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A Pisces Woman's Sexual Nature

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They will have their ups and downs owing to their highly emotional natures but they both manage to make up in a rather fun and loving way. A post shared by TheCoupleGoals couplegoals on Nov 26, at 7: The Scorpio man is a very intense, strong-willed and focused person. He has his own sense of conviction and justification. A Scorpio man often stands out from the crowd owing to his magnetic personality and sexual charm.

Are a Scorpio Man and a Pisces Woman Sexually Compatible?

He appears calm and serene on the outside but often there are a million storms running through his mind. A Scorpio man is a deep thinker. He is always very passionate about reaching his goals in life. A Scorpio man proves to be the ideal partner for every woman as they are very loyal, sexually active and devoted in a relationship. Although a Scorpio can appear very cool initially, they get very possessive and bonded later on in the relationship.

In a relationship with a Pisces woman, the Scorpio man does not like her need for space in the relationship. When in a relationship, he has to know that he is with a partner who will be stable and substantial. Complete and final sharing of all we posses. Joining, but not in the way of becoming one, joining in a way that we lose ourselves and transform into something else. Chemical reaction of the highest rank.

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Contact from the other side of a wall, of a veil, a grave. These are not dreams, but shadows in reality. While we are still here, these are the last steps on the Earth. Understanding how ephemeral we are, and how real. The liveliest in the moments before we lose it all: Know yourself — and there is no climbing high without falling down in the gutter. This is the other kind of the mirror, the one that shows the ugliest in us, the scarriest.

The Scorpio man

Every urge is strong, every emotion deep and final as death sentence. People that are walking underground. The one who knows everybody, but nobody knows him. Silence has weight and worth of gold. Trust is the highest value, fear is the highest tax. Scorpio Scorpiolife scorpiolove scorpioproblems scorpiosbelike scorpiowoman scorpioman scorpioseason escorpio scorpione escorpiao. A Pisces woman is very sincere, caring and empathetic in a relationship. She is very caring and is capable of giving a lot of love. She can be quite naive and unrealistic about the people around her owing to her own innocence and belief in the goodness of others.

A Pisces woman can mold herself to the likes and dislikes of her lover and hence is considered a wonderful companion for many zodiac signs. She respects her man utterly though she cannot express herself very well. She can have many mood swings especially because she does not have a very good self-esteem. When in a relationship with a Scorpio man, she gets to know herself better as the Scorpio man helps her deal with her self-esteem and guides her to find her own dreams.

The Pisces woman understands the power of words. She knows how rude words can hurt someone. She uses her words with care and makes sure that she does not hurt anyone with her words. She is never heard being rude and mean to anyone. With this careful nature of hers, she manages to balance out the temperament of her Scorpio man with ease. Dishonesty breaks the trust which is the base of every relationship. So if either one of these Water signs are cheating, it will leave the other one torn to shreds. Once you have moved into a committed relationship with this person, you better be ready for it.

Because if you mess it up, it will create permanent damage. This guy is intense, and this woman is sensitive. Together they will create a beautiful depth that is rarely boring. She likes his masculine and powerful aura. He loves her feminine and dreamy vibe. They just handle and get each other in a way that no one else can. There is something so mysterious and elusive about her that he just has to understand.

Every time he looks into her watery eyes he falls deeper in her net. How is a woman so tender, yet so haunting. He has fallen under her spell. Even when he is mad at her he will miss her. These two will be able to talk to each other without having to say a word. With most Water Sign couples, this telepathic communication comes naturally.

It is a bonding gift. When dating a Scorpio, male or female, you are bound to getting in fights. The sex is where they make up for it. Sex with these to is ecstasy. They will probably have had nothing like it, and will never have anything like it. They will reach a depth where not only their bodies but their souls become one.

There is something so magical, passionate, and intense about it. These two will go through happiness and sadness like every couple, but these two will be able to feel each others emotions.

