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No one is going to get fired. This is not really even that great of a deal. It's ok at best. And take that stupid paper crown off your head you jackass. No, its 2 whoppers, 2 fries, and 2 drinks. So, it's not that great if you have to buy two meals. It's 2 whoppers, 2 fries, 2 drinks. It's not terrible, it's just not great and the commercial annoys me a lot.

Came here specifically for this one. That and their "Deal of the century! Spotify ads seem to be targeted at where you live, but this makes the ones I hear really dreadful. I live in a primarily hispanic area, but don't speak spanish, so probably about half the ads I can't even understand. I had a weird ad the other day for some kind of movie or TV show, can't remember which.

The narrator explaining the show was speaking in Spanish, but the clips from the show were playing entirely in English. I was so confused. Watch this 30 second video to get thirty minutes of ad free music! What's even worse is if you watch it just to get Spotify to shut up, but hey, guess what! Two songs later there's ads as if you never watched it at all! My friends and I have a theory.

We too have noticed that the ads on Spotify seem waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too bad to be real. So we came up with this conspiracy theory that the ads on Spotify are especially bad as a means to make you more inclined to buy Spotify Premium, which as we know, removes ads. Is that not common knowledge? Of course that's why they're extra shitty. They know it and they'll keep making them even shittier until every man, woman, and child has a Spotify Premium account.

On Pandora there is always adds that start like it a about to be a song and then stop. I make note of these adds and will make sure never to buy what they are selling. Also any ad on the radio with a horn or siren in it. I remember that I'm on premium now. The worst part is that the Pandora ads showed no regard to what playlist was going. I had a children's station on for my niece and it would still interrupt with penis pill ads.

Recently in my country ads of various weird health supplements increased in numbers drastically. The next one asks you if you have a swelling there and if it is red? Does it itch and burn when you pee? Maybe your vagina is not moisturised properly? Wellp, lucky you, they have the best "medicine" to help you out!

Second "plague" is lots of ads about erectile problems. And I'm talking radio and on the telly as well. Some of these ads were played very often. Like 20 times in one hour often. I really hate any ad that will get stuck in my head forever. I will always know the jingle for Glade Plugins, Kars 4 Kids, and that one local car place that has used the same song since Bounremouth poole and christchurch too, united taxies take care of you. I never understood why these kids need a car. They can't can't even reach the gas pedals yet! On YouTube, when putting on Wheels Of The Bus for my 1 year old son, they show a 30 second ad of Narcos where shit gets blown up and I think even people get shot.

They are really trying to appeal to a younger crowd I guess You might want to install an adblocker for stuff like that. Ublock origin is the best choice imo. Anyone watch mtv late night or Comedy Central? The adds are obscene.

or try one of these:

Late night booty calls and boner pills what up with that shit? Use the promo code here that hasn't changed in 3 years. Any fucking ad, or song, on the radio with screeching tires, horns honking, or sirens immediately send me into a panic and then rage. But Spotify purposefully makes their ads awful and long to push premium.

I've had Spotify for years. It had never been half as bad as its been in the last year. It's a godsend on the road since I can completely avoid the above. Game was rigged from the start. YouTube - specifically, there's this set of ads advertising someone elses YouTube channel - they're both just random ass vloggers for teenage girls or something, a gay or at least really camp sounding dude and an Indian looking woman.

You can't skip these ads, but I've heard them non-stop for the past 6 months. If they started adding more channels to advertise, that'd be great And they're such cringy adverts, fucking hell. I hate them, I hate them so much. And the final bit of the advert is a the YouTube icon and a phrase "Dare to be you" - fuck off, stupid YouTube cunts. Just pisses me off. Literally every intrusive advertisement pisses me off. If I pay to have network television, why the hell do they get to double dip and make me watch ads too? On the podcast deal: The NoSleep podcast recently started putting ads at the beginning of episodes, but they make the ads in a way that's relevant to the horror theme, so I'm not even bothered by them.

