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I seem to like the lower tier russian meds,but the armor on the KV13 plus its decent speed and i've also heard that it could make credits really well or atleast just fine. Is it a keeper tank? I'm just really tired right now, but I can't stop going forward right now. I have to keep moving forward to be better at things even if i'm tired of being look down upon.

Ammo 2 Posted 15 November - In the right hands it's a IS with medium speed, or a T with heavy armor. Too much fun for words. ChitFromChinola 4 Posted 15 November - It's a solid tank and a good winner -- a tougher T One thing to be ready for is it has pretty much no gun depression. You run up on a pebble and you lose your target. Helluva tank, though -- thumbs up. Ammo 6 Posted 15 November - BoomMfer 7 Posted 16 November - One of my favorite tanks.

Ranks right up there with the other tier 7 mediums for me.

I'm still a noob, but my luck has changed. Great tanks, lots of fun. TheSovietConscript 10 Posted 28 November - I am working towards it now the last kv I need to complete the kv line I even got kv 5 then I'll go start the Stalin's stallions line is but my goal is to get all the Russian iron. Ammo 11 Posted 28 November - Sethroskull 13 Posted 01 December - I really like mine. It seems to get favorable matchups, good credits etc. Ketchupaholic 14 Posted 01 December - Sold the T, kept the KV 'Nuff said. Beats up lower tiers, good against the same tier, not as good as the T against higher tiers.

The gun is great for a tier 6 medium. T43 has the same gun with more DPM and gun depression. Soft characteristics are a mixed bag. You lose your radio man so skills are slowed down. View range is bad. Dirizon, on Aug 17 - And in the case of the T, the terrain resistances are worse and the engine upgrade from stock is less significant.

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Remember that listed traverse speeds are for the stock engine. Therefore, the KV's effective traverse speed ends up higher than the T's. Also, it is faster to accelerate than the T, being on-par with the A The top speed is 50km which is as fast as a Skoda T50's top speed. And of course there is APCR if you need it. The top speed is 50km which is as fast as a Skoda T50s top speed.

And the soft terrain penalties, the important one, are 1. They will likely have very similar mobility, but T is smaller with better profile and camo.

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These features are not for stock, they are upgraded numbers. A44 again has low engine power, but has excellent track traverse and soft terrain crossing, to probably make it the fastest acting medium tank tier Vll, except for the rare gift T23 which for some reason performs like a light tank despite bad engine, because of outrageously good soft terrain ability.

Much better than -5, a limiting factor especially since KV13 turret is tall. Unless you think of T43 use of 8. Chi Ri also seems weak, but again has great gun depression and better view range, as well as a clip shot and better stock AP. VK32 has bad Pen, but can again use gun depression, view range, and choose on guns. Comet is like a chain gun. Panther will even penetrate tier X if it drags up to those matches, and can paint bullseye 5OOm away.

Tier Vll meds are just hard to judge. They are all weak.


Is kv13 worth it?

This new supertest T may finally give us a good performing all around Vll med, maybe. We will have to see. Right now what we want is something with usable armour like A44, KV13, Panther DPM like a T43 or Comet. I've played the KV quite a lot and find it less useful than the T because of its' weight in MM.

Here are some numbers that I have collected this year on the two:. I don't know why this is, why it's weighted like that, but having 7 games out of 10 at tiers 8 or 9 really puts the tank down. At tier 7, I think the KV is an awesome tank. The 85mm gun is sufficient to hurt anyone trying to mess with you, and the armor is good enough to withstand many of the guns you are up against.

You can really be the boss at tier 7. At tier 8 though, neither the gun nor the armor is holding up. You are starting to have difficulties penning your opponents unless you hit weak spots, and your opponents will generally have no problems penning you. At the same time, you speed is only average. And at tier 9, you are nothing but bait and snack for any opponent.

Have those two type of games more than two thirds of the time limits the usefulness of this tank.

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The T is in my eyes, more or less equal to the KV Less armor, more mobility, same gun. But the fact that you see less tier 8 and 9, really helps with this tank. Compared to the weighting in the KV, the T almost have preferential matchmaking. As for the comparison with the T, I think that will have to be your view on it. The T is a bouncy hard nut to crack and it can hold its' own even at tier 10, at least in the hands of a skillful player. And especially, the mm gun is lethal and efficient.

Weak points of KV-13

It can't be compared to the 85mm gun of the KV, which is a doable gun at tier 7 but useless above that. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: KV Guide and Review: Please log in to reply. Hey guys, I've got a brand new tank review for you all to peruse. It's easy to overlook the KV, since you do not have to play this tank to get any other tank in the game, it being a unique "transition" tank between the USSR heavy tank line and the USSR medium tank line.

Aren't all tier 7 mediums mediocre in general?

KV - World of Tanks Game Guide | xiruhivuhy.tk

Why should you bother to get this tank? The KV, in my opinion, is effectively the T of tier 7. When stock, the tank feels just as fast as an IS, but with a greater top speed. When fully upgraded, the KV can quite easily reach and maintain its 50km speed limit on average, flat terrain. However, the KV actually is faster to accelerate than the T in most circumstances due to its improved ground resistances.