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Paige left the show when she fell victim to the necktie killer. The two were already involved in real life at that time and according to Soap Opera News they still are. Though Molly is no longer on the show, they are another " Days of Our Lives " connection. Melanie's exit from the show left it open so that she could some day return. They met on the set and fell in love. The head writer at the time was Bill Bell. He saw the electricity between them and began to write storylines for the couple, making them on-screen lovers before they became so in real life.

The happy couple married in and still make appearances on the set from time to time. The writers of " Days of Our Lives " have displayed some great matchmaking skills. The surgery was ultimately successful, and when Chloe raised her veil on her wedding day, her face was back to what it had been before. The two left Salem on their honeymoon immediately after the wedding, and were unable to make it back in time for John's funeral in due to weather conditions.

Chloe returned to Salem in November of without Brady. After much speculation as to why the couple was not together, viewers learned that after meeting some of Chloe's friends who happened to be drug dealers Brady became addicted to drugs. He and Chloe fought constantly. One night, Brady was taken from their apartment in Austria.

Chloe fled to Salem for safety. Months later, Chloe learned that Victor had actually ordered Brady's kidnapping in order to force Brady into rehab. When Chloe learned where Brady was, she rushed to be by his side. But, Brady told Chloe that he wanted a divorce. Their divorce was final on May 27th, Chloe remained in Salem and Brady remained in rehab. In November of , Brady completed rehab and returned to Salem to reconcile with his friends and family. He made amends with Chloe and even congratulated her on her engagement to Lucas. He reconnected with Marlena and vowed to help her with John.

Brady's working relationship with his Philip was a strained one. Philip often complained that Victor favored Brady. But, Brady pointed out that Victor was being harder on Philip because he was his son and the actual heir to the Kiriakis Empire while Brady was further down the line to inherit everything. That seemed to appease Philip for the time being, but things were quickly strained again by vivacious Melanie Layton, who began working at Titan as a consultant.

Nicole Walker - Wikipedia

Upon his return, Brady also started a complicated relationship with Nicole. Originally just visiting her to wish her well, he found himself becoming her confidant. Brady was still a recovering drug addict and Nicole, who was recently pregnant, had to give up drinking. He offered to help her if she needed it and gave her his phone number. One night Nicole began experiencing terrible cramps. When she couldn't get hold of E. Nicole had a miscarriage. But, she couldn't risk telling E. Brady agreed to keep her secret, but urged her to tell E.

Nicole did not take Brady's advice. She began to wear a pregnancy pad to fake the remainder of her pregnancy. Brady opposed her actions, but Nicole proclaimed it was just temporary until she could muster up the nerve to tell E. Eventually, Nicole found a young, pregnant woman named Mia whose baby she wanted to illegally adopt and pass off as her own. Brady adamantly refused to lie for her again. Nicole accused him of not supporting her thus creating a rift in their newly rekindled friendship. However, Brady had more to worry about than Nicole. Brady was determined to help his father regain his memory.

After learning Charlotte proclaimed John's first hypnotherapy session was a bust and wrote him off as a lost cause, everyone became suspicion. Brady sprang into action and broke into Charlotte's office to review the recorded session. He was both shocked and appalled that Charlotte had lied to everyone as the recording proved John was in fact remembering his past.

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Brady e-mailed the file to Marlena then went to her penthouse to review it with her. At first, Marlena was worried that Brady might get into legal trouble for his misdeeds, but, when he demanded she looked at the file. She did and Marlena was also shocked by its contents. Brady immediately wanted confront Charlotte, but Marlena told him she would handle things. Knowing she could be in danger, Brady went to John and showed him the recording as well. John was also stunned by it and agreed that Marlena could be in trouble. He raced to the penthouse to help Marlena, but upon walking through the door Charlotte attacked him from behind with a hypodermic needle filled with a dose of muscle relaxant large enough to kill someone.

Brady arrived a few minutes later to help, but there was little he could do.

Nicole Walker

At the hospital it was revealed that John had been paralyzed from the neck down and needed to be transferred to a clinic in Lugano, Switzerland that specializes in cases like his. Brady's only reprieve was that the injection had helped John get his memory back. He was overjoyed when his beloved father finally remembered him. Although just reunited with his father, he had to say goodbye. John had to be flown to Lugano that night and Marlena was going with him. But, before they left, John and Marlena were remarried in the hospital with Brady there to experience the bittersweet moment and say goodbye to his father and Marlena.

Brady stayed in Salem to continue his life. He realized that he had more than friendly feelings for Nicole. After helping her through her miscarriage, he tried to stop her from marrying E. But, Nicole decided to marry E. Brady accepted her decision, but went to her wedding to see if she would actually go through with it. Furious that he had shown up, E. The beating was only the start of the war between the DiMeras and the Kiriakises. Soon, the feud was full blown, with Stefano and E.

Brady knew that there was trouble and rather than play along, he went to Bo to get the police involved. This move angered Victor, and Victor threw Brady out of the family. But once Philip and Stephanie were safe, Victor tried to apologize. Brady soon met and began a relationship with Arianna Hernandez. The relationship helped Brady forget about Nicole and the DiMeras. Brady proposed to Arianna and the two were set to get married. When the truth about Nicole's baby switch came out, Brady testified on Nicole's behalf at her trial. This move hurt Arianna, and she and Brady hit multiple rough patches over Nicole.