Yeah, I don't really mind it then, but if ads mess up the flow of a show, I really don't appreciate it. Like in video games? I remember in Tom Clancy's Endwar the billboards showed ads for real products. I actually thought it was cool though. Seems like a fair compromise. Like in articles and content online. The way some people lay out their information with ads intertwined is terrible. I hate the ads for shows that I'm watching.

I'm watching the show, stop telling me that I should watch the show. Also not having a variety of ads. I hate seeing the same ad 3 times in a 45 minute show. If you're going to make me watch them have some variety. Oh I always wondered what that was advertising, but never enough to not immediately hit the skip button and stop the awful music. That's extra weird that it's an ad made by Google, you'd think with access to the insane wealth of personal information they've got on everyone they'd manage to target adverts to people who live where android pay is actually available.

Which version of Spotify do you use?

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Because if you're in desktop you can disable the ads with an adblocker extension. Have Google Chrome, if you don't use Chrome because you use another browser like Safari or Firefox there's no problem but for convenience it's better use Chrome. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for adblock, there's plenty of adblockers, but in this case i'll be recommending uBlock, just because i think is better than others.

Link that those everything. If you don't have Chrome you can directly download a program that those a similar work like the Chrome version Link. Install the extension or program, it will tell you lots of thing but you only need to accept and maybe do a little tutorial. Congratulations now you can live the wonderful life of living without any ads ever! Yes, any ad you can think of will no longer exist. Create, Pick or Quit, click on Create and bang! Now you also know how to block ads manually! You know i'd rather speak to my boss and ask him if i could install an adblocker rather than losing my shit over the ads.

I wish I could. Its company policy and I don't think my boss will make an exception just for me: I'm actually not even supposed to be using Spotify at work as per policy. The worst part about Spotify ads are that you could even be listening to a viking funeral dirge and suddenly you're hit with era twee acting like it's your best friend: Say, have you heard about Spotify Premium? That has happened to me on more than one occasion.

My daughter is 4, we're just not ready for that conversation : AdviceAnimals

Fucking pisses me off. Like, okay, I want to support your service but could you maybe not give 10 minutes of commercials every break? With maybe 1 skippable ever? YouTube doesn't do everything right but at least their ads are short and often skippable if they're long.

How to Remove All Ads from Android - No Root - 100% Free

Can you really blame them though? They haven't had a single profitable year yet and have to make money somehow. I just FF it to bypass it but damn, just when I'm relaxed and getting into my story to go to sleep Like, even if you pay for a basic subscription you still get commercials, you have to pay extra to NOT get commercials. Screw Hulu, no wonder they are hemorrhaging subscribers. I bought Spotify premium a couple years ago and haven't looked back.

I hated their ads so much.

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Filters are lists used to block content coming from certain ad servers. This create a new filter with an empty text field. This will block the Pandora radio ad server. You can now return to your Pandora account and listen to your stations ad-free. Log in to your account. This icon is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Tablet users do not have this button and can skip this step. On tablets, this button appears in the lower right corner.

This will take you to the Pandora One details page. This will open a payment window in the app store. You will not be billed for the first 7 day trial period.

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You will be redirected back to the radio page with ads and the skip limits removed. Your app store account will automatically be billed monthly for the cost of the subscription. Log in to your Pandora account. Enter your account credentials and click "Log In. This link is located in the upper right corner of the screen and will take you to the Pandora One details page. I was tired of the Army ads.

I hated those stupid "Want to meet women in their 50's? Made me look like a tool if somebody walked by and saw that on my scree To get rid of the annoying dating services ads, I changed my birthday to Now all I see is an ad for ice cream. I can live with that! Wednesday, January 19, How to get rid of Pandora's raunchy advertisements. I love listening to music on Pandora 's free internet radio. Unfortunately, Pandora has also been playing raunchy ads for me lately.

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I did some searching and found that there are ways you can affect this. Pandora's ads are targeted, so the registration data you provide has an effect on what ads you see and hear. Suggestions if you don't like the ads you see: Change your age in the account settings: Click the 'account' link in the upper right corner of the Pandora home page.