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Sird strongly believed that if the two had engaged into battle with her, they would have lost. She later reunited with Red, Blue and Green, and helped permanently disband Team Rocket in the Sevii Islands, but got turned to stone while doing so. She was released from stone in the Emerald Arc. Pika is also shown to like Yellow although she is isn't his trainer, and likes Chuchu, who has a crush on him.

Team Magma Grunts

Yellow was voted as the fourth most popular character in the series in Japan He usually wears a pair of goggles and travels on a scooter. Gold's hobbies include gambling, skateboarding, and trying foods from different cities. Professor Oak noted that while Red had some odd habits, Gold is much more immature and mischievous. Gold's special skill, as described by Prof. When he first met Bugsy , he mistook him for a female and asked him out for tea. When he first met Crystal he did not get along with her Calling her prissy and picky and when Crystal took the burnt food that he gave to her, he said that the blackness of the food matches her personality, and also attempts to comment on her outfit always interrupted by her.

At the end of the saga he flirted with Yellow, not knowing that she was a year older, until Crystal told him information about Yellow. Along with the new protagonists, his rival Silver, and Crystal, they fight with Red and his friends against the Mask of Ice, and in the end, manage to cure Pryce the true identity of the Mask of Ice of his sadness with the help of Celebi. He even sacrifices himself without hesitating to stop Pryce, then being saved by Celebi.

After Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver are petrified into stone by the after-effects of the energy blast caused by Deoxys, Gold and Crystal re-appear in the Battle Frontier saga, where the new protagonists Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire are battling against Guile Hideout, in hopes of achieving a goal that the current main characters are clueless about; reviving their old companions, who are statues trapped at the end of the top room of the Battle Tower. Ultimately he bears the responsibility of calming Arceus down. He was voted as the second most popular character in the series in Japan Silver was kidnapped by the Mask of Ice as a child, and grew up alongside Green.

Silver is very fond of Green and the two share a close bond close to that of a younger brother and older sister as mentioned when Gold accidentally hits Green's bottom, resulting in Silver beating Gold up. As the years went by, however, the two children escaped and began their lives anew. In the end of the saga, he reunites with Green and helps in defeating the Mask of Ice and disbanding his organization, Neo Team Rocket. Silver makes his reappearance in the FireRed and LeafGreen arc as he is searching for clues to find his family.

Silver refused to believe this, until Giovanni risked his life to save him. This caused Silver to accept Giovanni as his father, and decide to help him find redemption. In the end of the saga, he is turned to stone by one of the teammate of Team Rocket who survived from the battle along with the rest of his team while trying to disband Team Rocket.

He, like the others, is released in the Emerald Arc. He was voted as the seventh most popular character in the series in Japan As a child, she fell after getting startled by an Arcanine, and broke both of her arms. Later on in the series, she dispatches Emerald to the Battle Frontier to find and capture Jirachi. Crys is usually gentle and amiable, but also has a serious and perhaps intimidating side when it comes to work. In the Emerald series, she successfully gets Ruby and Sapphire to join her side in scorning Gold's bragging, although the same cannot be said for Emerald.

Her appearance is almost identical to her game counterpart, with the exception of a pair of star-shaped earrings, and her hair color, which is dark blue instead of the game character's greenish blue. She was voted as the twelfth most popular character in the series in Japan Ruby began the series as a vain and condescending young man who did have a good heart deep down inside. This was initially true, but Norman had decided to let Ruby become a Coordinator at this point.

After running away, he met Sapphire , the daughter of Professor Birch. They made a bet with each other: He lends Rara to Wally , but due to an earthquake which separates them, he did not get her back until much later on. In Volume 22, it is revealed that Ruby also owned a Celebi that he came across in Johto. However, when he injured himself while protecting a girl from a Salamence, the girl became frightened and cried.

Ruby assumed at the time that the reason the girl was scared was because he fought too fiercely and too wildly. It is revealed in Volume 21 that Ruby likes Sapphire and she was the girl who Ruby had rescued, though neither of them recognized the other when they met at the beginning of the arc. Ruby realizes her identity when she reminisces the event, and reveals his identity to her by showing her a scar on his forehead, which he sustained while holding off a wild Salamence. She returns in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, as a main character.