Despite how much he claimed to love Arianna, Brady could never cut Nicole out of his life. Nicole knew this and used it to her advantage to get Brady back. Nicole framed Arianna for the recent Salem muggings which Hope really committed. Arianna tried to convince Brady that she was innocent.

But, she noticed Brady's hesitation to believe her. Arianna broke up with Brady for good in the police station. While she was cleared of charges, Brady started a downward spiral. Nicole was there to comfort Brady and the two began dating. Brady also began drinking again - a move that worried his friends and family. Brady found out that Vivian had hatched a plot to burry Maggie alive. He was furious with Vivian for going after Maggie, but when Brady learned that Vivian had moved his mother's remains to a pet cemetery as part of the plot against Maggie, Brady snapped.

He put Vivian in the sarcophagus and tortured her via camera and earpiece for weeks. When Vivian's assistant, Gus, finally rescued her, she sent out for revenge against the Kiriakis family. She bought the majority shares of Titan and took over the company. Meanwhile, Nicole struck a deal with E.

Arianne Zucker Baby, Daughter, Dating, Net Worth, Bio, Wiki

Brady needed an outlet for his anger. He retaliated against Vivian by setting up a fake overseas meeting. Brady paid the pilot of the Titan jet to throw Vivian out over the Pacific Ocean -- onto an island that the Kiriakis family owned. Vivian was out of the picture until Victor heeded Maggie's request and had Brady rescue Vivian. Her rescue was contingent on her signing the company back over to the Kiriakis family. However, instead of Victor, Brady made sure Vivian signed the company back over to Brady.

Then, he settled in as the head of Titan. When Brady heard that Troy was the hit-and-run driver who killed Arianna, Brady was mad. But, when Brady learned that Troy was working for E. In retribution, he hired a goon to assault E. She told Brady to leave and started covering up the crime. Brady maintained the position that if E. But, the feud continued and eventually Maggie Horton got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot. Worried that the violence was getting out of control, Brady joined with his family in declaring a truce with the DiMeras. He then turned his attention towards Titan.

Titan acquired a cosmetic firm, Mad World Cosmetics. The two began dating, much to the approval of Brady's family. John, Marlena, and Victor all agreed that Madison was good for Brady. She even encouraged Brady to take the job with John to rebuild Basic Black. With his dad by his side, Brady focused his energy on making Basic Black a leader in the fashion industry. Madison's relationship with Brady continued to grow. She supported him when he left Titan and went to work for Basic Black. Brady fell so hard and fast for Madison that he proposed to her in February However, on the night of his proposal, he found another man in her hotel room.

The man introduced himself as, Ian, Madison's husband. Brady was shocked to learn that Madison was married and broke up with her on the spot. Madison tried to explain the details of her marriage to Ian. She met him when she was very young. He invested in her company, and his investment made Mad World a success. She married Ian when she was young, but soon learned that he had numerous affairs and she'd long since fallen out of love with him. However, Ian refused to grant Madison a divorce. Brady resisted Madison at first. But, once he forgave her for lying to him, he agreed to help her fight Ian.

However, it wouldn't be necessary. Once Ian reunited with former love, Kate, he agreed to divorce Madison. Madison ran to Brady and the two got engaged immediately. But Ian wasn't ready to let Madison go that easily. Ian began drugging Brady, causing Brady to be high during important business meetings. Brady was acting strange -- sweating, manic moods, and hyper behavior.

Madison worried that Brady was using drugs again. Despite insisting that he hadn't touched drugs, Brady tested positive. Brady insisted that Ian must have been slipping him drugs.

Arianne Feels Luckier with Her New Boyfriend!

Madison did not believe Brady at first. But, after going to rehab with him, Madison believed Brady. When they returned, they announced that they were going to marry right away. They set their wedding date for midnight, the night of Lexie's memorial autism fundraiser. However, there was a great explosion that night int he tunnels underneath Salem. Many buildings were damaged, including the banquet hall where Lexie's benefit was being held.

Madison was fatally injured in the explosion.

Ian was with Madison and held her in his arms while she died. He confessed his love for her and tried to apologize for hurting her. With her last breath, Madison lifted her head and said, "I love you, Brady. Brady never made it to the benefit because he was trapped in the tunnels underneath Salem.

He went there to help search for his missing friend, Melanie. When Brady found out about Madison's death, he was devastated. He went to a support group for those who'd lost spouses. Jennifer, who had lost Jack in the same explosion, was a great friend to Brady during the time. A few months later, Kristen DiMera returned to town. Sure that she was back to cause trouble for his father and Marlena, Brady kept a close eye on Kristen. They served together on the church board. Brady began to develop an attraction to Kristen. And she used that attraction to her advantage.

She wanted revenge on John and Marlena, and she thought that sleeping with Brady was the perfect move. So, she hired a man to attack her in front of Brady, knowing that Brady would step in and save her. Brady was also attacked during this altercation, sending him to the hospital. Kristen was by his side and took care of him while he healed, all the while planning to trap him into a relationship, then dump him, leaving him broken hearted, just as his father had done to her.

However, it seems unlikely that there have been no confirmed reports of him abandoning his fans again. He has a message for his team members,.

Days of Our Lives News: Xander & Nicole are alive - together they return to Salem

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