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The reality is that we have 2 parties, and third parties have the playing field rigged against them. I guess I'll just have to drag the Dems a bit greenward.


America’s most popular voting guide for elections, political issues, candidates, and poll data

I've always considered myself a social liberal, slightly conservative fiscally. Maybe because I wanted to increase police and amke sure schools were actually teaching our kids instead of training them to be felons. Does this make me GOP? I do loathe the Patriot Act, if that's any consolation. Not familiar with Natural Law party. And is the Reform party the Perot-era or Buchanan-era? I do know the Constitution Party is slightly to the right of Asscroft. Kind of a dumb poll, though.

Political Party Quiz

Questions were too vague. This is truly disturbing Here's how I scored In 'reality' Im a Democrat Site search Web search. Printer-friendly format Email this thread to a friend Bookmark this thread.

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This topic is archived. Edited on Tue Aug There should be no race or other minority based quotas in any government hiring or natural resource management policy.

2018 Political Quiz

Canada needs Lower taxes for individuals and families. Canada needs lower taxes for businesses.

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Canada should consider legalizing and regulating solicitation and practice of prostitution. Possession of Child pornography, particularly photos and tapes, is wrong and should be sternly punished as child abuse.

Canada should work towards having a senate that is equal, effective, and somehow elected. Gun Control is important. But long gun registration is a waste of time and money.

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There should be more free votes in the House of Commons. Canada should consult more with its citizens on important issues through refferendums and other forms of direct democracy. Quebec should consider separating from Canada.

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