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Jesus and Paul were both single. Their singleness allowed them to focus more on their devotion to the Lord. The same is true for single Christians today: What a wonderful gift!

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While you are single, practice spiritual disciplines, treat everyone you come in contact with like a brother or sister in Christ, invest in the lives of others, serve your church, and be yourself and God will take care of the rest. While relationships with other men and women are to be taken seriously, the importance of these relationships is difficult, if not impossible, to see without a life transformed by Jesus Christ.

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The Holy Spirit works in us to shift our relational foundation from ourselves and cultural expectations to the gospel. Do you want to know more fully what it means to be a godly man or woman?

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Your ability to be effective in all your other relationships family, work, church, friends is directly related to your understanding of the cross. We are not only saved by grace, but we also live by grace every day. Every day we face the temptations to move away from the gospel and put something else at the center of our lives and our relationships.

A cross-centered life results in a deeper level of intimacy with God and a new basis for all other relationships. God created you; He created you in His image; and He created you male or female that you might be utterly and radically and uniquely devoted to the Lord. For more reading on the topic of Gospel-Defined Singleness, Dating, and Marriage, check out these resources: George Kepnick on Flickr ]. Filed under My Sermons , Theology Tagged with Bible , biblical manhood and womanhood , christ , Christianity , church , complementarianism , courtship , dating , egalitarianism , ephesians 5 , gay marriage , Gospel , homosexuality , in his image , Jesus , marriage , message , relationships , sermon , singleness.

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6 Truths About Singleness You Won’t Hear in Church

And then they want to know why… Read This. As a woman of the Lord, I know my… Read This.

Engagement pictures flood Facebook and… Read This. Is singleness a season, a calling, or something else? Articles Articles The Bible describes both singleness and marriage as gifts from God 1 Corinthians 7: Marriage is a picture of… Read This. Can purity be reality? Articles Articles Purity is not just another word for virginity. Purity is a state… Read This. Is Singleness a Curse? Articles Articles Tired of being the bridesmaid and never the bride?

Single and Ready To Mingle? Articles Articles Single people believe two great lies regarding God's timing in marrying them off: I'll never get married… Read This. It's easy to look to anything else to fill… Read This. If the relationship is outpacing knowledge of character, reputation, and knowledge of godliness, then that is way too quick.

So we have a staff person here who met and married her husband in a matter of months. She had watched him do ministry at The Village. She knew his reputation. Rather there was knowledge of his faithfulness to God, his desire to serve the Lord, and his seriousness about the things of God. I hardly knew they were dating before they were engaged. Has Facebook Ruined Dating?

In your experience, in what ways has technology changed the way young people date today? Do these trends encourage or concern you? If we are talking about a young man and a young woman who are actively dating, who have defined their relationship, and who know they are in a growing and committed relationship with one another, then I think technology creates an avenue to encourage one another and to connect more frequently.

If, though, we are saying that technology has changed the game in regards to how single young men and women approach one another, before that relationship is defined, then I have a lot of concern about technology. And so in that regard, when you have not established what the relationship is, I think it can be hurtful to constantly be involved in the technological realm, rather than the face-to-face realm. Any advice for inviting others into a relationship to that end?

I think what we want to do is work really hard in our churches to create a culture of discipleship. In this culture, the norm, the air we breathe, is that older men are serious about seeking out younger men to train them, not just train them in the Bible, but really train them in what it looks like to apply the Scriptures to their lives. What does it look like to serve, love, and encourage your wife? What does it look like to romance her? What does it look like to be a man of God in relation to your wife?

Personally, I try to do this by having single men into our home. Lauren will almost always cook the meal. I will help set the table, and then afterwards that young man gets to help me do the dishes. And that is just my way of going: So this is an intentional, organic, kind of culture of discipleship that I hope is woven into the life of The Village. On top of that, my hope would be that young men would seek out older men.

And I have told them before: Can I get in your space? Whatever you normally do, can I just come and join you in that? The appeal of youthfulness in churches is so heavy and celebrated, and yet I have found, without a good mix of generations, you are going to get lopsided and silly. And the worst possible thing imaginable in my mind is a bunch of year-olds sitting around talking about life. If I can get that year-old single guy with a year-old married man, then I have high hopes for how that year-old will see, understand, and desire marriage.

But then on top of that I think what you celebrate and how you celebrate is important. So we want to celebrate marriages at The Village Church. And I want to celebrate women and men who have given themselves over to make disciples, whether they are married or not. They are still desiring marriage, and desiring a spouse, but they are not sitting on their hands until they get one. A common question from single men: If I am not physically attracted to a godly woman, should I still try to romantically pursue her in order to cultivate those feelings? If so, for how long, until it becomes unwise or even hurtful?

But I do adamantly encourage young single men to pursue godly women for friendships in the hopes that it grows into more. But he loved hanging out with her. So I just encouraged him to stay in proximity, to grow in his friendship with her, and to hope something would grow from there. Godliness is sexy to godly people.

And so if you get in proximity, and you see the godliness and character of a woman, you begin to take compatibility and godliness and gospel partnership more seriously than just physical attraction. In the first part of Mingling I really address attraction as a good thing, but not at the level to where our culture has put it. We are all wrinkling. Our nose and ears never quit growing.