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Minimalism — I have seen that I consciously make choices to keep my needs to the bare minimum. This not only helps me to keep my expenditure and environmental footprint down, but also to enjoy the peace of mind that I feel when I realize that I need very little to get by. For example, I have not owned a TV for the past 14 years, have gotten by without owning a car or motorbike for 5 years, do not have a bed just a comfortable mattress etc. Adventure — I see myself as an explorer who is curious to explore the external and the internal world.

Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Adventure sports, Entrepreneurship are examples that come to my mind. Family- I a family oriented man. I love my parents, brother, relatives and want to have a vibrant family life with a wife and kid s , I know that this does not happen automatically but one needs to consistently work on this goal to make it a reality.

I therefore engage in activities like healthy eating, fasting, running, yoga, meditation, gym and want to be a part of a philosophy meetup. Openness- I speak my mind rather than bottling up my feelings as I find that this helps me and the people around me to solve problems constructively. I've always been a vegetarian and have been a Vegan since 2 months now; eat largely organic food wherever I have a choice , always been a non-smoker; rarely drink.

I've been a Marathon Runner since 9 years; have done several fulls, halves, 10Ks and 5Ks. Nowadays, I run more for fitness than for participating in races. Regular in keeping myself fit - Hatha Yoga practitioner and gymer.

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Like to do adventure sports occasionally: Skydiving, Paragliding, Bungee, Wave Surfing: INTP type personality - I do not read too much into it but take it as an indicator of my natural tendencies. Buddhism comes pretty close to the life philosophy I feel appealing. I am not a religious Buddhist practitioner and not sure as of now if I would become one. Conscientious, considerate, reliable, affectionate, laid back, stress-free problem solver. Creative, handy, spiritual; love gardening, hiking with the dogs, yard sales, flea markets, long drives, dinners out or in , backyard fires, outside doing anything.

Food is Medicine

I am a nature and animal lover; have a great job, house, car and dogs. I am healthy, happy, financially secure, stable minded, easy on the eyes and normal. Love where I live but am willing and able to relocate, should that ever come up. Am not looking to possess, just connect and share.

Looking for that balance. I'm a muscular and athletic vegan nutritionist and natural healer. My aim is to either make this a better world, or to find and create a safe haven for myself and my loved ones. I love the water! I scuba dive and snorkle, kayak, bodysurf. I also bike several times a week as well as hike, play racquetball, and softball. I love to sing and dance, and play the piano.

Flea markets and yard sales are my shopping malls. I'm physically strong yet gentle in my ways. I have a great sense of humor and love of life, and have a heart with lot's to give. Also adventurous, passionately sexual, very affectionate, and a real romantic!!! Oh yeah, and humble!!!!!!

I have taken over the care of my parents in S. I am residing with them, and although all the above is still valid, I have responsibilities you'll have to consider. I am a raw vegan from Spain. I am in love with nature. I believe in the power of natural healing. I try to be connected with nature always I can. I grow my own vegetables and flowers. I enjoy foraging wild plants and fruits. Nature gives us all we need. Currently I am doing a PhD about fuel cells. However I learn continouosly about plants because they are my real pation. I have been living in Florida for 10 years and been in Gainesville for about 2 years now.

I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons. I live a healthy lifestyle and believe that good health is key to living a fulfilling life. I work as a mechanical engineer for a medical device company. I love my job as it helps people get and stay healthy. I enjoy spending time outdoors and working out. I also like listening to music, watching movies, SUP, and playing sports. Most people would describe me as easy-going, open-minded, driven, a good listener, and a foodie.

I am always ready to try new food and am a decent cook. Health is very important to me, as is laughing. I have been told that I am a good listener. I have been described as considerate, kind, supportive, and caring. I enjoy good conversations, new experiences, learning, cycling, Qigong, and yoga.

I continually strive to improve upon my shortcomings but, at the same time, accept and understand that no one is without them. What this means is: I don't come packaged with a house, a bank account, an inheritance, a high flying career, or a ready made family If we are compatible then I have and I am what you want and need.

I've been described as exotic in appearance with long dark hair, a slim curvy figure, chocolate brown eyes and I can fall in love easily so have to be very careful who I fall on. I have a friendly personality, a witty sense of humour. I can be very serious and very playful at other times, I'm bright, modern with traditional values - as ironic as that seems.

I'm not a kiwi woman, I'm British with Kashmirian heritage, I refer to myself these days, as a British Kashmirian Kiwi and a non-smoker who enjoys entertaining. I'm renowned for being somewhat pedantic and have little idiosyncrasies which are OCD and common sense is one of my top strengths. I need a man that lives from his heart, conscience and soul, has strong values and morals and lives by them, a man that I can be proud of, one who cares deeply for all life and for justice and lives this way.

