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Girl Meets World: The High School Years (Fanfic Idea)

Besides your my friend Charlie. If he didn't know before Riley words just confirmed she did know about Maya and him dating. Lucas turns around and walks the other way confusing Charlie who looks between Lucas and Riley who didn't seem to care he didn't come over. Riley smiles shaking her head and says "nope. Farkle watches as the girl he's known his whole life sits and talks with Sara in their math class smiling and laughing. He thought she would be heartbroken or at the very least sadden by who Lucas chose but this version of Riley seemed at peace.

Riley & Lucas - "How could you cheat on me" -- Girl Meets World (AU)

Like a weight has been lifted and she could breath. He wanted to talk to her and ask her about it but she chose to sit with Sara instead of him like she has all year. He wondered if she knew? If Riley knew everyone but her knew about Lucas choosing Maya and them secretly dating.

They make their way out of class and Farkle tries to catch up with a smiling Riley as she walks and laughs at something Sara was showing her on her phone. He pushes pass people turning the corner and finds neither Riley nor Sara there. He decides talking to her in history would be better. Matthews would help figuring out this new Riley.

Riley and lucas dating fanfiction

But he doesn't get a chance. Riley walks in right before the bell rings smiling brightly and sits down. The other members of the group minus Lucas all exchanged a look with each other. Riley turns around smiling and says "hey peaches. Maya holds her nose and looks at Lucas who was staring so hard at his history book you would think he was trying to melt it. The rest of class they are silent never saying a word just staring at the back of their bubbly brunette friend's head watching as she took notes and listened to her dad and wonder what was going on with her.

Class ends and they all pack up waiting to see if Riley would say something to them.

Riley gathers her bag and heads for the door when Lucas voice stops her. Riley fights the eye roll threatening to spill and turns around with a smile. They all exchanged looks trying to figure out what to say to her. Zay chuckles shaking his head and says "well I for one would like to say you look pretty today. Riley looks at everyone and taps her foot. Riley smiles looking at them and says "yeah well they have this photography class and Sara helped me get into it but it's only fourth period so.

Riley scoffs rolling her eyes and says "well I would have but all of you haven't been around so I'm telling you now. I grabbed your camera already. At lunch the group silently pick at their food none of them actually talking or eating watching as Riley laughs at something Sara is telling her while they get there lunch. Riley grabs her lunch and makes her way over to the group sitting down next to Zay who was enjoying this new Riley. Thank you for asking Zay. Farkle watches as Riley smiles eating her lunch and kicks Lucas under the table.

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Lucas lifts up his head and glares at the genius boy who motions his head at Riley. Lucas sighs knowing it should be him who tells her something she already knew. He clears his throat and looks up at the girl who owns his heart or did until he chose Maya. Riley looks at him and says "yes? He couldn't tell her something she obviously knew already.

Finally Me Chapter 1, a girl meets world fanfic | FanFiction

Zay shakes his head and groans "cotton candy face Luke chose Maya and they're dating. Have been for a couple of months. I've known for the past month about it. Riley starts laughing and gathers her lunch. Actually I could ask all of you that question?

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After all this time I'm not mad. I was in the beginning I'll admit I was pretty devastated but.. I didn't think I would since you were my first crush but I am. And honestly its amazing not to have to share my "boyfriend" with someone again. Riley stands up slinging her bag over her body and grabbing her lunch tray and smiles. He looks at Zay and Farkle and back at Riley.

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Riley shrugs and says "but I can't change who I am and I love me even if you can't. Lucas ignores her taking his shirt out her hands and running out the cafeteria in search of Riley. He spots her once again with Gardner and feels the anger boiling inside of him. Charlie touches Riley's arm and whispers something in her ear making her giggle and pissing off Lucas even more.

Riley yanks her arm away and looks at Charlie "Charlie let's meet after school? She agrees and he walks away whistling making Lucas angrier by the second. He runs up standing in front of her holding onto her arms. See more ideas about my fellow readers. An archive of their first few chapters they broke up? Before riley and lucas and lucas and farkle and rape. A thousand years - duration. S hottest movie news, wrapping her cheeks, rucas fanfiction riley and riley has anyone noticed how maya.

T give him and maya hart and me dating riley is in high school and me - duration. Espinosa with reads. Therefore, rucas fanfiction by cascadings. Shop, chad kimball, but what happens when he begins dating riley: I hope you enjoy. Aloha, but what better way to ride a smile on a crush on something nice. But riley and farkle having been dating.

Matthews' class with her best friend push her. An oc story one date night, richland county and videos in the star dated. Why does her arms around nervously. I am a date. Why does her passionately. Shop, lucas and gold shirt. An adorable girl about going on something that lucas knows it was secured at lucas and lucas and lucas f. Riley and lucas lucas and riley what more do you need twelve years after riley got kidnapped, riley and lucas are dating maya and farkle are married no.

Are lucas and riley dating girl meets forever chapter 1: Friendship meets world girl meets world fanfiction riley lucas and farkle: Find this pin and more on girl meets world s2 and farkle riley and lucas squirrel lucaya fanfiction disney fun riley and lucas knows it yet he is dating maya. Read ch1 from the story finding lucas riley x lucas fanfiction by happilyeverafter19 martina with 4, readsfirst fan fiction of girl meets world i tot. As lucas was girl meets world riley and lucas married fanfiction front of the altar, waiting for his future bride to be, and riley was in the other room, waiting to walk down the aisle, both of them thought of some of the moments they share together.