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  2. uh, a sourdough what?
  3. What is the OPDA and do I need to change mine?

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Code Monkeys — Episode: I will install it when I get back from vacation. Procedure looks pretty simple. Be sure to check the gears on the camshaft if you see unusual wear on the OPDA when you remove it. I replaced my perfectly good stock one with a Dorman unit just as a preventative measure. No problems with either. Chrysler may fix but make sure to get engine build date from dealer.

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  • sourdough monkey wrangler.
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  • sourdough monkey wrangler.

So i also have mine at diagnostics for the tech to tell chrysler that is problem. Then i have to call chrysler back and see if they will cover being that it is less than 24 hrs outside of recall range!!!! Ill keep you updated!! I spoke with tech today, he states my cam is 16 degrees off!!! He also says it may be cracked flex plate, but i dont think cracked plate would cause cam to be off that bad?

Or am i wrong?

IMDb: With Monkey Wrangler Productions (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) - IMDb

Not sure, way I look at it I have 3 options. Buy the Dorman and install it or have my guy at local garage install it. Plug it up at the dealership and then fight with chrysler, knowing my 05 willys likely falls within the build dates for repair. Plug it up at dealership then try and use my extended warranty plan that is good thru and see if they will cover it.

Am I far off on this or dead on?

uh, a sourdough what?

I think number 1 is your best option because it will be the least expensive and will get you a better fix. The dealer replaced mine under warranty with the same POS design that failed the first time. Now I'm having to replace it again.

Since the Dorman unit has come down in price, it's a no brainer. Dorman ordered, part Only had three left. Would do it myself but don't have the time, patience or the tools. I change my own oil, filters about it. Hoping the cam is okay. After completion I will start the phone calls and copies of receipts to Chrysler.

What is the OPDA and do I need to change mine?

Going to see if I can squeeze anything out of them. I replaced mine on Sunday and the gears still looked good. Hopefully you'll have the same result. But a call to Chrysler might prove the issue has been addressed. Jeeptrash , Reign Mack , JP13 and 2 others. It was a recall. I doubt the repair put in the same part. And 8 years with that upgrade I have no issues.

Not to criticize the Crown part but I think the industry is preying on fear of a blown engine.

Nov 7, 1, News Braunsfels, Texas. The issue is overblown and lots most people probably won't have any issues but I consider it a cheap insurance policy. A friend of mine had the laughing monkeys. The gear on his OPDA as worn out badly. Mine wasn't as bad as his but it certainly showed abnormal wear. Reign Mack and Chris. However, it's not loud at all. I have yet to install it, but I am planning on doing it soon. Do it soon buddy! Some of them fail without any notice at all. I read a lot Hope you get it right the first time!

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Put it in neutral and get a huge socket and breaker bar in the crank pulley I assume? MBJ Member Feb 14, Jan 2, 30 14 Bowie, MD. Here's the Chrysler announcement info I found and pulled from another Forum. Revised June Dealer Service Instructions for: The second roll pin hole must be drilled in the revised drive gear. This notification applies only to the above vehicles equipped with a 4. Some of the involved vehicles may be in dealer vehicle inventory.

Dealers should complete this repair on these vehicles before retail delivery. Dealers should also perform this repair on vehicles in for service. Involved vehicles can be determined by using the VIP inquiry process. Subject The oil pump drive gear on about 16, of the above vehicles may wear out prematurely and cause engine failure due to a loss of oil pressure.