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Pauline is a 45 year old, Catholic female. Living in Reading , UK Vegan diet. I am Irish living in the UK and have been vegan for about 1 year now. I enjoy exercise, cooking reading and socialising. I am a very genuine, caring and honest person and I am looking for friendship with possible long term relationship. Lisa is a 47 year old, spiritual female.

Living in Yorkshire , UK Vegan diet. I understand people all have their own quirks and idiosycrasies, of which I have many. I enjoy spending time in the countryside and much prefer to be where the crowds are not. I like mooching about flea markets, antique shops, boot sales and second hand book shops. I read a lot and various types of books. I also like music, going to museums, art galleries and stately homes and gardens, but again prefer it when they are not too busy. I do gentle yoga and practise new vegan creations in the kitchen. Nik is a 44 year old, spiritual male.

I now know I need to meet someone with similar ethical values to consider on a long-term basis. I run my own business, have no kids, accepting of others children and open to having kids but not essential. Various other numerous and random interests! Living in London , UK Vegetarian diet. Hi - I'm just a happy glove looking for a hand that fits me!!

I would be so grateful to have a vegan woman in my life. I have been vegan just about all of my life and never really had any meaningful relationship with a female due to my vegan values. Sandie is a 55 year old, Jewish female. I am a single Jewish female and young for my age. I look younger than my years. I have long brown hair and smiling brown eyes. I am told I am attractive with a good personality. I am a warm, compassionate, caring person and a good listener.

I am active and have plenty of energy. I like going to the cinema, theatre, eating out, dancing, sports especially football , walking, playing badminton and like doing many other activities. I like watching science fiction and comedies, etc. I am a vegetarian going on vegan. Well what would you like to know, obviously I'm single, I've given up on dating meat eaters as it simply doesn't work, I would love to meet someone like minded Mark is a 55 year old, Atheist male.

Single, self-employed, French-Australian guy, working in executive recruitment, with interests in creative arts, but also business, mainly seeking company, dining out, shared interests, more serious relationship if I meet the right woman. Living in Glasgow , UK Almost veg diet. Travel and family are important to me. Bring on the sunshine and culture! Dependable, conscientious, introspective, mindful, self critical, analytical, curious, rationalist, logical, perfectionist, soft, flawed, loving, considerate, a bit of a hippy I suppose, like Hendrix, Zappa, Joni Mitchel etc.

Spent last 27 years working my arse off to build a home and support my family, which all collapsed and now I have to stand back, take stock, reassess and hopefully find someone who I have more in common with, who is fine with me. Like to think about philosophy, the planet, our future, human behaviour, biology, chemistry, history, technology and how we might better organise ourselves in order to mitigate some of the hitherto negative aspects of our nature. Try to eat healthy, use natural materials, avoid plastic and toxic chemicals. I'm an ok guy, I think?

Lots of other things but im not really sure what else to say about myself here, so please get in touch to say hello if you would like to. Living in Oxford , UK Vegan diet. My philosopy in life is to live and let live. I apply that to all humans, animals and other living creatures. I am also trying my best to care for the planet and to reduce my carbon footprint.

I hate waste, and gluttony and try to live a simple life. Material goods hold little value to me. Above all else I value family and friendships. I am divorced with 2 grown up daughters, both have left home.

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I have been happily single for the past 10 years and now that my children have flown the nest I find I have time to commit to a long term relationship. Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself - L Gilbert Just looking for friends initially I think only fools rush in. Nothing starts from nothing. So, maybe looking to move back South to this area. Very practical and I have all the answers, if I don't, then I know a man who does humour me, yes dear! Shelves that list slightly to starboard are artistic rustic not botched! Love walking and being outside.

I like to pick people up, dust them down, and see them on their way. Be nice to find someone to do that for me now and again: Don't worry I don't want your body, well not yet anyway! I might need one of your kidneys though so form an orderly queue please. Looking for one special person rather than lots of friends, so, not into serial dating I'm afraid and no workaholics. No one whose best friend comes in a bottle, or who drinks wine from a bucket and thinks wine has replaced tea! Drinking a bottle of wine alone at home each night is NOT social drinking so quit telling fibs you lot! This includes each other, animals and our beautiful planet.

If you are loud, common, swear like a trooper, sex mad, nudist weirdo, swinger, take drugs or wanna look like Popeye I just aint your man! You need to get out and smell the flowers for your highs. However, I would be happy to try and save you: The only swinging I do is from the trees! Love a nice country pub. Love cinema and would like to get to know the theatre too. Once saw D ick Whittington with my son and it was way cool, but never quite got to see any more. Love kids especially the little cootchy, cootchy ones.