The daughter of Professor Birch , Sapphire is a rude, wild tomboy , with absolutely no manners, who would usually wear clothing made out of leaves. She eventually encountered Ruby , the son of Petalburg Gym Leader Norman , who was in the process of running away from his new home in Littleroot Town. While saving Ruby from two Mightyena , Sapphire injured herself. In gratitude for saving him, Ruby tended to her wounds and made an outfit for her. In Volume 19, it is shown that the reason why Sapphire chose to wear the clothes he made for her was because he wrote, in a letter enclosed with the clothes, that the clothes would definitely fit her.

Sapphire gets her third outfit change at the end of Volume Once again, Ruby makes the clothes for her, and told her personally that the new clothes would fit her. She became very upset when Ruby declared that he would rather go back to Johto than stand beside the Gym Leaders as they prepare to face Team Aqua and Team Magma in Volume She persuaded Winona to battle her later, and the Gym Leader was so impressed by her fighting spirit and her will to defend Hoenn that she gave Sapphire the Feather Badge.

In Volume 21, Sapphire was revealed to have a crush on Ruby, though it had been hinted on several occasions before that. In the Emerald arc, however, Ruby claims to have forgotten the events during the Groudon and Kyogre affair including their confession of their feelings for each other due to the time void while leaving Mirage Island; whether or not this is true, however, has yet to be proven.

Although in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, it's hinted that Ruby was probably faking and that he stills seems to have feelings for Sapphire and vice versa. The reason for Sapphire's wild, tomboyish personality is due to an incident that occurred when she and Ruby met briefly at the age of five. The two were attacked by a wild later revealed to be Zinnia's Salamence. Ruby protected Sapphire, leading her to believe that she should stand up for herself more.

She did not recognize Ruby when they encountered again, only realizing his identity when she saw the scar on his forehead which he received during the Salamence attack. Sapphire is based on May. May is the female character from the video games. However, Sapphire's character is notably different from the other two versions of May, especially the version from the anime, in terms of personality and attitude.

She was voted as the fifth most popular character in the series in Japan , tied with Diamond. He is an excellent battler and has proved it several times by defeating several Frontier Brains. However, this belief shifts when he acquires Sceptile , Sudowoodo and Dusclops from the Battle Frontier, coming to accept them more as friends rather than tools.

He appears to be extremely short, and he is actually shorter than he looks. Under his long sleeved clothes he has high platform shoes, and he always holds a pair of external mechanical hands which he holds with his real hands. Mime to help him out. He was voted as the thirteenth most popular character in the series in Japan Being twelve years old, Diamond started out with a Munchlax called Lax. Though seemingly dim-witted at first and possessing a perpetual habit of eating wherever he goes, Diamond is somewhat smarter than he looks.

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He stands up to foes in times of distress, and has been shown to be observant in a mishap involving wild Bidoof. Due to a mix-up, Pearl believes that he and Diamond are on a reality television series; if they successfully escort Ms. Coronet, they will receive a prize this is untrue, however, as Diamond has suspected something was wrong since the beginning, and chose to stay silent so that the journey could continue. Diamond receives a Turtwig from her and nicknames it Tru.

Tru has now evolved into a Torterra. He has also obtained a Shieldon named Don, from Byron. He also has a Lickilicky called Kit. Platinum just recently gave him a Mamoswine that he has named Moo. During the Platinum arc Diamond and Pearl investigate the information in Charon's notebook, and ultimately end up having to stop Charon's evil plan of capturing all of Sinnoh's legends to take over the world.

He was voted as the fifth most popular character in the series in Japan , tied with Sapphire. Pearl has a hasty personality and a habit of butting into conversations along with exploding with rage if a person does not give him eye contact when he speaks to them.

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He and Diamond are friends, though Pearl is known for frequently getting them into trouble. Because of a mix-up, he thinks that escorting Ms. Coronet is part of a reality television show and by accomplishing this task, they will win a prize. Pearl receives a Chimchar , which he nicknames "Chimler", from Berlitz, which has evolved into an Infernape.

Along with Chimchar, he also has a Chatot named Chatler. Later he gets a Luxray, that he befriended when the Luxray was still a Luxio. He was voted as the tenth most popular character in the series in Japan Platinum Berlitz comes from a year-old family of wealthy scholars famous in Sinnoh and wears pearl and diamond rings.

