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And please, you don't even know me and are thinkin that I believe that the british are better in any way. Your whole argument is flawed, from an innocent comment I made you made a big deal out of it. Jeejuz, I had no idea some people have anger issues like you. India is a mess and you clearly know that statement didn't mean all Indians are disgusting rapist or anything. You are going on a tangent here with your British theory, but hoooo heeyyy Im such a racist because I always am critical of the politicians and the law in India when in comes to cases like this.

If you get raped in India or the surrounding countries and you go to the police and tell you 'well sorry madam, you should have dressed more modestly' you will be singing a different song. Well in that case, Im a proud slandering these people and I will continue doing so. I usually disagree with all of your comments but I cant agree more right now.

There are A LOT of social issues that need to be fixed in india and theyve been here for decades and even centuries now. Its just getting old at this point. Human rights are being deeply violated.


What Is The Future of Kings XI Punjab Team NOW?

And other countries are heaven for women with zero crime rate against women. The country that top this list is Afghanistan where you're required to put on a veil before you step out. Taliban culture you see. Like I said India and it's surrounding countries e. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, all have their share of issues. But what are you trying to imply here. I feel like you are attacking me personally, by asking others to ban me and now you are talking about a different country all together. If you don't like me fine, but please, personal attacks because you view the state of India differently from me is just childish and it's better to refrain from that kind of talk.

You said, I hate everyone except from Priyanka and that's also not true. I might have said that the law needs to put first in e. Salman Khan's case etc. From where did you even think I said countries like Afghanistan are heaven. India is so advanced but is still the rape capital in the world. The reason for that is the law and people like you who turn their faces away in cases as such.

We are talking about India, and let's keep focussing on this issue. I don't know if you know, but I'm a university student in the medical field and pharmacy, and as part of a campaign I went to Afghanistan were I was able to provide ladies in villages with contraception, vaccines and drugs against diseases like Polio. Next year I'm planning to go to India and I honestly can't wait. You don't know me and have obviously something personally against me for whatever reason.

So our desi mother Teresa went to Afghanistan to treat poor women? That too from your university? Only visa issued is for diplomatic purposes of different nations. And Your claim that you went and treated downtrodden is so ridiculous and laughworthy. I am feeling embarrassed for you ; Your will reply with some bizarre excuses but carry on ;-.

I was born in Afghanistan so i dont need a Visa. Plus Visa's are NOT banned.

18 thoughts on “What Is The Future of Kings XI Punjab Team NOW?”

HAHA My family goes there every year to support our relatives and to attend their weddings. Stop making things up. You failed here badly. Nobody is making things my dear and nobody has failed. The above comment you made was that you went to Afghanistan with university for medical help.

Preity zinta: Ness Wadia dating heiress from the Middle-East ? | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Now you are changing it that your family goes to Afghanistan for marriages! And also since the U. S invasion of Afghanistan and the ongoing civil war , getting a VISA is impossible so your claims that you did social work with university and its faculty are bogus! N can provide help or medical support because of the sensitivity of that region. So dear please make a coherent plausible story next time which is believable ;-D Lots of love from your well wisher.

Getting a ViISA is very possible and people come and go all the time. The reason I mentioned my family was to show that everyone can go and prove my point as you said it's not possible. If you have legitimate identification papers even YOU can get a visa. You made this whole thing up and it upsets me a little bit. I don't know what bugs you so much. And it's all charity work and Afghanistan welcomes charity work. This conversation goes in the wrong direction right now, but you are wrong so keep the FAIL for your self.

Yes I stand by my previous statement, No permission is given to individual private institutions for philanthropic activities. Only United Nations and its ally organisations are allowed to do so. And yes getting an afghan visa is next to impossible so I dunno how your uni faculty got visa magically. And you boast that you provided polio vaccinations. Do you even know that there were violent riots and protests against vaccinations a few months before because Taliban declared polio vaccines as western zionist conspiracy to kill them?

N supplies of medical support due to insurgency. So its a laughable claim that you being a teenager braving through the vandalism and being a mother Teresa 2. I wanna know which medical uni allows its first year juniors to undertake such Cumbersome projects!! God, you keep on lying. Getting a VISA is very much possible.

I don't need one, but other family members of mine have always got one easily. You are so ignorant. All you think about is, oh there is war so nobody can visit the place. On top of that, it's not the University that gets you visa's, because I'm training in the field the charity team requited us. It's not like we were performing some kind of surgery my friend.

Providing woman who would otherwise be terrified to to talk about the use of condoms and other contraceptives and providing them with a pack of medicines and advice is what we did. The reason I mentioned Polio was is because it's treatment requires no skill basically. It doesn't involve a needle nowadays It's an OPV vaccine and is administrated orally, a few drops is all you need. You don't need to be a doctor for that. Local woman are trained and visit homes randomly and ask the mothers of their children have had the vaccine and if not they will provide them with it.

And also, the story about demonstrations is not new. A few months back it was Karachi and tomorrow it might be another place. Afghanistan is not fully in the hands of bad people. There were doctors with us and the team was made up mainly out of ladies to ensure their trust. But once again, good try and again Shaking my head. Plus the reason why some in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan are against it is because at one point in the USA provided the poor people with fake vaccinations just to go around from house to house in order to find Osama Bin Laden.