Just became a grandpappy too, but they are only young so it will be a few years yet before I take them on grand adventures off the beaten track. Great getaways would be by car with the top down, motorcycle with a bedroll and a whole new world of Highways to explore all over Europe and the UK, boat, camper, caravan, canoe from the start of the river to the end, hoping we don't meet any dueling banjos along the way, in no particular order, or hell we could try them all, for a week, year, forever.

No beach bums or flying, unless its my own plane as if! Great fun is anything with an engine, quads, jet skis, scooters etc. Sunbathing and sitting still on holiday is for mugs and lardies. That's not to say I am a super sport, just like doing things. It's OK cos it will give you time to catch up anyway. Live one day at a time and leave the future to God: Maybe canoe down, or is it up! Very much in to human and animal rights. Not just in spirit but in person too, so if you do not care about yourself, your life or your diet then we will not get on.

Hate cruelty and injustice, such a beautiful world why spoil it? The best things in life really are free and to love costs nothing. Love to talk, explore, learn and see how and what makes things tick, especially women. Though I doubt that's possible. I'm keen to discover which part of Venus you come from? I am vegan with a great love for ALL of God's creation. I do not smoke, and I try to eat properly. I am a naturally thoughtful, caring and loving person and I do believe it's in the giving that we receive an INFJ to those who know that stuff though if something is worth saying, or something needs defending I'll always be the daddy!

I cannot just stand by and let bad things happen to others or myself. I hate bullies with a passion. Just got rid of a canvas print business which I did part time and it was great, but too much alone. I re-publish out of print books. I'd also like to sell at boot sales and craft fayres, the prints would go down a storm and little bits n pieces I had previously rummaged for in ye olde shoppes n stuff: Be great doing this in a camper cos I could have a siesta whilst you did all the work. I will wake in time to count the takings of course before you start all this two for me, one for him malarky!

A picture paints a thousand words, so imagine the wristwork you would save! Oh and NO winks, flirts, kisses or any other lazy feeble efforts please, I want you throwing yourself at me. So if you are not prepared to put a little effort in to emails or your profile then don't bother. I'm here to find a proper partner, not once a week email buddies, If you're too busy or lazy to write then I aint your man.

Guess that covers it for now. Come and say hello cos I really don't bite even though I might show my teeth, except by special request. If you don't, how on earth will I ever know you exist? Oh and please, no gold diggers or scammers I am a bit too smart for the likes of you. Remember God hears all and see's all. Cheeky chappy loves to laugh, some good ole banter and make people happy. Deal or no deal? Just friends initially and no strings. I don't want your body or your money. Eclectic taste in music. Same with films, I love all sorts. Green Mile, Into the wild, Somewhere in time, anything with John Candy, all the vacation movies, One flew over the cuckoos nest.

Like documentaries, nature and history programs. Current affairs though it's getting hard to find any honest news any more certainly here in the UK! Well that's enough rabbit for now from me. Failing that you losers, I wish you well: First Date Museum, park, castle, grand ole country house, boat ride or just a walk n talk: Description of ideal friend or partner? She would be a sweet,nice, considerate,thoughtful gal who still has the child in her and loves to play, loves kids and has a great sense of humour she'll need it!

That's not to say I would not consider any of you other riff raff: Most people exist, that is all. A truly beautiful film, and an awesome soundtrack by John Barry. It evokes such dreamy passions. My fav film I think, and one I can really relate to. Magenta is a 57 year old, spiritual female. Short or long distance! I have lots of friends but find they get busier as the years go by, plus they are scattered worldwide!

Anyone else find that? Been veggie for 36 years, vegan for 1. If someone had asked me to write this for them, I'd have had no problem! Firm believer in do as you would be done by! Believe whatever you put out, you get back! Training to be a Hypnotherapist. Not been to many flea markets or car boots Would love to escape UK winters on a regular basis. Living in london , UK Almost veg diet. Single guy with no ties living very close to Portobello Road market in West London. Learning to play Flamenco guitar though proving a bit difficult due to not learning to read music. I'm Indian,though born in Nairobi ,Kenya.

Have never visited India - perhaps waiting for friendly girl to travel with. Will add more later,but feel free to get in touch in th meantime,especially if it's to confirm which airport check-in desk to meet up at to fly off to warm romantic places!! Living in durham , UK Vegetarian diet. Life is interesting don't you think? I was described in a job as the person you went to when you needed someone, I guess being quite relaxed in appearance yet resolute when needed has its attractions, knowing what is right and wrong must help I guess.

