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Most women would be scared off by his strict rules, opionions and overall blunt nature.. Our humor, our fetishes, our opionions on almost everything is almost the same. Another note, Scorpio's may be pissed when you disagree, but they come around, not all the way, but enogh to "agree to "disagree".

I hope to marry this one. He constantly tells me how he wants me to be a leech beacause in my past other zodiac signed males, have been scared by my own obsessive qualities.

The Capricorn Woman in Love

I am a Capricorn woman, and I have just started a relationship with my Scorpio man. We have been friends for a long time before this and even though he liked me during this time I didn't like him back. Once I no longer saw him or hung out with him anymore, I missed him. This is when my crush developed. He found out through my friend and now we are dating.

Things are great but they are going pretty slow right now, mainly because we both have issues with expressing our emotions. I can really see myself falling in love with him and I want to make him fall in love with me. We haven't had sex yet, but im excited because I know it will be great.

He treats me like a lady and I love it. I love Scorpio men, and we Capricorn women are lucky to be equals to them. I am a Capricorn woman and I've been in a relationship with my Scorpio for almost 2 years now. I seriously didn't know a love and a bond this strong could exist between two people. It feels like it's us against the world when we're together.. We never get bored of each other and always explore new sexual pleasures together. If we argue it's only a small tiff here and there but we get over it quickly. We've both changed A LOT for each other. I saw two different people morphing into one person in the past year.

I really don't know if any of this has to do with astrology but all I know is that we're a match made in heaven! I am a Capricorn woman in her early 50's and my Scorpio man and I went to H. I live in Atlanta and he lives in NY where I grew up. We saw each other for the first time since we graduated from h. There was an instant attraction. At that time I was married to my H.

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His wife of over 25 years had died a year ago. As someone who would never cheat, I ignored the attraction. My Scorpio friend called me a few times around Christmas and early and even tried to come visit when he visited Atlanta that year. I pretty much ignored him. I saw him again at a H. I again ignored it.

However, my husband died suddenly in August and my friend actually drove down from NY with one of my close friends to attend the funeral for support. I thought that was incredibly sweet, because we still didn't really know each other that well. Anyway, after my husband's funeral my friend and I reconnected because he was lending his support knowing what it was like to lose a spouse after having been married so many years.

Well, we've been talking on the phone for the past nine months, which he initiated. I love that we can talk about anything and that he knows so much about so many things. He's intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive and passionate--so different from my husband. He recently came to visit me in Atlanta and we had sex. It was absolutely incredible! We are now working on developing a long term, long distance relationship. I don't know where this all will lead but it has all the signs of becoming serious. We have too much in common, including a passion for each other that I've never experienced.

Observers say he's my next husband. I don't know if I'd go that far, but I do know I'm glad he's in my life at this point in my life. He makes me feel like a woman and like we're still in H. We laugh, he listens to me, he's affectionate and he's passionate. And did I mention I wish I'd known how well Scorpios and Capricorns were together I probably would never have married my Gemini But that was then and this is now I am a Scorpio, she is a Capricorn.

Trust is where it is at for a Scorpio. Capricorn women do not betray that trust. They are loyal, patient, intelligent, and especially romantic and sensual. She brings out the best of me in all phases of our relationship. There is no better match. I am a cap girl whose in love with a Scorpio male. He has this cockiness to him that just draws me in. I think about him constantly. He has the cutest smile and the way that he walks and presents himself couldn't get any sexier! He doesn't know how I feel about him, I want him to know but then again I just end up running away with my tail in between my legs.

Im so attracted to him that it has literally taken over my mind. I would give anything to be with him! I've had people tell me that if we were a couple we would be unstoppable. I want and love him soo much. I ve met a Scorpio man and can already tell that he is distant and needs alcohol to loosen him up before he expresses himself, and being a cappy I can understand that. I am afraid to try him out but I want him sooooo dam bad so of course Im gonna go for it.

I just hope being honest with him will get him to let his guard down. I'm a 37 year old Capricorn woman. I divorced last year from a Cancer male. My Cancer was far too needy and insecure for my taste. Recently I met a Scorpio man. Girls what's the deal with the magnetic draw to Scorpio for us Capricorn chicks? So I've been trying to draw him in but he is so very fickle. One minutes he says he's the man I've waited my whole life to meet.

The next conversations he says, I'm not looking for a serious relationship. Even though the stud can't make up his mind, I just wanna touch him! I wonder if my Capricorn sensitivities can hack the flopping around he does. I hate the game but I certainly wanna touch the player! To All Cap ladies: Scorpios have stingers both good and bad be weary!

