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What we do is custom, personalized classes. We focus on the individual sticking points that YOU need to work on as opposed to broad blanket statements. We get deep into the strengths and weaknesses of each student and build on the foundation of your core personality. We accept people from any age group, however we do have age based tiered pricing that allow young men to afford our services.

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We do a 20 minute FREE consult call to make sure that you are a good fit for us. And we have a 30 minute money back guarantee.

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Extended pickup artist bootcamp Become a natural in our extended training, where we discover the best version of your personality, deep inside your subconscious mind. And we will uncover what is true and right for you around relationship.

Dating Coach, PUA bootcamp, Mystery Method Pick up artist, PUA training

When I started working with Lani I'd been single for 18 months and had had a string of what I now realize were dysfunctional relationships, interspersed with long dry patches. Six months later, I'm not just in a great relationship, but I feel I've become a better human being who deserves to be in the relationship I'm in.

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I feel so grateful to have Lani as my coach. She helps me cut through to the heart of what I value in my life and infuses my outlook with positivity. Lani is a very sharp and compassionate woman who has a knack for inspiring people to believe in their most sacred and wild dreams. I recommend her services to anyone who is serious about living the life and creating the relationships that they dream about. Lani is the real deal! So, I actually coach people around relating to others and I go to Lani when I need coaching I love that I can write this.

Not only is she a relationship and dating coach, she's a coach to the coaches.

Pick Up Artist Bootcamp, Pua Training, Dating Coach

Which says a lot. You'll see as soon as you meet her.

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After meeting with her, my life, loves and relationships all make so much more sense and I feel at ease and so loved! What do you want to get out of coaching?

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