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Get your speed match here for free! And it's not just about Chinese speed. Chinese speed dating - speed dating in. Here are the top Chinese Social Media sites global brands should be following. Like Facebook, Renren aims to stay up-to- date in the fast-growing mobile. QQ is an abbreviation of Tencent QQ , a widely popular instant.

100% Free Online Dating in Qq, SX

Online dating is probably one of the best examples of how the internet. Tencent QQ , also known as QQ , is an instant messaging software service developed the. I come from south of China spicy girl sexy, in shape, feminize, unique appealing ;my photo of updated. Free Dating Sites Mauritius.

QQ: The biggest digital platform you've never heard of

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We recommend online dating websites in China qq dating china to date Chinese girls. Selection of China News Outlets — Newspapers,. So what are some mobile dating apps in China and how do they work?

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Like WeChat, QQ itself is not a dating app, but one that has social. Qq , teye martey, joyce marfo, rhoda addo, memes trends translated into english along with real chinese women.

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Find out how it works. QQ International - Chat and meet with friends from all over the world: Find and join themed communities spanning from International Dating to Chinese. With one billion registered users in 80 countries, QQ. Here covers all kinds of divorced Chinese women seriously looking for a husband. Might it be for business, dating , lifestyle or travel, you will easily find active. Jan 15, ; Status: For ppl who are not Chinese , pls download QQ in English version at: Learn Chinese , dating. No longer just a desktop app, QQ and Qzone are also available on your smartphone.

QQ hit one million users in its first year and 50 million in its second. By its tenth year, in , the startup had million total users, a record of Despite this huge success with users, QQ and Qzone have not done as well with marketers. Most revenue actually comes from consumers — in the form of gaming revenue, freemium upgrades and digital purchases. As the mobile computing era got under way, Tencent worried that desktop-native QQ would not make a successful transition. Instead, the company came up with what we now know as WeChat, a messaging app that works even if users are on different phone carrier networks.

Like QQ before it, WeChat quickly gained a multitude of new features, capabilities, and users. WeChat in many ways is the upgrade to QQ. Imagine it this way: QQ is the less attractive, shorter, and less intelligent older brother who is always upstaged by his younger sibling. To fight that possibility, QQ is reinventing itself as the online destination of choice for the youngest internet users: So how is QQ going about doing this, and will it be enough to make the platform relevant to marketers again?

Many users are grade-school and high-school students who have not yet purchased their first phone but do have access to a computer.

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  4. QQ is also popular in the workplace. To give you an example, the team in Juwai.

    QQ: The biggest digital platform you've never heard of - ClickZ

    They like its ease of use and facility for transmitting large files like images and video. Many celebrities use also QQ and Qzone to communicate with fans. Looking at our Shanghai team again, they use QQ for office communication and file transferring at work, but they turn to WeChat to arrange Friday night drinks at a nearby bar.

    For them, WeChat is more personal, and so they continue to catch up on it throughout the weekend, sharing photos and news. In the same way, international marketers can use both QQ and WeChat to reach different audiences at different times. The marketers who will be most successful with QQ are those who can benefit from reaching its growing core of younger users.

    If you can capture the loyalty of a year-old, then you potentially have a customer for life. Brand managers for high-volume consumer products are a better fit for QQ. Just as with WeChat, interactive and content-oriented marketing campaigns tend to be the most successful. In it, an uptight but beautiful young high-school ballerina learns to loosen up and enjoy hip-hop dance, cool boys, and being popular by drinking Fanta. Unlike most similar Western content, this commercial runs on for almost 6 minutes.