS performance at scale Leslie Pajuelo. Jekyll For Fun Laura Moore. Adventure as a career plan Jason Lengstorf. Introduction to NgRx Alain Chautard.

Cryptography for developers m4dz. Build a Mobile App with Vue. Web Performance meets Machine - LearningGuess. Angular Localization John Niedzwiecki.


Focusing on Focus Chris DeMars. Serverless Architecture for Node apps Pratik Patel. Taming scary production code that nobody wants to touch Mike Clement. Contain Your Excitement Timirah James. An Introduction to Ember. Is This a Button? Go to General Mobile i. Mobile General session I. Exploring Git Jacques Vincilione. Faster Angular Applications Minko Gechev. Effective React Testing Jeremy Fairbank. Recompose Yourself Mitch Masia. Why vue-cli needed a UI and what you can do with it Guillaume Chau.

Past, Present, and Future Ryan Johnson. Chatbot Fever Whitley Bacon. What's the big deal?

Getting started with styled-components. Documentation Made Easy Ben Hong. AI Commoditized Bolot Kerimbaev. Modern Angular Patterns Tara Z. Discover how iterative prototype testing will help you create a winning design, every time Marisa Morby. Life Beyond Storyboards Ryan Poolos. TypeScript by Transformation Jeremy Likness. Migrating to Angular 6 Lee Brandt. Making Sense of Multiplayer Hunter Loftis. Vuex Explained Visually Adam Jahr.

Tickets on sale now! Conf dates - Workshop day: October 17, Main conference: Track Chairs This year we've invited community experts to be track chairs. They'll be reviewing the CFP and selecting talks! They will also be around at the conf, and we'll introduce them at the conf opening. Node and Server Side JS. Making Sense of Multiplayer. In this presentation, we'll explore the unique concerns of a system that supports dozens of concurrent players in real time. We'll use a mobile game written in JavaScript to test different implementation options and you'll leave ready to go home and design your own multiplayer experience.

Could you build your next app without a server? Using Google Firebase and React, we will build a serverless web application that includes user authentication, data storage, cloud functions, and even hosting on a global CDN. But be warned, after this talk you may never spin up your own server again! End-to-end tests are great! They ensure a great experience for your users, prevent bugs, and save money.

However, they also have a history of being brittle and slow In this talk we'll cover end-to-end testing conceptually, then use Headless Chrome and Puppeteer to write powerful tests that can run on top of any stack. GraphQL in a Serverless World.

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Combining slick serverless paradigms with the statically-typed goodness of GraphQL may just break the internet The answers to the questions you've ever wondered about cryptography as a developer. From origins to modern development in the browser, let's see what matters in terms of security and privacy. I Don't Care About Security. Remember when setting up an auth system was easy?

From the signup form, the login form, password reset form, and all the validation in between it can easily take weeks if not months to get something basic up and running. Then you have to deal with all the security considerations.

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They will learn how to leverage these technologies to create secure applications, but most importantly, they will learn why and how to delegate authorization and authentication so they can focus on their real work and forget about all that security stuff. Serverless Architecture for Node apps. Learn how to use JWTs to prove that data received by your application was sent by an authentic source.

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AWS Amplify is a fairly new open source JavaScript library that allows developers to easily integrate cloud services into their applications. NodeJS performance at scale. Microservice architecture is a fantastic pattern! However, each individual service must still have phenomenal performance. I'll highlight 5 steps we took to improve performance and reliability after a tough holiday. Will also cover what we're doing in the last month to polish for this black Friday. Why vue-cli needed a UI and what you can do with it. We will go through why and how the UI was built and how you can extend it so it can be even more useful!

Thankfully, having a Design System will eliminate all of the guesswork. In this talk, Alex Hernandez, a Vue Mastery contributor, will clarify what a Design System is and walk through how to build and use one in Vue. Test-Driven Development in Vue with Cypress. Test-Driven Development can help! It makes your code simpler, easier to refactor, and quicker to ship. We'll walk through a demonstration of using Cypress tests to drive your code for a higher-quality codebase.

For those who have been lucky enough to work with Vue. And true to the ethos of the Vue. Demystifying the dark art of SFC compilation. Vue single file components empowers developers with ability to write declarative render functions using plain HTML-like syntax. The so called SFCs also provide features like collocation and scoped styles. We tend to use these SFCs effortlessly as any other JavaScript file but to reach that level of ease, Vue does the heavy lifting of transpilation.

This talk takes a deep dive in the compilation process of Vue components and explains how to write a custom block processor. It also discovers some less known facts about SFCs. Angular Features in VueJS. Forms are one of the most heavily used forms of interactivity on the web and are an integral part of any web application. When built well, they incentivize users to complete forms quickly without sacrificing inaccuracies.

It requires a keen understanding of the user experience to build out a good engaging workflow and a willingness to finagle input elements to your bidding. Thankfully, the template syntax in VueJS alongside its state management system lends itself well to creating semantic web forms that also respond seamlessly to user input. In this talk, we will explore various patterns and strategies to building semantic and robust forms in VueJS while also ensuring a delightful and engaging user experience. Core JS and Frameworks. Aside from free parking, a designated smoking place and a safety deposit box, guests can make use of hour reception, hour room service and dry cleaning.

On-site facilities for children include cribs and a mini club. Such fitness options as fitness classes and a gym are available on site. The Westin Galleria Houston Hotel offers a wonderful view to its guests. Children and extra beds All children under the age of 18 may stay free of charge when using existing bedding.

One child under the age of 2 may stay for free in a cot. Valet and public parking Features: Private and semi-private dining, wine list of over selections, wheelchair access Dress: Thank you for not wearing tank tops, sleeveless shirts, flip-flops, gym wear, excessively revealing or torn clothing, or short shorts. Dress shorts are acceptable. Please remove your hat when entering the restaurant. Houston Press — Best Steak. Wine Spectator — Award of Excellence.