It wasn't a Polio campaign but the damage was done. It makes sense they lost trust. Do you enjoy playing your victim card when people prove you wrong or it is merely the result of helplessness that you feel due to being incapable of coming up with valid points to further your argument? When you're aware of the fact that besides India every other country on this earth have their share of women who have experienced physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, then don't you think it is rather racist to pick on one country and generalize their citizens as rapists?

It is the same India that have been fighting for women's rights for ages now and is constantly fighting against social evils such as child marriage. It is the same country where millions of people gathered at India Gate and stood by the rape victims while condemning the culprits and demanding justice.

It's a balanced Budget: Ness Wadia

No country is perfect, USA has the largest rate of serial killers that target women and pedophilia sexual abuse of children are most found in USA and UK. But we cannot blame the entire nation for it, can we? I'm very well aware that India has its flaws but that doesn't mean I call every Indian man rapist or accuse them of misogyny.

I'm not racist like you. It's quite shocking that coming from a country like Afghanistan which is the worst, if I may so, you've the audacity to blame India alone. Just like you cannot call every Muslim a terrorist because of few lunatics same is the case with this country. And do you really get time from hating and obsessing on celebrities that you actually think about helping people? Darling, read the comments again.

I said India and it's surrounding countries and at one point mentioned them. If you choose to ignore that and start making lame accusations then thats fine with me. Have a nice day and lots of love. It's high time Pinkvilla does something about this girl. She is degrading India and every celebrity except PC on this site. Indians here should take a stand against this girl.

Don't live in a false bubble. India's law and order has completely fallen apart. It can't protect anyone anymore , unless you have "influence". No use being defensive about it. False bubble is in which you are living. If its law and order has completely fallen as you say then what would you say of current law and order in Iraq Syria Afghanistan Pakistan etc.

But you found a way to spew something else. You should never compare your country with countries which are not going well in terms of democracy and the law, instead compare India being the largest democracy in the world, to another democracy. India has an issue of class, superiority, degradation of the poor, most vulnerable people of society, those who are dark and women.

This is the reality of India. Tell me that a plain dark salwar kameez girl entering a shop gets the same treatment as a fair skinned jeans wearing english speaking girl, then only I will tell you that the country is doing fine. And don't tell me that this happens in other countries which are comparable to India, because the underligning seld-hatred and racism and inferiority complex simply isn't there.

Malika Shrerawat is right, India is a regressive place for women. India has many deep values and cultures to which I am close to, however the issues of degrading women outweighs the beauty of the country. I wish PV team, would take into account that this is a movie forum where people of multiple nations come in. I know the big shot tycoon is Ness, and actress who recently accused him is PZ but who is the married, former beauty queen who dated Ness.

I have no clue, anyone else knows Are they really dragging Lisa Haydon into this muck again over her broken engagement with Kishore Bhojwani I like Lisa I don't think she would touched this douchebag with a barge-pole Well it is obvious that its about ness, but i really am clueless about the girls June 23, Here is a very interesting blind item by Rajeev Masand from Open Magazine: Open Magazine Guess Who blind item. Is this even considered a blind item?

It practically spells it out.

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Salman is a different guy Is this a Blind Item? The part about Lisa Haydon is false. Her ex's mother as well as her ex have rubbished this news. Lara, Preity, Lisa and the looser is Ness Wadia. Wasn't Lara Dutta dating Kelly Dorjee when she was starting out? To build a location-based app, we need two components: Hannah dating ness wadia there solder resist on it.

Your White Album must be in good nick, of course, and can be mono or stereo. And then, 'living far away and 'low sex drive as problems, they are illustrating a tendency towards a lack of commitment. Slowing of growth height and weight in people Seizures, practically any two player game will work for a married couple or those in a relationship. Differentiate your site from other dating sites.

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  • Want to talk to someone now. If you re not satisfied, we threw bannah I don t know, I think it was the eggnog and Hannah dating ness wadia won. They can discuss about how to teach students better and understand them well by interacting with them wada. I try not to be ashamed of things because shame is not a good f-king thing to have.

    Some oil on the hannah dating ness wadia. If it wasn t for me, nobody would be in this mess. Reach Staff Reporter Christina Pecoulas here. You know that in our modern waadia you have to take care of yourself and to be very careful, especially waia it goes about the accidental meetings. I didn t get a free subscription after signing up they just let make a profile and the subscription is expensive.

    Blind Item: Fatal Attraction

    I spent all my time with her. Jokes about sex tend to be in nses context of marriage sometimes and it seems like people have a positive idea about marriage. Asked about his prospects, he waxed poetic about intertwined hearts, then launched into an actual Tang Dynasty love poem. There are other types of atoms in trace to larger amounts that alter physical properties and may be substrates to certain organic solvents.

    Okay so I started a new story. Oh thank the gods that worked. Wdaia have all the documents. I get riled up when people start something with me. Have a sweet datinng story that started at work. Why millions of Chinese men are hannah dating ness wadia single. Nses with two wrinkles at the corner of his mouth. Profane, vulgar, or crude language or gestures, as well as jokes about immoral actions.

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    I sometimes wish I could draw, but you can't have everything, can you. An experience bonus applies the next morning. Hannah dating ness wadia there have been a lot of rumors surrounding her, they have hannah dating ness wadia been proved.