A man who has a voice and defends and protects those that are in need of this and he is happy to do this. I'm searching for compatibility. I want to be everything you are looking for in a woman and a soul mate I want you to be everything I'm looking for in a man and a soul mate - it's simply about compatibility:. I'm attracted to a cultured, caring, genuine, loving and protective gentlemen, who wants to take care of his family, me and any children we may choose to bring into this world I'm attracted to sensible, responsible, caring, protective creative men with lots and lots of common sense.

I also seek someone who thinks a lot, someone I can have intelligent and enquiring conversations with and to explore and challenge ideas and the world with. Someone who will venture side by side together to change the world for the better, oh and it would be wonderful if he loved animals too. I play at the piano, fiddle around Old time,bluegrass , do some contra and cajun dance, and am developing an alternative energy lifestyle.

A recent Permaculture course gave me techniques to make the place even better, so that process is well underway. The separated status in my profile header is not that complicated, we are friends no benefits she is not a citizen so benefits from my medicare eligibility. Not saying I love them, but they sure beat picks and shovels. I really enjoy my life, i often laugh at myself as i stumble around and marvel at the perfect grace that occasionally inspires me, although really it's all divine, just another day in paradise.

In Paris since , I don't know many people here. I've lived a long time abroad because I wanted to discover the world and experiment life within other civilizations. I like technology, computing and science. I have a curious mind and I am interested in numerous topics. Living a healthy life is important to me, but I also know when not to worry about it.

Worrying is bad for your health.

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My career is in healthcare and I am financially stable. My work schedule is flexible which gives me the opportunity to balance work and leisure. Family and friends are a big part of my life. I have cats and a dog, all rescues, of course. There are many things I enjoy doing, concerts in the park, walking in the water at the beach, volunteering, cooking need to improve , slow dancing, and boating, to name a few. A cozy night home watching a good movie snuggling on the couch is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy many genres of music including, adult alternative, country, pop, big band, hip hop, smooth jazz, and lounge music.

I listen to different types of music depending on what I'm doing. I'm easy-going and feel fortunate to have a good life. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me. Vagabond poet on sabbatical from the road to raise a son and explore career, home, family, community I am looking for someone to share in the enjoyment and exploration of what life has to offer.

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You are in awe of life and all of creation. You are deeply moved by true beauty. You stop to smell the roses. You are active outdoors and culturally. You are soulful, spiritual, sensual, kind and have a well developed sense of humor and are not afraid to use it. You are comfortable with intimacy and appreciate the contribution of the male dynamic to the dance of life.

Your femininity will be honored and your whole being revered. Settling out from endless chains of calculated risks collecting, gaining mass are these residual fragments, splintered bits of what perhaps had held the chance to bond into the many yet unknown structures spanning space and time to redefine what is stagnant now and hopeless but for the beacons they might be raw fiber, stock for those who seek to weave their destiny turgid will controlling moves ascending higher still beyond the plane of original boundaries left in voids and swirls emerging vibrant, full of life direction sure and true unfailing in its journey still becoming, ever-new accelerating to its end my spirit meets its fate which lies housed within your soul my love, my perfect mate.

I am happy and relaxed and thrive around positive people. I am very open minded liberal and I get along with all kind of personalities. My friends would say that I am loyal, fun to be with and reliable.

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I am enjoying my fresh start with vegan food and sustainability in general, as well as being active and athletic. Family and friends are the core of my life and I am always open for new friendships and learning about different cultures. I never been so focused in my life as I am at the present time; and I like to think that I know where to go and how to get there but never stop learning and evolving.

I'm a well-traveled, well-read, and socially conscious single professional looking for a fun loving, and compassionate woman for a meaningful long-term relationship. I consider myself a broad-minded, down-to-earth, fun-loving, and compassionate person. My interests include music, books, arts, theater, outdoors, playing tennis, yoga, volunteering and traveling.

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I also enjoy going out and trying new restaurants, wineries etc. After living in three countries, and traveling to over 25 countries, exploring new place is one of my favorite things to do! I am a college student studying photography, but I love any form of art. Building random projects, painting, doing ceramics, and of course taking photos is what I mostly do. Me being an artist makes me more inclined to be liberal, and although it is a stereotype, it is true for me. I love my community of creative friends who inspire me to push myself harder.

My family is very important to me, and I am super close to my sister. I have nephews that mean the world to me. I love children and babies especially. Hiking and being outside are what I love to do, and having her with me makes it all the better. I try to live my life compassionately everyday. I believe the smallest of gestures have the potential to have a profound impact on someone else. I stand up for animals every chance I get.

I have been very active in animal rescue for most of my life, although I'm currently taking a break. I'm goofy, confident and strong, and a direct communicator. I like the simple things in life. I like hiking and growing my own vegetables. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning. Looking for vegetarian singles looking for the best dating services for teenage pregnancy. Introducing the greater majority of people who are the latest and less concerned about spiritual side in your faith and newest hashtags!

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