I have been in this "relationship " for a year and can't tell you if he loves me as a friend or something more. As you know we are loyal and it seems that he welcomes that but takes it for granted too. That sexual attraction and conversation bond is real but it can lead you to believe that it is more because you "feel" it is, not because it is to him. When they are sweet and loving it feels like you have met your perfect match but as soon as that mood changes you feel like you are in hell emotionally. My thoughts on it in hindsight: They like mystery keeps them coming back.

Last but not least if your feeling your scorp is playing games he is, never doubt yourself scorps can have you wondering what is your own name! My scorp was still immature they are at their worst then. Love you CAP sisters no matter the sign I wish you love, security and happiness in your lives especially in your love life.

We deserve it we are the hardest working women around!!! I dated a Scorpio man for about 7 yrs. I've known a Scorpio guy for the past 6 yrs I went from sitting at home I began to get back to that powerful, classy, witty, confident Cappy girl that I used to be I guess it was a dispute over him buying her a car I think he gave her that old Scorpio sting because she made efforts to try to get him back. I've really noticed how much he listens to me I could feel his energy through the phone I trust hi m but I'm still extremely cautious I don't want to lose him but I'm scared to be in a serious relationship I guess we'll see how his tour overseas goes I am the Knight in shining Armor.

I'm at the age where I need to settle down. All these post about the Cap woman has this mysterious Scorpio rdy to sting to get to the bottom of this. I have one in mind but she seems very distant. Is it that she wants me to persue? I don't want to turn it up to much cause when I let out the good passionate emotions, I don't want her to run away. What should I do? Im a Scorpio currently jobless my gal however is a capricorn, I don't really get why she always acts like she doesn't care and she doesn't really open up to me.

She says she loves me but she doesn't show it and all my friends tell me that she doesn't really love me that much if she does. I have been dating a Scorpio man for almost two months. I am 32 and he is However, it has been very challenging. Although, I see his loyalty with others it appears that he is not that interested in me. As a capicorn woman I am not willing in this point in my life to waste or invest any of my time with anyone when it appears the relationship is being one sided.

Yes, I can be aggressive however, I am loyal. So should I continue to pursue this relationship or just walk away? I am not interested in hurting him nor am I looking to be hurt as well. I would like to hear from those who are capicorns and scorpio. I dated a Scorpio guy in high school.

Our sex was out of this world!! We are still great friends today because we know each other so well and for so long. I ended up marrying a Cancer It was good the 1st few years but I found he is more emotional and secretive then I like. I'am talking to a Scorpio guy that I'm comsidering having a sexual relationship with and I know it's going to be very hot! Scorpio man in search of your Capricorn Goddess: Do you feel she feels for you? That she is truly interested? You say she seems distant. If you think she has feelings for you then yes, pursue her.

You can tell her of your feelings, if you want to just let it out, lay it out there. Then back off and give her time to think about it. I am a Capricorn woman and sometimes we just need time to think. All those emotions can be over-whelming and scary but if you step back and give us time to think and let it sink in, all will be well. I met a Scorpio man just a few months younger than i.. He is the friend of a guy I used to fool around with. I met up with him about a month ago. I don't think I have ever met a Scorpio man until he.

I read other experiences on this site today and laughed when I read that someone was just crazy about his voice alone. I feel the same way!! I have fooled around with plenty of men but to this day I have been playing the field since I left my Capricorn husband a year ago I wasn't ready to commit to anyone but I feel like I can with him. I always want to see him and be with him..

I feel like I am driving myse lf crazy I want him to love me already. I could see myself with him forever. I don't know what to do I don't want to get hurt. I think I love him, even after a month. I want to do anything for him and with him. I am a Scorpio Man and I had relations with 2 Capricorn women. They are very sexual with the right man and just so happens we Scorpios are the right men who can bring out that Lust in a Capricorn girl Love you Capricorn women. I am with my extremely handsome, magnetic scorp and its as if fate truly brought us together.

I was emotionally destroyed by an Aquarius I previously had, they need their "freedom" pff I found him on one of my friends facebooks, and after our first conversation I even mentioned to him "hmmmm im imagining that you are the one who is going to love me and respect me forever" and woooooooooooow he really turned out to be the one.

BUT we are going throug h a very rough time because my family does not want me to be with him, but I will never let him go and he will never let me go. I believe that we are such a perfect couple and that we compliment each others qualities. It seems there is more frustration in being with a Scorpio man outside the sheets makes me wonder whether he's Scorpio guy is worth keeping for me I'm a Scorpio male and I'm involved with a Capricorn woman.

