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  1. LoL Speed Dating with Lux

I downloaded the app to see what it was all about and was prompted with all your normal run-of-the-mill dating profile questions.

☆★ASMR★☆ Valentine Speed Dating '17

Like Tinder, Cheekd asks you to connect through Facebook to authenticate your identity and prevent any catfish-potential situations. In order to start a conversation the interest must be mutual which can be determined based off of shared interests.


LoL Speed Dating with Lux

This app seems to set its self apart from other apps because it gives you the option to interact with a match before starting a virtual relationship with the compatible user. Instead of encouraging users to continue to hide behind a screen, Cheekd pushes you to engage in social settings while paying attention to potential matches in the area.

For more information and to register, please go to individuum-efbevent. Companies interested in taking part in the event should contact the event organisers by email on info individuum. Individuum is an online platform designed to enhance relations between students, young graduates and companies in order to facilitate the recruitment process for jobseekers and employers.

The Impactory is a co-working space and community where people go to build their business or work on a project that matters. It promotes entrepreneurship and social innovation. Economics Student recruitment platform hosts professional speed dating event Luxembourg-based online recruitment platform Individuum.

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