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  1. Does 'We're Exclusive' Mean You're Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Probably Not.
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  4. How To Tell If You're Dating, Seeing Each Other, Or Just Hooking Up

When people start dating during high school, they are usually trying to have fun and learn about relationships. From college onward, people are more likely to date in hopes of meeting the person they would like to marry. If two people have been dating for some time, one or both of them may consider marriage a possibility. But these generalizations don't apply to everyone.

What Girlfriend Means

Some people date because they want a committed relationship with long-term potential. Others date to meet new people and enjoy themselves without getting entangled in anything serious. Some date but want to retain their independence. Every relationship is different.

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  2. The Differences Between Dating Vs. Girlfriends.
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The reality of modern relationships is more complex than distinguishing between "dating" on one side and "girlfriend or boyfriend" on the other. If you are not sure of your status with the person you've been seeing, it is time for a relationship talk. If you know exactly what you want, you might expect your partner to want the same thing. But don't assume anything unless you have both agreed to it. Topics to discuss include whether to be exclusive, whether to label the relationship and how to label it and what you are looking for in the future.


Does 'We're Exclusive' Mean You're Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Probably Not.

Be clear and honest. If you are not sure about something, ask. Scott Thompson has been writing professionally since , beginning with the "Pequawket Valley News. His work has also appeared in "Talebones" magazine and the "Strange Pleasures" anthology. What Constitutes Cheating in a Relationship? The Ethics of Monogamous Relationships. Dating may lead to a committed relationship. I may still be dating other people too. Turns out a lot of people agree with my take on these two words! Yes, I told him I was writing this post and asked his thoughts.

Turns out we have polar opposite views on these two confounding words. So I gave this stupid syntax wayyyyy more thought than it ever deserved. Maybe I need to change my wording when I write about dating, since I frequently do…. What do you think?

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Which one do you think is less casual: Do you think my point of view on this is dated pun intended and I should change it to reflect dating in this app area? NYC lifestyle blog by Mary Lane. Events, adventures, epic mistakes, dating, life, humor.

What Dating Means

A something trying to make it and make out in the city of dreams. View all posts by New York Cliche. Seeing someone on the other hand is much more exclusive, that sort of limbo stage between dating and making it official! This is a really great and amusing post to read!

difference between dating, goingout & boyfriend/girlfriend?? - soompi hangout - Soompi Forums

I really enjoyed it! This post is amazing. You also have the best selection of gifs in here! Or you accompany them to eviction court!

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Yessss I thought of it this way too but didnt do a good job explaining it in the post, haha. So glad I have you to perfectly explain it in a comment!

How To Tell If You're Dating, Seeing Each Other, Or Just Hooking Up

I have no idea… to be honest, I never thought about it. I think each culture has really different terms and phases. In Italy seeing someone is going out or courting that someone and is casual. It takes a great deal of time before going to the next phase which is more serious. Oh wow, when you bring in different cultures, it gets even more complicated! No one ever says courting in the US anymore!


Thanks for the scoop on casual relationships in Italy! All very unclear but all VERY interesting to think about! I find it fascinating too!