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But when college students are sent to live at a Christian school where their every move is monitored, well, there is a certain potential for things to get weird. Pensacola Christian College, for instance, has come under fire for what has been described as a cult-like atmosphere, along with the little matter of not having any accreditation at all.

Pensacola christian college dating rules r

The most traumatic event in Lilith's tenure at Pensacola Christian College occurred in the spring of her freshman year. She and her boyfriend had sneaked away to enjoy a rare moment of nuzzles, because no physical touching was allowed between genders at all. Well, someone must have seen them in this obscene act of awkward adolescent pecking, because shortly thereafter We're concerned you might be pregnant.

That seemed unlikely to Lilith, a currently menstruating virgin. When she explained all of these things, they asked "Would you be OK with taking a pregnancy test to prove your innocence? Lilith had a feeling that not being OK with it wouldn't be OK, so after five hours of being called in and out and asked all kinds of questions presumably with a flashlight in her face, she was marched down to a bathroom to take the obviously negative test. This was during a busy time of day, when there were tons of students in the halls, all watching her being trotted out to take her pee of shame. Apparently, this kind of thing happened all the time.

In fact, Lilith's roommate was called in for the same routine a few weeks later.

5 Insane Realities At My Fundamentalist Christian College

They just rounded up anyone suspected of Thought Sex and gave them the Room treatment. Well, not just anyone. As far as she could tell, it was just the girls. But we'll have more on that in a moment. In theory, it makes sense that a Christian college would continue to enforce biblical law after hours in their dorms. It doesn't do any good to teach good Christian values in class only to have the students spend their evenings in a nude, coke-fueled conga line.

But in practice, it means the schools take on an overbearing Big Brother role. We don't want to go nuts and say that Pensacola Christian College was like prison for Lilith, but it does sound a lot like house arrest. Here's the procedure for leaving campus:. If you were anything less than a senior, you had to travel with at least three other girls, depending on where you were going.

Pensacola christian college dating rules

Boys could travel in smaller groups, for reasons that are probably in the Old Testament somewhere. If she wasn't back by 10 p.

Violating any rules could mean getting "campused" -- meaning these legal adults were being threatened with grounding. Students weren't allowed to visit anyone's house, couldn't leave town, and couldn't go anywhere near the local naval base, which included a lot of shops but also a lot of sailors ready to destroy the girls' innocence it was almost kind of disappointing when, in an outrageous bout of senior rebellion, Lilith visited a vintage clothing store near the base and no one so much as glanced at her innocence.

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We've got a whole box of that no one wants next to the wigs. She was basically limited to Walmart, the mall, and the local restaurants, with the explicit exception of Hooters there was a rumor at the time that if students went to Hooters and showed their PCC ID card, they'd get a free t-shirt. She could also go to the beach, but the boys and girls had separate designated beaches that were miles apart, lest anyone be driven wild with lust. After all, how can anyone handle bathing suits when Every girl at the school inevitably ended up wearing the "PCC uniform," which was khaki skirts, blue polo shirts, brown loafers, and always, every day except Saturday, pantyhose.

5 Good Reasons Not to Attend Pensacola Christian College

That may seem like a minor irritation, but it often meant a gynecological one -- urinary tract infections became common. That was a small price to pay for chastity, according to the dress code, which came to be known sarcastically as the Book of Barbie after the dean of women. That's how sexless the clothing was so supposed to be. She got so used to wearing potato sacks that when she went home on break, pants felt weird.

There was a Book of Ken, too, but it was much less strict. Boys had to wear collared, button-up shirts and ties before chapel in the morning though they could take their ties off in the afternoon and blazers or dinner jackets to dinner. There appears to have been no concern for their cuppage. If you're noticing a running theme, it's because Let's go back to the school's spontaneous pregnancy check for a moment.

It was the entire culture. That link is to an account by former student Samantha Field, who was sexually assaulted and then told later that she needed to repent. But the double standard for men and women wasn't just an unspoken part of the culture -- it was overtly stated in the rules. For instance, women were flat-out not allowed to work certain jobs on campus.

This wasn't some abstract wage gap situation, involving invisible forces like social pressure and hiring managers who quietly shuffled her application to the bottom of the pile.

Pensacola Christian College, Campus Life (Exclusive Making)

It did the opposite. My most vivid memory is being called to the office of the Dean of Women. It had come to her attention that I was dating an African American man I am white. She told me that the school couldn't legally outlaw interracial dating, but that the administration did not approve.

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