Pisces Woman And Scorpio Man – A Tantalizing & Fun Match

They are connected in a way where words do not even need to be said for them to understand what they feel. This is a good and bad thing.

Scorpio Man Pisces Woman Compatibility | Articles at

It is a good thing because they are able to understand one another, and be sad together. It is a bad thing because when everyone is sad, who is there to cheer them up? When Water Signs date, they must always keep the relationship in check. They need to keep their love fresh and full of oxygen. Do this by remembering the first time you met, and he softly smiled at you cause he knew and you knew too.

Do this by remembering your first kiss in the rain when your body started to tingle and the whole world disappeared for a moment. Do this by remembering how nothing you have ever felt in your entire life is how you feel with that person. Then treat them like so.

Do this and you should always safely be able to come up for air. Mam scorpio dad pisces also i have a scorpio friend with pisces boyfriend;not a good match.. I dont know about scorpio man with pisces woman.

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Me pisces woman and my boyfriend scorpio man can relate to this very well. We have a very intimate and deep connection. We are practically inseparable, yet understand when another needs space. Emotionally we just click. Would be able to provide details as to why it's not a good match Pisces man and Scorpio woman?

I love my scorpion man. Everything written in here is true. We can't live without each other and have so much passion between the two of us. Whenever we hug or kiss it feels like the world around us has disappeared at that moment. We knew after one month of dating that we were in love but it was unspoken until after the second month. We are like magnets when he moves, I move and vice versa. We cannot get enough of one another. Omg everything you said is me piscean women and my scorpio man. We are a living breathing love story.

We live in are on passionate world. This blend is so divine. Me and my Scorpio are the same! I usually go too deep emotionally too quick, but when i met him, it made perfect sense. Ive felt secure in my relationship with him, and weve only beem dating for a month! Well after 2 years of on again off again with my Scorpio, he proposed and asked this Pisces woman to move in, so I did. After 4 months of planning a wedding I packed and left heartbroken due to him having inappropriate conversations in his phone, something that he told me that he found disrespectful to a relationship… It's been a month and he hasn't even contacted me to say anything just complete dead silence… Oh my bad, he did contact me after I was gone a week to ask me questions about the tuxedo store and where was it located because he needed a suit because his aunt had died, other than that…… Dead silence…..

Was this a game to him????? I love my Scorpio's! With two emotionally powerful water signs colliding, you can expect the sexual side of things to be particularly slippery. Scorpio men jump at the chance to try anything and their Pisces women will typically follow their lead. Without a legitimate emotional investment or any real effort, the passionate capability of a Pisces woman may never be experienced. Satisfy her desire for romance and the true love ideal she dreams about, however, and prepare for a breathtaking experience.

Scorpio men are often as dominating in bed as they are in life, but their wildness is somewhat managed by their drive to succeed. Intimately, that will mean pleasing their partner, so expect him to put in his all to make the experience as wildly satisfying for you as it is for him. While this isn't their strongest area, working relationships between Pisces women and Scorpio men is doable.

It must be understood that Pisces women offer the creative and imaginative influence to their career if it is suited to them. Scorpios are more well rounded, focused on achieving success and leadership. It is easy to see why these signs may clash when out of position. With a Scorpio man as your boss, you can expect reliable, results-driven leadership. The desire for success may place some undue frustration on the more creativity focused Pisces if he fails to see your point of view.

Scorpio Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

Imagination is not his strong point, but if what you are doing works, then you will be recognized, appreciated, and valued. Having a Pisces woman as your boss or coworker also has its bonuses. She is unlikely ever to say "I can't" and will often think of novel approaches to problems or delays that plague her coworkers. She is exceedingly giving, helping any who struggle without becoming frustrated. Though she is relaxed, she is not lazy and will work hard to be a useful part of the team. In creative occupations, she will frequently shine but maintain humility; she is rarely ambitious.

Both Pisces and Scorpio will function well in the workplace together provided they are not forced too far from positions that align with their innate traits.