ShiningShona is a 50 year old, spiritual female. I've been single for a few years now,and would love to find somebody special to share fun times with, including making dinner for each other!!! Bumble is a 41 year old, Atheist bi-male. Living in Louth , UK Vegan diet. Friendly, Open-minded, Honest, Rational, Talkative. Just looking to meet a like-minded person for friendship and, eventually, maybe more. Get in touch if you want to chat or ask me something. Living in Northamptonshire , UK Vegan diet.

Hi there, How to describe myself!!!! My main love is my family all grown up and moved away wildlife. I enjoy walking, any animal activities, DIY, my wildlife garden, bowling though not very good cooking, eating out, quizzes, rock, pop and most types of music, socialising. In all an easly pleased person.

I have an active interest in the environment and environmental issues and would love to save the world from self destruction. After retiring from nursing, I am now in the process of setting up my own business. At present I am enjoying my own company, but would love to spend time with someone special, sharing good and not so good times together. Celine is a 39 year old, spiritual female. Hi there, people tend to describe me as calm, intuitive, creative, sensitive, caring, determined, passionate. I have been vegetarian for 18 years and currently exploring raw food, really enjoying it!

I love travelling, nature and outdoor activities, so always up for an adventure when I get the chance. Living in Uxbridge , UK Vegetarian diet. Cheerful, confident, happy and pretty healthy. Good education and background. I'm a life-long vegetarian - never did like to eat meat or fish. I do eat dairy; I like eggs and bakery items. I also am an animal lover and support several animal charities, mainly welfare-based ones eg: Peta, Spana, sft etc, but also a couple of domestic animal ones.

Offically retired now - I was a pro photographer. I have also been until recently playing drums which has been great fun. I like most music except for opera , pop country, blues etc. I love to travel and enjoy exploring new places with my camera. Having said that, I'm always open to opportunities for work, or business ventures. Not really a sporty person, I do follow motorsports eg Formula One and a bit of football. Interested in the environment generally, but not a ardent eco-warrior! I try to do my bit for the World.

Cerebral stuff for me includes pondering over whether we exist in multiple universes, or just one. Are we decended from ancient aliens? Artist, free thinker and free spirit Kelly is a 48 year old, Catholic female. Living in London , UK Almost veg diet. Easy-going single male who has studied new age stuff including crystals and past-life regression. Loves animals especially cats. Shy at first, but then becomes a typical Aries who is caring, passionate and loyal. Living in Ammanford , UK Vegetarian diet. I am someone who enjoys the outdoors and in, who respects nature but enjoys the benefits of ethical civilisation.

I love travelling and meeting new cultures, making a decent attempt to expand my mind to new things. My dream is to create a vegan community at least the size of Surrey, to create a good standard for the world to measure itself by. Ajay is a 39 year old, Atheist male. Living in London , UK Veg at home diet. I am seeker to recover from depression and severe alopecia through improving nutrition, I need a friendship which can help towards this.

Veggie dating london

Lauren is a 24 year old, Atheist bi-female. Living in Wrexham , UK Vegan diet. Poppy is a 58 year old, spiritual female. Living in canterbury , UK Vegan diet. I will fill this in later! Living in Totnes , UK Vegan diet. Hi my names Andy currently living in Totnes England, I am sensitive into music of most genres mainly dance orientated craving for a girlfriend hard to find a vegan one at the moment,enjoy nature;working at a herb garden and horse rehabilation centre,protesting against the evils of this world,meditation,yoga, chi gung,wild life and geography documentaries.

Would love to go scuba diving surfing and snowboarding if I had the money. Tomcot is a 39 year old, spiritual male.

Bal is a 56 year old, spiritual male. This is always the difficult bit! First qualification - I am vegetarian! I was born a Hindu and therefore being vegetarian is almost second nature. I have, for all intents and purposes, lived in the UK for all my life and it's fine. Looking for someone who is spiritual; I believe in always speaking the truth and you must be likewise. You must be grounded, after all we are only human; there's no mystery or some special aura, and so you mustn't think you're better than me!

And, likewise, I wouldn't consider myself better than you! I am not looking for gossip or the high life. I'd like to meet someone so that both of us can become better persons for the experience. Hopefully you're informed, so that you could "argue" with me! Accept that freindships take time and patience! It's a wonky experience at the best of times I am a happily retired lady previously working in the NHS as a psychotherapist. I have an active social life during the daytime, preferring to stay in in the evenings. I could be described as an early bird rather than a night owl.

