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In the "new" Key West there are a lot of gay pride flags, a lot of gay friendly places. What's missing is a place where gay men can just hang out with other gay men and relax.

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It's a side effect of how open Key West is. Because no one, well almost no one, cares if you are gay and you can go to any club on the Island the straights want to come to the gay bars and enjoy themselves. For example I just spent a week in KW and every bar I went to but one was freaking total overrun with straight women Now I'm glad that things are so cool that straight women are descending on the gay clubs Please come have a drink at the bar, catch a drag show, but please don't take over the damn bar. Enter Saloon One, a cut back to the older side of key west, it's a bit retro and in desperate need of a remodel.

Kung Fu Saturday 5:30, 9 & 11 pm

True there are the cruisers and it's not uncommon to find someone having a bit of fun on the pouch. But you will also find men who really want to spend some time with other gay men, most just want to drink a drink and have a laugh with other gay men. So when in key west please please vist Saloon One, have a few drinks and help keep this last little bit of the old Key West alive if for no other reason than we need a place for us. A Huge Disappointment Previous visits to this bar always promised a good crowd and a good time. Things have definitely changed! The place is basically empty except for Friday and Saturday nights from my recent stay in February.

Kung Fu Friday 5:30, 9 & 11 pm

Tried in on Friday night whne they were having contests for the best body parts and thought that would help kick in the crwod. There were more people there, but the contests were pretty lame with little participation from the people there. And, worst of all, just as things did promise to start kicking in a woman cmes wandering through with her "boyfriend" and made it a point to examine any area where any guyys were trying to have a "good time". So sad that the last bar in Key west that was men only is not naymore. Be prepared for female companionship. If that's your thing, this is the place to be!

This should have been fun, but was not. Whether you are gallery hopping by day, or taking in a musical or a campy drag show by night, there is sure to be a throng of singles enjoying the bustling art and performance scene in Key West.

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With all the singles on this beautiful island, the water activities are catered to every type of traveler. In fact, you are bound to meet other singles on any water adventure you embark on. Find Key West Watersports.

Mallory Square Sunset Celebration Again, this is not an event where all you will see are couples holding hands. On the contrary, this is a totally happening celebration that is almost like a warm-up for the late night party scene. Grab yourself a bevvie and stroll around the boardwalk, enjoying live street performers, palm readers, magicians, jugglers, clowns, food vendors. And lots of cute people looking to make new friends. Rick, an ethnobotanist from Connecticut, oozed passion for all things growing while leading a surprisingly enjoyable and informative tour of the Botanic Gardens at Kona Kai Resort.

One of the main allures of the Florida Keys centres around fishing and boating which stands to reason. His story was far from the only one along these lines. He moved with his family from Chicago five years ago, after his father had a heart attack and they had to get away from the cold and stress of the north.

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Aside from mixing epic drinks at Sundowners in Key Largo , Bret is studying to become a firefighter, has helped a friend set up a business, and I suspect he has a few other irons in the fire as well. Like Zero, Bret spoke of how easy it is to make money in the Keys, and said he loves the community feeling. She works at the Coral Restoration Foundation , which is restoring what is the third largest coral reef in the world — right off the coast of the Keys. She and the other employees, volunteers, and interns at the foundation have an obvious love of ocean life, and are doing their best to preserve and restore it to its former glory.

Thank you also to Blacklane Limousines , who picked me up at an unholy hour to deliver me to the airport for my trip to Florida. The service was spectacular from start to finish.

I could see that. The pace of life wouldnt be for me, but the place does seem a bit like heaven on Earth. Anna — Different strokes for different folks! It warms my heart when people come to Key West and discover its magic.

Top 6 Ways to Be Single in Key West - Party In Key West

But when you take the time to talk to the locals—transplanted or home-grown—you start to understand the enchantment of this tiny string of islands. For a world-traveler like yourself to be captivated by its charms is telling! Some people vow to visit annually. Others get caught in the allure and stay a year or two. But for some of us, the magnetism holds us here longer than even we imagined.