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Epiphone is an American musical instrument manufacturer founded in by Anastasios Stathopoulos, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. In Epiphone, Inc. CMI took great measures to keep the Gibson and Epiphone identities separate and housed the two companies in different buildings each with its own separate management team. Epiphone was Gibson's main rival in the archtop market prior to Stathopoulo moved to the United States in and continued to make his original instruments, as well as mandolins , from Long Island City in Queens , New York.

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Anastasios died in , and his son, Epaminondas "Epi" , took over. After two years, the company became known as The House of Stathopoulo. The company produced its recording line of banjos in and, four years later, took on the name of the Epiphone Banjo Company.

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It produced its first guitars in After Epi died in , control of the company went to his brothers, Orphie and Frixo. In , a four-month-long strike forced a relocation of Epiphone from New York City to Philadelphia.

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Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II - Wikipedia

After Epiphone became a subsidiary of Norlin Gibson's parent after , many of its instruments were later patterned after the more expensive Gibson versions. Occasionally, Epiphone models are of such high quality that sales of those less expensive instruments actually cut into the Gibson's sales. Workmanship and manufacturing standards were so high that Gibson killed the model. To help distinguish itself from the parent brand, Epiphone also maintains its own line of archtop guitars and basses. This outfit was an amplifier, case and lap steel guitar stand all rolled into one unit [8] and was supplied by a suitcase manufacturer of the time.

Gibson produced Epiphone amplifiers in the s. These were basically copies or variations of Gibson and Fender amplifiers [ citation needed ].

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They used a tube design, and some had reverb and tremolo. Gibson decided to launch a new line of Epiphone amplifiers in with many different models, including the So Cal, Blues Custom, and the Epiphone Valve Junior. The Valve Senior offers 20 watts of power, with a full equalizer, gain, volume, reverb, and presence control. As of , Epiphone has ceased production of their line of amplifiers with the exception of the Player and Performance Pack practice amplifiers, available only in Epiphone's starter packages.

These Amplifiers are under the Epiphone Electar moniker. Solid body guitars with flat tops and backs were made at the Elenor Street plants both Gibson and Epiphone in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Some of these Epiphone instruments were effectively identical to the relevant Gibson versions, perhaps made with same timber, materials and components as the contemporary equivalent Gibson guitars.

Epiphone also continued its production of world class archtop guitars using the same patterns and molds from Epi's New York era. This is an alphabetized list of musicians who have made notable use of Gibson Guitar models in live performances or studio recordings. Because of the great popularity of these models, musicians are listed here only if their use of these instruments was especially significant—that is, if:.

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Epiphone serial-number-information - identification

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Gibson Brands Forums: Epiphone Serial Number Decoding - Gibson Brands Forums

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Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II • SN: 1211211304

Joe Pass previously had a relationship with the Ibanez guitar company, but in the late s Epiphone released the Emperor II, claiming Pass had a hand in the design of the guitar. Epiphone had previously issued the guitar as just the Emperor and with Pass's endorsement some subtle changes to the guitar were made such as moving the pickup selector switch [ citation needed ].