I spend most of my time in a state of confusion. What would a Capricorn woman do if she wants you to propose to her?

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I am a Capricorn young woman, totally head over heels about my scropio man.. Its funny how I feel he's "my man" even though we are not "actual" together.. Its that bond, everyone is talking about. The connection I feel with this man is incrediable! I have never pursued a man in my life, ususally I just wait for some guy to fall for me, then I just go with the flow because he seems to like me so much. But I have never "gone after" someone I liked! This is new for me, and exciting and makes me feel alive. I know this Scorpio likes me, probably more than he'd like to admit but he's putting me through an "x-ray" machine and seems to be testing my every emotion!

I find it funny, and sexy and go with it.. Its to make sure I'm worthy of his love. So I maintain patience and make him feel "king. Though I feel this way about him,.. He better come around to his senses or I'll be gone! I say this, though I know his pushing me to the breaking point to the last minute til hopefully he will make us offically! God, I hope so because I know we could be great!! My parents and family punished me after they knew that I was dating this guy. He's posessive, caring, understanding, helpful, passionate, and mature.

He talks like a real man, and loved me truly. Unfortunately, some things aren't really made to last forever. And just this afternoon, we ended our beautiful future I was expecting someday to come true.. I am a 23 year old Capricorn female, I have been off and on again with my 23 year old Scorpio male for 5 years. He is the love of my life. Capricorns are meant for scorpios, end of story.

There is nothing sexier than a Scorpio man and nothing better then a Capricorn woman: Only the few that have been lucky enough to be in this kind of relationship know what im talking about. I'm a Capricorn girl hooked on a Scorpio guy in a way that no words can describe.

I'm sure you all know of Scorpio's incredible magnetism and sexyyyy vibes. Mmmm I love him to death, but he also drives me crazy in ways I never thought anyone could. We met in high school about 4, almost 5 years ago. He is almost 2 years younger than me and this has always caused some stupid comments from ignorant people who don't understand.

Hey there!

We can't seem to stay away from each other. This on again off again thing is wearing me down. Within this last year we have realized that we are meant for each other in so many ways. I know I will never find another one like him and I'm pretty certain he feels the same. It took me awhile to come to this conclusion. I dated other guys and none of them seemed right for me spiritually I dated a Capricorn, Aries and Sagittarius guy. I had a few moments of enlightenment that made me realize he was the only one I wanted to be with. Here in lies a problem He's a very "in the moment" kind of guy and recently he confessed to cheating on me about 3 months ago.

Now, I have been nothing but faithful and loyal this entire time, making sure not to give any guy a wrong impression. This news struck me deep down in the core of my being. I know sex with other people is viewed differently for a Scorpio than it is for a cap, and for a guy vs. But I don't want to keep making excuses for him, while I keep getting hurt. My worry lies in these next couple of years. We go to different schools and cannot physically be with each other permanently until I don't want to lose him.

I don't want some stupid hook-up to kill what we have. However, I can't stand the thought of any other girl anywhere near what I claim as mine. I don't know if I have it in me to say yes to an open relationship until we can be together forever. I don't know if he could make as big of a sacrifice for me.

It's gonna boil down to him sacrificing flings which I don't think is possible in a long distance relationship , or me sacrificing my sanity and letting him go do his thing until we can be together. This issue is causing serious problems for me right now. I'm barely eating, can hardly sleep, have nightmares of him leaving me for other girls all the time. I don't want to lose my other half but I don't want to lose myself.

We met about 5 months ago, he was my teacher and all was well until one day when I was giving a class presentation, saw him starring at me and when I looked up he looked away. At first I felt awkward but as I got to know him over time, I felt that he was a kind and passionate person and began to acquire feelings for him. Unfortunately, during a few lessons, while he was explaining something to me, we maintained eye contact for a very long time Sometimes when his hand moves towards the keyboard and mouse, I would move my hands away.

Not that I don't want him to touch my hand, but as a Capricorn, we tend to be extremely cautious as to showing our feelings until we are absolutely sure that the person we are interested in is:. We managed to maintain a professional relationship during the whole time. During class he would tell the class bits of information about himself e.

Although he wasn't talking directly to just me, but I felt that he was indirectly trying to tell me what type of person he is. While he does not ask me questions about myself, but his desk is very close to mine and when I am talking to other students about me, he is around most of the times listening. During the last lesson, I was the first to arrive and he was photocopying and as I looked up, I saw him starring at me and again, he looked away when he realised I was looking at him.

