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  1. 11 Disadvantages Of Dating A Mama's Boy
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A relationship is about a man and a woman exploring the possibilities of love and togetherness. So it poses problems when it is no longer about two individuals but a third entity his mother looms large. It often feels suffocating and the relationship begins to suffer. It is a stifling feeling to have a third party, that too, an interfering one, poke her nose into all your affairs and be given credence.

This is often very hurtful and upsetting, especially when it begins to disrupt your life together. And what is more annoying is the way your mother-in-law takes it for granted that her every wish will be followed to the letter. The simple truth is that she feels left out and excluded, now that her boy is not exclusively hers.

For him, his mother is the center of his universe. Another angle to this is when he compares you to her and you come out poorly. It can be extremely annoying, not to mention downright embarrassing, when his mother is privy to every intimate detail of your life together.

11 Disadvantages Of Dating A Mama's Boy

He tells her about your fights and even complains to her because you make him tidy up his own mess or help out with the dishes. And worse, she takes you to task for it, hinting that you should keep him in the manner to which he is accustomed. Or rather, which she got him used to — putting his feet up and doing nothing around the house.

The time has come to let your mother know that you will always appreciate what she has done for you and continues to, but she has to let you live your own life. And that in no way undermines what she has done for you or what she means to you.

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Let him know in no uncertain terms, that your idea of a relationship involves two people — you and him. Tell him how you feel hurt and left out when he gives precedence to his mother, over and above everything. Let him understand what you expect from him and how he could help things to change. I used to think mommas boys were a sign that they knew how to treat a woman. Otherwise, stay in your place and let GOD. Recently out the military and he moved back home with momma two family flat. Their relationship was different, it seems more storming then loving.

When he was in a financial fix she would always have the money to help him out. Now mind you I thought 30ish was too old to be going to momma for money. You see he made damn good money but it went in one hand and out the other in the blink of an eye. With nothing to show for it. I made the mistake of saying just that when she complained about him and the money. After awhile, I had to ask where is your money going?

Did he go whining to mom expecting her to fix it…and more importantly, did she? There are some men who are only attracted to women who remind them of their mother. This is actually not an uncommon phenomenon. Just like women are usually attracted to guys who remind them of their father, men are often attracted to women who remind them of their mother in some way.

10 Signs You're Dating a Mama's Boy | TheTalko

But there was one thing that bothered the hell out of me, the way he became so needy and a baby around his mother. With the hints of marriage I began to re-think our relationship by looking past the love and infatuations I had for him. Although he had a good job he still had to call his mother for money constantly. But it became too regular.

What type of living conditions would this create for us? Would he teach our children to manipulate to get what they want as he does? Would he be able to provide for our children or would he simply expect his mother to double or triple up to provide? I weighed the pros and the cons, to my regret the cons outweighed the pros and I had to send him back to his mother by leaving him.

I was hurt for a while and visited him a few times afterwards wondering if I may have made the wrong decision, in the end my first decision seemed to be the best one. I wanted to call him a few times to see if things have changed and the pros outweigh the cons, but I feel my first decision was the best avenue to take. We respect your privacy. Relationships Bored In A Relationship? Hair Makeup Skin Care.

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