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Matchmaking In A Nutshell.

How the matchmaking system works is probably one of the most important, yet difficult to understand things in Dota 2. The chance that you will encounter nine evenly skilled players looking for a serious competitive match is little to nil. Ranked matchmaking works by finding ten different players to match up in a public game depending on their matchmaking rank MMR.

This reduces the chances of high-skilled players getting matched up with low-skilled players and increases the chances of having a better game compared to regular matchmaking public games. Regular matchmaking also makes use of the same MMR system. The MMR will only be visible to you and your friends after the calibration phase consisting of your first 10 games in ranked matchmaking.

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  • Matchmaking in a nutshell.

You've reached your 5 free content limit for the month. Consuming good content is clearly your thing. A graph illustrating the growth of a player with prior experience in Dota 2 and one without. This new feature is for players who seriously want to excel by competing with other experienced players, and is only available to players who have played at least games. Players who queue in ranked matchmaking are expected to be more skilled and up for a challenge as opposed to those who use regular matchmaking.

Matchmaking In A Nutshell. - Imgur

Players have a different MMR for regular matchmaking and for ranked matchmaking. Also, the MMR of one matchmaking system will not affect the other.

There are a number of factors that determine your MMR. However, aside from the win-loss ratio, Dota 2 also considers uncertainty, which measures the likelihood of your MMR being inaccurate due to any number of uncontrollable or undetermined factors.

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Having higher uncertainty means higher adjustments while a lower uncertainty means smaller adjustments. For example, players with new accounts as well as those who are new to ranked matchmaking have higher uncertainty.

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  3. Matchmaking in a nutshell?
  4. This way, it is still possible for your MMR to go up after a loss based on your individual skill. Basically, the idea is to find ten different players within the same skill range while considering how many are playing in parties and the common language selected. With the aim to give both teams an equal shot at winning, the system will also consider the discrepancy of skill between teams. In this sense, the most skilled player for the Dire should be on par or within range of the most skilled player for the Radiant. The same goes with the least skilled players.