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The next full moon is April The Orthodox Pascha should fall on the following Sunday, April 28, but it does not, because of other complicated calculations.

Thus, this Sunday is disregarded for the following Sunday, May 5. Next year is more straightforward. First full moon is April First Sunday is April On which Sunday falls the Western Easter? First full moon April 4. First Sunday after that is April 5 on which falls the Western Easter. However, because the Jewish Passover falls on the same day, Pascha is celebrated on the following Sunday, April Vernal Equinox is March First full moon is March First Sunday after that is March Western Easter is on this day.

When is Orthodox Easter 12222?

This year our Pascha is late. Do you know how late it can be? The latest possible date is May 8, according to the new Gregorian calendar. This occurred in The maximum lag of the Orthodox Pascha is five weeks, which occurs this year.

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The earliest possible date of Pascha is April 4 it occurred in , the only time in the entire century. There are those who think that every four years we celebrate Pascha on the same day as the western Christians. This happens only when the first full moon after the vernal equinox falls after March While next year, , we celebrate Easter on the same day, the next time this will happen is three years later and then after eight years Then it will be every three years until , after which it will be the following year that is, we will celebrate on the same day for two consecutive years, something that happened in —if you remember.

Why do we avoid celebrating our Pascha on the same day with the Jewish Passover? Although we kept the Jewish name Pascha Pesach, is Hebrew, which means passage , what we celebrate is totally different. The Jews commemorate the passage of the Angel of death, and secondarily the passage through the Red Sea; we Christians celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from death to life.

The Church wanted to distance itself from Judaism and established a separate date. For example, this occurred in because the Western Easter Sunday date of Gregorian calendar April 15, is the same as the Orthodox Easter Sunday date of Julian calendar April 2, In most years, Orthodox Easter follows Western Easter by one or more weeks.


How the Date of Pascha is Determined

To determine the Orthodox Easter Sunday date, it is first necessary to find the Julian Easter Sunday date, then to add the number of days which have been "skipped" in the Gregorian calendar. This procedure is a dramatic and accurate simplification of the official procedure used to calculate Easter Sunday dates, as described in Christian Prayer Books. Paschal Full Moon dates are copied directly from these Books.

It was produced in by Ronald W. It requires just one division on a calculator, and three simple additions.

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There are three steps to calculating the Easter Sunday date: If you're looking further into the future, click here to see another Table A for years to A. The result is March 21, A. For example, year gave us a PFM date of March 21, and step 2 gave us a total result of 6. This accurate procedure applies to Orthodox churches, which always base their calculations on the Julian calendar and the "19 PFM dates" table. It applies from the year A. This is the current situation in These instructions show the procedure for years to A.

However, this simple method continues indefinitely, because the Julian calendar always has a February 29 date in every fourth year.

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The result is April 5, For example, year gave us a PFM date of April 5, and step 2 gave us a total result of 9. This date is the Julian calendar Orthodox Easter Sunday date for year If the year itself is also Julian e. April 3 in is their Orthodox Easter Sunday date for that year.

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For example, English Easter Sunday date for A. The Gregorian calendar omits certain February 29 dates to keep its dates aligned with the seasons and position of Earth in relation to the Sun. To convert the Julian date to the Gregorian date, it is necessary to add the number of days shown in Table F. Step 4 must be ignored if the Easter Sunday date calculated after step 3 occurred when the Julian calendar was still in use.

The example for year gives the Julian Easter Sunday date of April 10, and Table F shows that we need to add 13 days to convert it to the Gregorian calendar date of April BASIC code is fairly straightforward, and can easily be converted to other programming languages. Some typical questions about Easter are: Q1 "When was Easter Sunday last on April 10?

Reform of the date of Easter

NEXT loops to search or count. If you have any questions regarding the information presented here, please e-mail Ron Mallen at rwmallen chariot. If you are using these dates to plan travel, meetings, or for any use requiring the expenditure of money, time, or other resources, please consult other sources to verify the dates of Easter holidays. Mallen or anyone who owns the hardware or manages the host machines of this home page, or the Astronomical Society of South Australia, nor anyone who has contributed any information that has been used in this document, may be held financially responsible, or responsible in any way, if these dates are incorrectly calculated or applied.

The user assumes full responsibility for the consequences of using this information. The complete procedure for calculating Easter Sunday dates for all years to A.