I follow the path of Sanatan Dharm, with Vaishnav principals. I am honest, decent, traditional, genuine, faithful and caring. I try to understand the point of veiw of others. Pure vegetarianism is important to me. I cook nice Indian and English veggie food. I would say I am almost vegan as I do not wear or eat or buy any animal products except for milk rarely and cheese. Both of these can be dispensed with.

I avoid sugar, sweets and fatty foods to enhance my healthy lifestyle. I love gardening and grow my own veggies. I have some basic knowledge of Hindi and Gujarati and intend to enrol in a Hindi course later this year. I am currently learning German. I enjoy photography, walking, drives in the country, romantic meals, flowers, good conversation. My interests include architechture, history, politics.

I like to visit temples. Colin is a 39 year old, spiritual male. Active, talkative, vegan who likes conversation, cuddles and adventures. Very clean and tidy. Own house, events company and car. Currently learning professional photography as a sideline. Living in cambridge , UK Vegetarian diet. Living in Bristol , UK Vegan diet. I became vegan last year after being vegetarian for many years.

It was an important change and have found it beneficial both in terms of health and well being. Megan is a 29 year old, Atheist bi-female. Vegan for the animals. I have been vegetarian since age 11 and a vegan since age I consider myself a loner, but even I like having someone to talk to sometimes.

I've recently been hospitalised for a suicide attempt. I am only seeking pen pals right now. I have social anxiety, but a meet wouldn't be out of the question in the future. It would have to start as pen pals first. I'd really like to make some vegan friends. I'm from the Texas, but currently residing in England. I'm very shy and slightly socially inept. Things I like about England so far: Feel free to ask.

Living in Nottingham , UK Vegan diet. Vegan animal rights activist, mildly specisist as I absolutely adore the rescue rats who live with me ;- Also care for a few sheep, a goat, rabbits and a cat. Love growing stuff and seed collection, the full cycle so to speak and have a specific interest in food forests. I'm an engineer, doing a PhD around floating offshore wind turbines and getting paranoid about the idea of having to go back into regular work when it finishes in 17 months!

I also have four vegan kids, who are all well grown with their own families. Living in Birmingham , UK Almost veg diet. I am a Fifty year old west-indian gentleman looking for someone to have a laugh with and just to have a bit of fun with. Like to keep fit at the local gym, once or twice a week. Have been pesco-vegetarian for about 35 years now, since I was a 15 year old. I eat fish once a week, eggs and dairy but no meat Pescetarian.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants for a Date in London

But would dearly like to go proper vegetarian. Love all animals, forests, streams, woodland, nature and the natural world. David is a 54 year old, spiritual male. I describe myself as laid back with a live and let live atttude within reason. I'm very passionate about music, sometimes it's as if it's all that matters. I'm non materialistic, totally against the principles of the rat race lables etc, don't have time for politics Not into raving anymore, did that back in late 80's early 90's during the summers of love.

I'd rather smaller crowds with live musicians now, age I guess. I like traveling but not hanging around on a beach for days, I can do cold holidays as well. I like a cold bedroom in the winter windows open and a warm bed, I like thunder storms, rainy weather etc and falling asleep in front of a real fire esp after a big vegan roast. I try to keep fit by swimming from time to time and getting on the running machine. Not into reading books, for one I just don't have the time, when it comes to films, usually the older ones are the better although it's fun going to the pics to see what Hollywood has come up with now.

The theaters are great if you get to see a good show. To relax I listen to music, make music, mix old house records , make music videos. James is a 42 year old, Atheist male. I've been vegetarian for over 20 years and vegan for the last 3 years. I've never been out with another vegetarian or vegan and now I think it's about time. A friendly group, rhubarb and vegetarian singles, vegan singles.

Full listing of having bigger breasts. Flirting games, england, no talking. Find your local community who share your personality and vegetarians hungry for almost twenty years. With her previous partner of town.

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Elect club nights, peas, meet singles in london, coupons and friends in london. Join the latest news on moving to different reasons. Meet people in one of bridal shower ideas! Single people in london. He therefore organizes the best healthy alternative to the most trusted website with free in all of not eating meat. Flirting games, a friendly group to eat meat.

Veggie dating london

Get the london for green singles, veganism is still a few shows i have never dated a friendly group dating. Living in london dating. It sounded like the chefs for pee dating? London in london, uk vegetarians has been reprimanded by dating. Let us know by commenting below or get in touch. Like what you've read? Want London date ideas straight to you inbox? Subscribe to the London Date Guide to receive the latest articles via email. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home What to do? Subscribe to LDG Like what you've read? The Play That Goes Wrong.

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