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Darren's Prank - Would you share your Christmas table with a stranger? Darren's Prank - Mobile phone care Darren educates a listner on mobile phone care 45 days ago. Darren's Prank - will the telemarketer put the phone down?

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Darren tests the patience of an unsuspecting telemarketer. Darren's Prank - this isn't a prank right? Can Darren get Nadia's mom's Bank details? Du Plessis with an 'upgrade' from a car to a camel ride Darren called Mnr. Darren pranks cleaning service for contaminating evidence in a crime Darren investigated a cleaning company for covering up a crime 78 days ago. Darren's Prank - The Haunted House Darren phoned a real-estate agent to help him sell his haunted house.

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Darren pranks another 'victim' with his senseless survey How far can Darren keep you on the line with his absurd questions? Darren pranks fake United Nations Have you ever been the victim of a scam? Darren's Prank - Join us on the 'Kaalgat Cruise" Two best friends in their 60s, Darren Simpson, and the prospect of a nudist cruise with their husbands.

Darren's Prank - 'Professor Allie can help you grow' Darren got a fake 'manhood growth specialist' to help David grow. Pizza order goes awry Darren 'Wackhead' Simpson pranks a caller. Next time you feel forced to share your phone number, let Frank answer the phone for you. Frank will politely tell the person calling that you do not wish to be contacted by them. The main objective of this German number is to deter telemarketers and the likes. We have tested all numbers listed above and found them working or not in the case of FakeNumber as described. Nevertheless, please test the number you intend on using before you hand it out.

To reach international numbers from abroad, first dial the country code and — if applicable — drop the leading 0 from the area code. Here's how to take control and block them for free and without rooting your device. Do you know of any other fake or prank numbers, especially from countries not listed above? International Call , Online Dating , Prank.

Sister wife online dating matching matches

Your email address will not be published. In the US, is a restricted exchange i. Add an area code and any last four digits and you have a fake number. Some of these numbers might connect with directory assistance 's original use but most won't work at all.

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  4. Any American who has watched television will know it's a fake number the moment you say "". Mike, very good suggestion for people in the US.

    Funny Pranks ! Best Online Dating Pranks! - video dailymotion

    Here is the link and the respective MUO post from Karl for anyone who would like to try it. Unless they think you work in the phone sex industry and have given them your work number by mistake.

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    Obviously you've never had a psycho bad date calling you back at all hours, who can't take a hint. We're not suggesting you do this to everyone, but instead to total idiots you find yourself going out with that you want to extricate yourself from. Great stuff, though I do miss one for The Netherlands. It would be great to have a number like that to give to those companies that absolutely insist on getting my number, even though I won't pick up the phone.

    It would be a good way to communicate how I feel to them.

    Docquesting It's nice for you that you either have never had to deal with very pushy people or that you are very assertive, but that doesn't go for all of us. Of course one should always do their absolute best to tell someone how they feel in person. But some people are very pushy and won't take no for an answer. So why let them ruin your night out?

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    This is one of the worse ways of treating others. Someone must not have much respect and especially by writing this article. I hope you get treated badly next time you ask someone out again. Why can't people just say I would rather not give my number out geez.