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Kickboxing - Wikipedia

Your opponent may be expecting most significant punching attacks to be set up behind the jab, so feint, throw a straight right to the head and then swing a punishing left hook to the body. Your opponent may be tricked by your well-timed leading rear straight, which gives you a small window to land a swift and deftly-timed left uppercut. Feint a right hand once you have timed the distance, and instead, launch an uppercut with the left hand. Even if your opponent manages to block the shot, you can throw a straight to the head or the body as they are retreating. This allows creates the perfect target for your straight right.

This one works especially well when you have the fighter against the ropes. These are basic combinations which can mastered over time in the gym. While they are simple-combinations, they are most effective in a Muay Thai setting, as, unlike boxing, you do need to account for kicks, elbows, knees, and clinches. Try them out and see which ones work best for you!

The Muay Thai legend will be hosting a weekend…. Muay Thai Evolve Vacation Thursday. Muay Thai Evolve Vacation Tuesday. Muay Thai is the most complete striking art known to man. Muay Thai Evolve Vacation Sunday. The sport of Muay Thai is recognized around the world for its brutally uncompromising nature. The notion of wild-eyed brutes beating each other to a pulp inside the confines of a small ring—while sinister-looking gamblers laugh….

The world as we know it has been built on plans.

Dynamic Warmup For Muay Thai Training

From the routes of the ancient explorers to the architects of the Roman Empire, creative thought has led man to where we are today. Unless you have been on the receiving end of a brutal knee strike, it is difficult to explain how it feels. In Muay Thai, knee strikes are one of the most essential weapons a Muay Thai….

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Boxing Evolve Vacation Monday. There is a long list of things great fighters must practice…. Boxing is considered by some to be the purest form of combat, by way of punches, blocks, and dodges. As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, fans and the general public are starting to understand mixed martial arts MMA more and more. One of the most underrated aspects of martial arts is…. It is more than just throwing punches and landing kicks, more than running a…. When it comes to knee strikes, no other martial art comes even remotely close to Muay Thai.

Having been refined over hundreds of years, the elbow and knee techniques of Muay Thai is without question….

Why we love it

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10 Of The Most Effective Boxing Combinations For Muay Thai

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