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One from moved to TV2. Fresh and Fancy Fare Country Fare. Cooking series narrated by Gordon Jackson. Children's programme hosted by Mike Wilson. Game of Two Halves. The show was previously hosted by Tony Veitch until he was suspended pending investigation after allegations of serious assault, which he confessed to on national TV. He later resigned from his positions at TVNZ. Adapted from Roger Hall 's Glide Time play, a sitcom about workers in a government department.

TV2 , or TV One. Soap set in the world of fashion publishing, starring Ilona Rodgers. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Havoc and Newsboy's Sellout Tour. Presented by Mikey Havoc and Jeremy Wells ; the show travelled around New Zealand with the presenters reviewing events and local places of interest in a humorous way. Entertainment news show hosted by Jason Reeves and Renee Wright. Cancelled at the end of for a ONE News revamp. Presented by Gary McCormick. Each week Gary followed the locals in a different community in New Zealand.

New Zealand's smart way to date.

New Zealand version of the television show Kids Incorporated. How Clean Is Your House? I Like That One Two. Viewers' choice show, featuring clips from TV shows that viewers had requested by postal mail. A similar show was also screened in called Your Choice. Insider's Guide To Love. New Zealand's worst reality show, where a group of people were placed in a house and had to survive with nothing but an Internet connected computer. New Zealand's funny reality show where a group of people were placed on an island in a battle against Kiwis and Aussies.

It's in the Bag. Originally on radio and hosted by Selwyn Toogood , the show moved to TV during the s and was hosted by John Hawkesby during the s. Sitcom, starring David Fane. Season 1 ended May Moved to the afternoon, and Season 2 began July Quiz show where contestants are given the answer and have to match the question; hosted by Mark Leishman.

Hosted by Marcus Lush ; a show similar to Candid Camera.

Challenge between four contestants having to compete in mental agility, observation, physical ability, intelligence and general knowledge tests. Hosted by Dougal Stevenson. Licensed version of Joe Schmo. A reality TV show featuring several actors pretending to be contestants in a game show and one man who thinks it's all real. Music show that ran from midnight until 6 a.

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Originally screened during a time period where each region screened a regional news show during the network news, later moved to before the network news. Reality show about the Waters family, who relocate from Havelock North to Italy. Hosted by Marc Ellis and Matthew Ridge. Sequel to Gliding On ; covered the change from government department to state-owned enterprise. Drama series, starring Ilona Rodgers and Andy Anderson.

Moved to TV3 in Weekly talk show screening on TVNZ 7, this show contains discussions with politicians and other media personalities from New Zealand. Featured actress Sara Wiseman. Mitre 10 DIY Rescue. Reality show where two couples compete to build the house of their dreams with the winner taking away the house and the second place team given the option to buy the house.

Hosted by Jayne Kiely until and Simon Barnett in Police drama, starring Terence Cooper. My House, My Castle. Hosted by Robert Harte ; lifestyle housing show. New Zealand's Funniest Home Videos. Based on the format of America's Funniest Home Videos. New Zealand's Worst Driver. Based on the UK series; eight very bad drivers participate in various driving challenges with the most improved driver taking home a new car and the loser given the title of New Zealand's Worst Driver and having his vehicle crushed.

Hosted by D'Arcy Waldegrave.

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Late night news show on TV2, presented by Marcus Lush , targeted towards a younger audience. Show that gave an open home tour of people's homes, usually luxury homes. The show usually featured a celebrity's home as well. Magazine show aimed at gays and lesbians. Ran for a trial ten episodes as a possible QueerNation replacement. Gardening lifestyle show presented by Maggie Barry. Initially screened on Saturday mornings but later moved to Friday evenings. New Zealand version of U. Only ran for one season but the format was taken overseas and many more manufactured groups were created around the world.

In time slot, the A. Grant -created successor to Gliding On. The Price is Right. A short-lived New Zealand version of the famed, long-running U. Sports quiz show where two teams of New Zealand sporting personalities competed against each other. The winning team each week had the choice of charity to donate prize money to. Children's show which included Yvonne Moore as one of its hosts.

List of programmes broadcast by TVNZ

Reality show that follows students at Massey University who are aspiring to become vets. Quiz show hosted by Steve Parr and Jude Dobson. Psychic crime investigations show hosted by Rebecca Gibney. Spans New Zealand and Australia. Seven Periods With Mr. New Zealand version of a show where the first few lines of a popular song is sung, then when the music stops the contestant must continue singing the lyrics.

Hosted by Jordan Vandermade. The show was panned by the public.

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So You Wanna Be a Popstar? Celebrity music singing contest similar to New Zealand Idol.

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  6. Children's show hosted by Jason Gunn and Thingee. Presented by Hillary Muir-Clark. Sports variety show; originally started on SKY Sport in , moved to TV2 in and ended after the celebrity drug scandal of Returned to air in July for one season. One moved from to TV2. Law drama series starring Jay Laga'aia. A Taste of New Zealand. Quiz and lottery show, rated well until when the show was shifted to a later time slot. Presented by Simon Barnett and Ingrid Mole. To Catch a Thief. Two ex-thieves, Abraham Pehi and Veronica Jacomb , find a house that is an easy target for thieves and teach the occupants a lesson by organising to break into the house and take as many possessions as possible.

    They then help to fix the security flaws in the house. This series was rescreened in January Presented by Judy Bailey and John Hawkesby. Top of the Class. Reality show putting famous New Zealanders back into school with a younger "clone" version of themselves. Top of the Pops. Live music show hosted by Bede Skinner ; ended in after 3 seasons.

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    5. Picked up by C4 in May Show where locals from towns around New Zealand competed in various challenges against locals from other towns. The version was hosted by Marc Ellis and Hayley Holt. Magazine style show; presenters traveled around towns in New Zealand interviewing the locals and talking about issues in the region.

      As this show featured before TVNZ programming was networked, each area of the country had its own local version. Hosted by Nick Tansleyl contestants in a studio had to guide Nick who travelled between locations in a helicopter to the hidden treasure using clues given before a certain time. TVNZ News at 8. Variety show, starring Ray Woolf.

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      Daily presenter based entertainment show featuring movie and music reviews and interviews. Unauthorised History of New Zealand. The mini-series based on a novel by Maurice Gee. Children's quiz show hosted by Selwyn Toogood and Lockwood Smith. Presented by Jayne Kieley, this reality series followed a couple's wedding and preparation for the wedding. Not a Member Yet? To get started, please click below on the option that best describes you: Top 5 reasons why NZDating's better: It actually is free Unlike other sites claiming to be free while not allowing free members to communicate, NZDating's mail system, messageboards, photos, etc.

      It's more fun Some dating sites claim to be the place to find someone to marry. At NZDating we say the best relationships come from having fun making lots of friends - meanwhile 'the one' often magically appears! It's tailored to you NZDating believes people's individuality is special, so rather than forcing the same strict set of rules on everyone - we believe you should be able to make your own choices about what you like seeing or not seeing. It's Kiwi Owned and Operated NZDating is a local family business that genuinely cares about its community - not some multi-national media company more focused on its shareholders.

      NZDating Success Stories NZDating has helped to make many thousands of people happy and we have a small selection of stories from NZDating couples who have been generous enough to share their romance with us.