Dating someone with a crazy ex wife

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  1. How Do I Deal With My Boyfriend’s Psycho Ex-Wife? Dear Betch
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  3. Identifying With His Ex
  4. How to get along with your partner's ex-wife - Chatelaine

Examine the history of your boyfriend and his ex as well. Your boyfriend's ex may only seem crazy due to an emotional response caused by their past. If, for example, this is only one of a string of breakups in an on again, off again relationship, than his ex's erratic behavior may be explained by the emotional turmoil she is experiencing by having him move on so soon after their breakup.

How Do I Deal With My Boyfriend’s Psycho Ex-Wife? Dear Betch

Although an explanation of her situation does not excuse her behavior, putting yourself in her shoes may help when approaching your boyfriend's ex in the future. Unless they share custody of children, the contact between your boyfriend and his ex should be minimal. You and your boyfriend should identify appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, including how to act when you encounter his ex in public, and how to handle inappropriate phone calls or texts.

While you cannot control how your boyfriend's ex acts, you can set boundaries on your behavior and decide if or how to respond to her actions. If you decide to approach your boyfriend's ex about her behavior, keep a few simple rules in mind. You know that her behavior can be erratic and abrasive, and while you cannot control her behavior, you can control yours.

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Don't add to an already unfriendly situation by reacting to her perceived hostilities. Choose your words very carefully and think before you speak to avoid coming off as hostile.

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  6. Dating a Guy Who Has a Crazy Ex.

Maintain a calm tone of voice and avoid accusatory or offensive language to prevent exacerbating the situation. By showing your boyfriend's ex respect, she may return that respect in future interactions with you. Although it may seem like common sense, your boyfriend's ex may just need to be asked to back off.

If you believe that the behavior of your boyfriend's ex can be identified as harassment, you can also threaten to contact the local authorities to press charges against any potentially violent or harassing behaviors. After all, not only do you have to worry about your personal safety, but that of your children as well. Providing consistent responses to your boyfriend's ex may curb some of her more erratic behavior.

Roll on maybe nearly a year together about 2 and half years at this stage and we were both looking at pictures on his laptop, I was just clicking in different folders and he was telling me where certain pictures were taken. I asked him why he still had pictures together? He said he never got around to deleting them. So, a few weeks later I needed my pictures off his laptop and I noticed the folder with their pictures in it.

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  • He now has it as a compressed folder. Theres also a folder with their last holiday, too, which I saw this morning. He said no but to me he was not too convincing. He did say, the other day, that he was sorry he got married. But why put the pictures in a compressed folder?

    Identifying With His Ex

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    How to get along with your partner's ex-wife - Chatelaine

    Always consult with your psychotherapist, physician, or psychiatrist first before changing any aspect of your treatment regimen. Do not stop your medication or change the dose of your medication without first consulting with your physician. It is hard to understand why your boyfriend wants to keep pictures of him and his ex wife but you could always ask him. Divorce does not always mean that people stop loving each other.

    You want reassurances about your relationship but there are none, there never are. Entering into an intimate relationship always carriess some risk.