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  1. Dating after Spinal Cord Injury
  2. Dating after Spinal Cord Injury
  3. Dating and Relationships After an Injury
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My body has taken on a whole new set of pleasure zones and its different with different people. I think men can relate their erection to masculinity similar to women do their breast for femininity. These are very deep issues for a lot of people who have complications relating to them.

Dating after Spinal Cord Injury

Compounded with insecurity and sensitivity because of the spinal injury, performance anxiety can be tremendous and some people may simply choose to avoid the whole situation. I have a history of taking things slowly. Maybe too slow to have gained real momentum at times but its important for both parties to understand that the physical thing is not the only thing.

I have been very fortunate to have had a few beautiful and very special girls in my life. I was still trying to figure the whole thing out and how I fit in.

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  • Wheelchair or not, I feel strongly about being financially secure, family oriented, good at managing independently and emotionally before entering into a serious relationship. Most women admit to wanting unconditional love morning, night, bad hair, bad breath and all. With the condition of course that it comes from the man of their dreams. Its probably going to startle your parents a little to bring home a guy in a wheelchair but its got to be better than the blue hair punk rocker you dated in high school. The girl I had been seeing at the time of my injury was very special and I respect her highly.

    Dating after Spinal Cord Injury

    Little did she realize that so much was possible and handicapped is more a state of mind. I am still learning every day that I set my limits. People use terms to describe people that can carry a negative connotation and invoke an image of helplessness.


    My goal is to live the best life I can full of adventure, responsibility, creativity, love and belonging. If after you truly know someone and you still see them as handicapped, then look to their state of mind and question if that person has simply given up. The best compliment anyone can convey to someone in my situation is to forget the chair and see the person.

    Dating and Relationships After an Injury

    Especially a loving, physical and mutually satisfying relationship. I really enjoy having a physical lifestyle of travel, cycling, riding four-wheelers, sport flying and all of those breathtaking things. What makes these things breathtaking are the people we share them with. I could care less about spending another minute in a smoke filled bar or meat market. But sometimes you have to get out and be around people.

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    • Me giving advice on dating is as hypocritical as me giving advice on flipping off rope swings. I find that it is way too easy to go to work, go home and then do it all over again.


      Being social is truly a skill. Online dating has been around for almost 20 years now, and millions of people with disabilities have benefited. Tell the person you're talking to that you have a disability, if it's not already listed in your profile. Honest in online dating is critical. There is nothing worse than going on a first date with someone who leaves when they discover you use a wheelchair. Be careful of how much you share, though. You don't want to attract weirdos, ie, devotees fetishists of wheelchair-users.

      Meeting prospective partners in "real-life" situations is possible, too. Go out with family and friends frequently to meet new people. Volunteer at events and try new activities and go tolaces that interest you. Community events, sporting events, church, parties, the list goes on and on. If you are confident, approachable and out of your house and out in the world, meeting people in-person is a wonderful possibility.

      While dating, you'll be asked a lot of questions.

      My Personal Thoughts on Sex and Dating

      You'll likely find many people who have misconceptions about spinal cord injuries. Let your date know the real facts asap. Being an open book really helps. But if on a first date things turn too personal in their questions, roll the other way