I was also in a foul mood as it was the last day and realised that I may never see him again and am unsure of how he feels. Unfortunately, neither of us was prepared to take the first step and I rather it this way as I don't want him to put his job in jeopardy. Towards the end of the day our communication was not going well, what he said I got upset and what I said I believe he took the wrong way.

He was also telling me about his upcoming trip overseas.

Scorpio man and Capricorn woman

At the beginning he said things like, I'm going to I've have done this and that. Towards the end he said 'we'. Now to me it sounds like he is saying that he is not interested or is he just testing me to see how I would react to that word. Unfortunately, I went silent after that for a long time and if he was tested my feelings, he got his answer and would have read my face like a book 10 times over.

As a Capricorn, I usually don't like to make this known anyone as finding someone to understand is extremely hard. And in previous experiences, I have been told that well 'You have read the wrong signals'. And I am sick of it, but, I just need to tell someone how I feel. Unfortunately, when I got home, I could not hold back tears and have cursed myself for not expressing myself but knew that my situation is awkward.

I guess if he has already met someone recently, then I wish him all the best with her. But, if he is only saying that to test me then, believe me, it hurts. The feeling that someone has just punctured my heart. I am a Capi woman and was introduced to a Scorpio guy at a concert by a mutual friend. There was petty conversation then he started coming on to me. I liked him from the minute I saw him but played a bit hard to get until I couldn't take it anymore!

I gave him the green light and it was on. The voice, the laugh, the touch, the stare, and the body made me want more. And, he was just so smart and friendly. He was like a magnet. Yes, the same day we met, we had sex. I didn't want to say no, and it was not only amazing, but I am in my 40s, and had been married for over 20 years to a Gemini - bad mistake , and this was the best sexual experience I ever had with Mr. He took my breath away. We went at it all night then when we awoke the next morning he started again.

I didn't want to leave him. I never experienced those emotions ever! I still get flashbacks on a daily basis! Before I came across this board, I thought it was just me. But, I'm a very sexual Capi, and have insatiable desires. This Scorpio man was just what I had been looking for in one package. We talked for a week then he disappeared to get some business straight but he returned 2 months later. We now talk daily on the phone since we live in different states, and we seem to be going in the right direction.

He has become my best male friend and we can talk about everything except he just won't talk about his emotions yet. I made up my mind that even if we never have a real relationship, I am willing to have a sexual relationship with him whenever we can get away and see each other. It would be worth it. I feel he could be my soulmate, but as a true Capi female, I am patient and will wait for him to make the serious move.

He knows what he got in me but I feel once he commits, he will be loyal. As for now, I'm content with how things are between us. I will not trade him for anyone. He is just amazing in every way. I am a Cap woman, have been dating a Scorpio man for 3 months. I cannot agree enough with most of the other comments I've read about the dynamics of this relationship. Too hot to touch! From the very first time he touched me, he played me like a violin. Just instinctively knew what would please me Instant friends, comfortable even in long silences, trustworthy, protective, funny, independent, financially responsible.

The downside I've experienced more than once, as others have also recounted, has been his secretive nature. I trust him not to ever intentionally hurt me or cheat on me. Ha ha, I say cheat on me, yet he still hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend, even though we spend tons of time together, talk, text and e-mail while working, and he continues to plan special dates for us! That is the problem: I know after reading others' experiences that this is common, and even worse, he w as hurt tremendously in the past Decided to be alone, resigned himself to it, he says, until he met me, and wanted to see what happened.

I am not the type to pursue a man, but it seems that is what he wants? In that way, he risks far less. When I say family, I mean cousin, not mother Fortunately for us both, I am in no big hurry, as I am separated, going through divorce from my husband of 9 years, a Cap with major control issues who was abusive in every way, but sly enough to take that control tiny bit by tiny bit, before I even knew what was happening.

But "my" Scorpio man is kind-hearted, gentle, giving, concerned, and not inclined to argue at all, which is helping me grow and realize that fighting does not equal passion, only passion equals passion. So if you have some time to kill, fellow lady Capricorns, and are patient enough to not try to push him, I believe this match is amazing!

I hesitate to say after 3 mmonths, but I think I've finally found my match at 37 years of age! I'm attractive and accomplished, have dated several great prospects, but have never felt the instant connection and chemistry I feel with "my" Scorpio. I'm a Pisces woman married to a Scorpio man. I don't think it will ever work if you sleep with him on the first date.

