If dating was like a job interview

Why You Should Treat Dating Like a Job Interview: 7 Reasons the Approach Works

  1. Why Job Interviews and Dating Are Basically the Same
  2. How going for an interview is like dating

Bar none, my favorite quote from Fatal Attraction.

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No matter what character Glenn Close plays, I always envision Alex in the corner flipping that light switch on and off. In interviewing, just like in dating, you spend a good amount of time and effort in building up a connection—possibly a relationship—with another person. And, in this highly competitive market, having former interviewers out there spreading the good word about you is only going to make finding the right job that much easier.

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Please share them below! Why Most Advice Re: First dates and job interviews are stressful.

Why Job Interviews and Dating Are Basically the Same

If a person looks good on paper, you may want to consider taking a little care to make the interviewee as relaxed and open as possible so you can really get to know them and see if they are going to be a good fit. Whether in love or in a positive work environment, chemistry is important. You may want to hire on the spot, but wait! Desperation can lead to a huge mistake, as anyone who has picked the wrong person knows. Sure, that candidate was a great conversationalist, but will that be an asset in your back-office data entry position where human interaction is almost nonexistent?

Perhaps the candidate was super accommodating and thorough, but your forward-facing sales position needs someone far more aggressive and big-picture oriented.

How going for an interview is like dating

Using a behavioral assessment, like The Omnia Profile, can help you steer the interview in the best possible direction and keep you on track to ensuring the candidate really is a good fit. When there is, it can definitely become the start of a beautiful relationship.

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  6. How going for an interview is like dating | Morgan McKinley Recruitment.
  7. If not, both parties should keep looking for the right fit. She partners with her clients to select top talent, manage more effectively, More News Latest trending featured What's trending.

    Enter your name and email and get the weekly newsletter Scroll through their social media An easy way to start filtering out your prospective matches is to comb through their social media: Grab coffee, not dinner Instead of investing in a multicourse meal or a round of drinks on a first date, meet your match for some coffee or matcha. Ask strategic questions First dates are not the time to beat around the bush. Instead, ask open-ended questions so they can express how they truly feel.

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