Love in a post dating world

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  1. Love and dating after the Tinder revolution
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So what is this new order?

Love and dating after the Tinder revolution

And the gaggle has replaced dating. WTF is the gaggle?! A gaggle is the select group of guys in your life who compel you to put in that little bit of extra effort because they are, or potentially could be, romantic prospects. Any moment of extra thought counts. Do you re-read the text that you're sending him? Then he's in your gaggle. Do you consider wearing heels instead of flats when you see his name on the Evite list?

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He's in your gaggle. As you take a mental gaggle inventory, don't solely think about guys who you might be dating or hooking up with.

Think about any and all the guys who are in your life. There might be a guy or two with whom you are explicitly romantically involved - you should certainly include them. But also think about the guys who supposedly fall into other categories: Note - having a gaggle is not about treating guys like disposable playthings or dating a bunch of them at once. We're not dating anyone, that's the whole point! Cultivating your gaggle is simply about engaging with a variety of guys who are already sitting under your nose, investing in them on different levels and communicating with them in-person and via all the modes that are available to us phone, text, email, AIM, Gchat, Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger, Skype, MySpace, Twitter, snail mail The gaggle helps you find love and learn about yourself.

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The gaggle is a way for you to learn more about yourself. You are at the center of your gaggle. So rather than thinking about how many guys there are in the world who just aren't that into you and feeling judged and hurt in the process , you can now commit to living your awesome life while recognizing that, yes, there are actually men in it! What's more, the gaggle forces you to stay open-minded about guys and helps you pinpoint the one who might ultimately be right for you, even if you haven't met him yet. You never know when a moment of romantic chemistry might hit - maybe you share a new experience, maybe you learn something new about each other - but when it does, the gaggle empowers you to explore that spark.

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And who knows where that will lead. The key is to stop worrying about dating and start thinking about how to cultivate fulfilling relationships with the guys in your life. What does each guy offer? Which interactions feel most comfortable to you? When have you surprised yourself by being drawn to someone who you might not have expected?

Who is in your gaggle? Showing of 25 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This is one of the best books I've read.

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If you're a young or older women dating in this new era you need to read this book. I thought it was very practical advise and yes I agree with what these girls managed to put on paper. One person found this helpful. I really dislike when books written by smart women are dumbed down by their excessive efforts to come off light hearted and giggly. This was an interesting book if you like to think of it in terms of a modern day Carrie Bradshaw type article, but the tone of the book is irritating.

It's an obvious, elementary but interesting read. Would have been better if I left it out like I was reading it for her to discover. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

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Very funny and very true!! Found this book hugely helpful in navigating the " post dating world" I found this book to really help me assess and evaluate my dating life in a very productive manner.

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I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time I was reading The Gaggle and making a mental list of the friends I need to recommend it to. It's very reassuring and relevant in this post-dating world we live in. Great realistic and fun!

How Are We Finding Love in a Post-Dating World? | HuffPost Life

Recommended for all 20 something single girls and gives us a little more hope that love exists still. I would never normally read a book about women and "the end of dating", but my girlfriend forced me to read this when I got upset about some male friends in her life. I had the idea that I'd read the first and last chapters so that I could claim I'd read it, but once I started it I couldn't put it down I had to eventually put another book cover over it.

It looks past all the bs of how women try to change themselves so that the "perfect" man will want them, and reorients the whole view and shows how they so clearly have more power over their options, and over the insanity of the whole dating thing, and frankly since I'm a man, I know more power in the face of a lot of clueless guys who think they own the world and get to make all the choices, and determine what is attractive and what is not.

It reminded me a little of the Japanese martial art of Aikido which I studied a couple years ago, which teaches you not so much to fight like kung fu or karate but to use the power of your opponents and merely channel it to your advantage. This really talks about what women face now, and I have to say, I was very impressed by the insights it delivers by way of interviews with real people, and case studies, and the advice it gives.

If I had a little sister, I'd buy this and give it to her immediately. See all 25 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

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