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I have read and understood the above License and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License. Handwriting Assessment Protocol 2nd Edition. Detailed descriptions and procedures for the assessment protocol Assessment forms Recent syntheses of evidence regarding handwriting References Assessment samples that can be used to assist in clinical decision-making It is a very practical tool for occupational therapists who work with school-aged children who have difficulties with handwriting, an important occupation that contributes to school success.

Whenever I have a challenging race coming up, I psychologically prepare myself about three weeks before the event by going over ten different scenarios in my head of the potential outcome of the race. So, if the first scenario happens I will know how to run the race. If scenario nine happens I am prepared, too. I view it as just running and once your body becomes used to the speed of the event then it becomes easier. A coach once told me that practice makes perfect, but nothing in this world is perfect, so what they said was wrong.

I would say instead that practice makes improvement.

A Noob’s Guide to McMaster-Carr | Hackaday

I practice to improve myself. For me, this was difficult because was the first season I had to travel the circuit. Fortunately, I had the support of one of my bests friends, who made it easier my travelling to meets with me. Their inventory of less common but still standard items is not impressive at all. For yore simple everyday bolt, I drive over to the Caterpillar dealer. Top quality, every size imaginable. For bolts drills and taps sold by the pound, http: I have used McMaster-Carr for years. Between the remarkable drill-down of their online catalog, the lack of minimums and the nearly-overnight shipping, it is one of my best sources for parts.

While shipping costs are average at best and small parts are often cheaper per unit if purchased in quantity elsewhere, on many things their prices are quite competitive. Faster than you can get to Hobby Lobby and back and wait for gold spray paint to dry on a couple of wooden macrame beads, McMaster-Carr can get a set of genuine brass balls in your hands. Or just machine-threded allen-head metric cap screws for that serious look on a project box.

Your community theater has a budget? Those allen cap screws are probably my favorite fastener. You can use them in so many places to instantly make something look cool. If your are the plant engineer for a large factory, mill, or plant, it is much easier and likely quicker and cheaper to add the bike to an order with an approved supplier then it is to go though all the hassles of getting your accounting department to agree to buying form a unapproved company.

McMaster Car customer service is top notch — you can call them and a human picks up without any hold music or recorded operator. You can call up McMaster and ask them the specific manufacturer PN of a part — IF you have a good order history with them. In the midwest you can place an order by 5 p. I have ordered the wrong part from them before and talked to someone and they simply sent out a replacement — without sending back the wrong part.

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I once worked at a distribution center for probably the largest toy chain in the States and that is exactly what I did… the pot helped. I am fortunate to live within a few miles of the headquarters in Elmhurst, IL and have ordered many things from them. Many times I would receive within a couple hours after ordering and if I was out and about any way I would just use their will call and pick up on my way home. You frequently see both the tricycles and the indoor office buildings in actual use in real life industrial facilities.

Their service is also exceptional. They rarely make mistakes in my experience. That really is the key to success for this type of company in my opinion. They need to be more like McMaster. I also get the manufacturer and manufacturer part and other important items for the BOM. All of this is easy copy-paste text form.

As mentioned at the bottom of this forum I could see such functionality embedded in various open and closed source tools.

"Don’t let the mind wander"

Heck those distributors could be contributors to the code if the parts-list was sourced through them. For Europe I can recommend Essentra: Compare McMaster-Carr to Grainger for website experience. From the early days of their internet presence, McMaster has hit the sweet spot of catalog-familiarity, search, and drill-down functionality. I cannot find a darn thing on the Grainger site. Amazon aside the internet was the biggest boon to large-catalog wholsale technical companies like McMaster, Grainger, Newark, etc. Internet allowed them to get rid of hundreds of call center staff for order taking, and keep costs down as a result.

Being , able to tap into retail as well as wholesale customers is another benefit. No need to set up a wholesale account, just take the credit card. Metric or Jurassic huh? Its gotten the the point of asking Purchasing to tell them to not send any more. I used to write portions meaning reams of the McMaster Carr lb. Companies woo mightily to get in the catalog, all with the understanding that there will be no promotion of their brand. I also worked on their freight floor and in small order fill. Both areas run like clockwork.

You grab or try to grab the box that best fits the order ASAP. A fellow ice hockey goalie sent me to their webpage to look for foam to line my goalie masks. It took awhile to figure out the interface, but I was finally ready to place an order. I also didnt see shipping COST or expected arrival date. I order anyways, but several hours go by without an email confirmation or receipt.

I have to email them to ask whatsup.

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Anyways they still get the shipping wrong. I received a receipt the next morning and the shipping is still 2ND Day Air and super expensive. Why am I finally getting the receipt almost 24 hours later for an order I had already revised 8 hours earlier??! McMaster is for professionals in industry. Not ice hockey players in Hawaii??? Hawaii is an awesome place!

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  • But Mcmaster is a old-fogey type company from the last century. They have many unique things. They are not cheap. And you need to know what is good to get there and what is not. As a precision machinist, I would never buy tooling and components from them. Again, not for fly-by-night folks.

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    There are also these: They source from outside their online catalog as well… https: I tend to find that onlinemetals. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    • Half a Million Components First off, their inventory variety is massive — as in: Bullet Checkout that Cuts to the Chase And the convenience goes one step further. Tuned for the Engineer McMaster-Carr has been wooing the engineering community since And they carry so many items that are impossible top find elsewhere! I call them Puro-later…. So yeah, no comparable options. Have you checked out arrow. For a while Arrow had free 2 day shipping on all orders… That was pretty convenient.

      Oh, imagine the fun accidentally exporting that due to an outdated shipping address. McMaster is great because they have everything and a catalog that makes it easy to find stuff. But not for long… Off to Google, and immediately I discovered this bit of year-old technology: What a timely response! My uncle has been looking for those for ages! When I was a kid, Dad worked for Miller Electric and distinctly remember the guys on the floor having cargo trikes… …and welding random shit to them.

      For example, the lab I used to work in that was funded by Howard Hughes.

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      I wonder what their average inventory carry time is? Does Grainger still require you to pretend to be a business? The Grainger website is abysmal compared to McMaster. And looking cool makes everything more reliable, said no-one ever. I really wish McMaster was available here, with similar logistics performance. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.