In his mind youre easy and any man can get you from him. If you want love keep your legs closed and make him work for it. I have this Scorpio that tells me when he is drunk that he likes me I think its the only time he can tell me. Scorpio men can you please help and tell me if this scopio has feelings for me or not because I am confuse.

I am just being realistic. To the Scorpio man wondering what a Capricorn woman would do if she wants you to propose to her -- if she continues to see you, treats you with respect, wants to listen to you, laughs at your jokes, for a Capricorn, she is seriously interested. Capricorns aren't very good phonies so her interest and respect you can take to the bank. Scorpio man to the Capricorn ladies wondering about us, I will let you know some details which might or might not be general to all or at least most Scorpio men but are true in my case.

Scorpio Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility | Articles at

Scorpios are sometimes open but mostly very shy with women. The issue is trust and being afraid of getting hurt.

Scorpio & Capricorn Sun: Love Compatibility

As we feel very deeply once we fall in love we are very likely to be very disappointed and hurt when a relationship ends. Once a Scorpio man loves you, he loves you for good. You become his obsession, his goddess and he would not cheat on you even if he was forced with a gun. You are automatically the most beautiful, smart, wonderful woman that he ever knew and nothing can change his mind.

All this can happen very fast so if you don't like him that much, don't mess with him cause you will hurt him. If you cheat on him That is probably the worst thing you could do to him. If you cheated, you lost his trust forever and don't even bother ever talking to him unless you want him to get mad and bring you down in the most humiliating way possible. Scorpios are honest, maybe even brutally honest. If you don't want answers don't ask questions. If he says something he means exactly what he says, no games there, "I love you" means "I love you".

If you are dating a shy Scorpio and want to know his intentions, try alcohol. Alcohol always loosens us up and makes us reveal our true kind and sentimental nature. You want to know something? You want something done? Just ask him to do it, it's that simple. Any lack of trust in their relationship is a consequence of the lack of intimacy, for they seem to lack the ability to sense each other deep enough to understand if they do trust one another or not.

This can be solved if each partner deals with their own insecurities individually and with an emotional effort to build intimacy. Their similar pace and the patience Capricorn has, followed by the feel of Scorpio can help their understanding very much, but when they disagree on something, they could end up in a silent fight for years to come.

They might think that this is not even something they need, but everyone needs to have some fun and smile, or life loses a lot of its meaning. Dark humor might savor their situation, day after day, and if they have the same friends it will be much easier for them to enjoy life together. All friendships Scorpio makes, become long-term with the help of Capricorn when respected enough, and this could help them build a wonderful surrounding full of understanding people who love them.

This can open the door for a respectful communication and intellectual understanding that lasts for a very long time, if they learn to control all the negative convictions that surface when they are together. The biggest problem in a relationship between a Scorpio and a Capricorn is their emotional contact, simply because they both tend to have emotional problems, dismissing how they feel by dismissing the Moon. When they start their relationship, they will both give the impression of people who stand with their feet firmly on the ground, strong and rough when needed.

They will rarely notice that this brings out the expectation to always be the strong person who they were in the beginning, and making them force things on themselves they are not ready for only to avoid showing any weakness. A lot of deep, emotional understanding is needed for them not to be forced to move even further from their life goal to find emotional balance.

It is truly interesting to watch this couple share values with such a difficult relation to Venus and the term of value itself. Even though this will be a good motivation for them to get better, every day, it is quite difficult to deal with in a healthy, loving relationship in which they should both discover they are good enough. Together, Scorpio and Capricorn will strive for greatness. They will focus their energy on constructive things in order to build the world they wish for themselves. Should I reach back out to him?

Is there still hope for us? Please let me know. Your email address will not be published. Get to know you or your relationship on a deeper level! Ever wonder why you are a Scorpio, but all of your friends and lovers are Leos?

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The explanation is in the stars. Thank you for subscribing. Check your inbox for a confirmation. Capricorn Woman — Scorpio Man capricorn , scorpio. Her strength mixed with her soft ways, makes him want to fulfill her in every way. There is something so lonely about her, and he wants to be the one to change that. All of this will happen in the privacy of their own home behind closed doors of course.

But if you look at them closely, you will see their eyes meet and her stoic stare will be broken by his intense eyes and they will both smile just a bit. You see, these two understand something just not quite everyone can really get. A bonding of two hearts that are not easily attainable. Lauren on November 22, at Please let me know Reply. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Categories aquarius aries cancer capricorn Featured gemini leo libra pisces sagittarius scorpio sextrology start here taurus Uncategorized virgo.

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