Other Facts

She does not give her name to "commoners"; therefore, her given name was previously unknown. The Berlitz family tradition is for members coming of age to travel to the peak of Mt. Coronet to obtain materials to make their personal family crest. At the suggestion of Berlitz's butler, Sebastian, her father hired two bodyguards to protect her in her journey. She owns a Piplup and a Ponyta. Her Piplup has evolved into a Prinplup then an Empoleon. Her Ponyta evolved into a Rapidash when she confronted Byron. Platinum is very competitive; over the course of her story, she has entered contests and battled gym leaders.

She has caught a Lopunny , which she brings out for the first time during her battle with Candice. In the Platinum arc, she works together with Looker, an officer of the International Police.

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Her aim is to find and rescue the two men originally hired to be her bodyguards, who had been banished to the Distortion World. Looker suggests challenging the Frontier Brains of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier so that they may reveal any information that they know. She was voted as the eleventh most popular character in the series in Japan He is a hot-headed trainer and meets White in an accident with a Galvantula ; White makes it her responsibility to repay damages caused by Black to a filming company, and hires Black to her recruitment firm. Black wins, but is then sealed in the Light Stone along with Reshiram.

He was voted as the fifteenth most popular character in the series in Japan Due to just debut one year. White is very reluctant to battle, and had panicked when Black had once told her, while battling N of Team Plasma, that she may need to battle. She admitted to him that she had never battled before. When N's Purrloin had attacked Gigi, instead of commanding Gigi to attack or defend against Purrloin, she told Purrloin off for attacking an actress. She also obtains N's Servine who follows her for a mysterious reason, which she evolves into Serperior and eventually grows close to.

She was voted as the twenty-second most popular character in the series in Japan As a member, he is given the task to search the previously defeated Team Plasma. He initially appears to be a womanizer; however, he is actually a serious individual when he is on job not undercover. She is a former member of Team Plasma. But the fame and paparazzi got to him, and he does not trust other people as much, anymore, and tends to stay home as a shut in. It is only Y's urging that gets him to leave his house for the first time in several years and travel around Kalos.

Names in bold are the names from the English-language versions of the video games or anime. Names within parentheses in plain text are the anglicized form of the characters' original Japanese language name if different from the English-language version. Italicized names are the romanized version of the Japanese language name if different from the anglicized version. The protagonist of the video games can be renamed by the player, but each has an array of default names. The main character's rival in the video games has a number of different names, but he roughly corresponds to several other characters in the anime and the manga.

They will appear in the game and will sometimes aid the player during their journey. Each main region has at least eight Gym Leaders at a time. These gym leaders only appear in the anime series' second season. They do not appear in any of the games. Most different regions possess their own organizations. The player must obtain all eight badges from each respective region's gym leaders.

List of Pokémon Adventures characters - Wikipedia

Within the timeline of the games series, they become the successors of the Kanto Elite Four. Only Bruno from the previous games returns, while the others are replaced by new ones. At the start of every game series, each region has their own respective regional League Champion. They are meant to be the strongest trainer within their own region and are far superior to the Elite Four or any Gym Leader.

Whenever the title of Champion is passed on, it is honored by an inauguration into the Hall of Fame. Each Brain resides at a Frontier facility and has his or her own title. Instead of being on the Battle Frontier island, the facilities are in cities in Kanto. Similarly, Platinum Berlitz challenges the Frontier Brains of Sinnoh alongside Looker in order to learn more about the Distortion World in a later chapter of the manga. Each serves as a leader of a different type of battle style and are faced after winning a series of battles against other trainers in succession.

They also appear in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire , serving the same role. They are the main antagonists of series. The syndicate is, as a rule, utterly defeated at the end of the game, by the protagonist. They also appear in the anime and the manga. They wish to expand the seas by awakening Kyogre. They want to expand the lands through the use of Groudon. They desire to reshape time and space to their preferred designs by making the mythical Red Chain to control Dialga and Palkia depending the game's version.

They attempt create a new universe, kidnapping Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf for their plans.

In the anime series , They are almost successful in creating a new universe, but are stopped when Ash and his friends destroy the red chains, forcing Cyrus to step into the "new universe" as it collapses. While their plan involved harnessing the power of Xerneas and Yveltal depending the game's version , Team Flare's scheme in the anime involves controlling Zygarde and the sundial as their weapon of holocaust. They were disbanded following the events of the games. In addition, these villains are opposed by the protagonist and a collection of other former villains, including Colress, Guzma, and Lusamine.

These villains were summoned from an alternate world where they succeeded in their plans.