Discuss the historical background of nigerian constitution dating from 1914 to 1999


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Nigerian Constitution for all

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Constitutional Development In Nigeria From 1914 Till Date

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Ruin User Inactive Registered: Discuss the historical background of nigerian constitution dating from to This occurrence is officially described as the annexation of Lagos. The Federal Republic of Nigeria which gained independence in , after a long period of colonialism by the British government, has a remarkable constitutional development. The constitutional development in Nigeria from till date can be divided into two generation:. In its entirety, a constitution is a set of organizing principles, laws or rules by which a State, country, group or region is governed.

Constitution of Nigeria - The Contitution Developmnt History

As a federal republic, Nigeria maintains a written constitution officially referred to as the Constitution of Nigeria. As implied earlier, constitutional development in Nigeria can be divided into two broad eras which are the colonial or pre-independence constitutional era and the post-colonial or post-independence constitutional era. The pre-independence constitutional era lasted 56 years —from to During this constitutional era, Nigeria had a series of constitutions enacted by the then British Governor-Generals.

This pre-independence era accounted for 5 different constitutions enacted in , , , and During the colonial constitutional era from , Nigeria served as a Crown Colony under the control of Britain.

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In course of this British dominance, Nigeria had its first 5 constitutions by order in council. The foremost of these 5 constitutions was the constitution. Notably, this constitution was laid down in but actually became effective on 1 st of January The idea of one Nigeria dates back to with the Frederick Lugard Constitution. In , the foremost colonial constitution was succeeded by a new constitution which remained effective until In that same year, the constitution came into effect as implemented by Sir Arthur Richards.

Officially known as Richards Constitution, the constitution vested effective power in the then Governor-General and the Executive Council. In spite of this, the constitution was notable for the provision of an extended Legislative Council authorized to meditate on national issues. In addition, below are the other notable features of the Richards Constitution;. Continuation of the constitutional development in Nigeria from till date ….

The enactment of the Richards Constitution in boosted the level of constitutional development in Nigeria. But due to a vehement demand for intense autonomy, the Richards Constitution was interrupted in A chain of events resulted in the formation of a body called the National Council for Nigeria and Cameroons.

This body mobilized indigenous peoples of the country to fight for their political independence.

Meanwhile, this gave birth to an inter-parliamentary summit held in Ibadan [the capital city of Oyo] in that same year. At this summit, the terms of a newly proposed constitution were drafted and in the subsequent year [], the new constitution was eventually enacted. By extending the elective principle and by providing for a central government with a Council of Ministers, the Macpherson Constitution gave renewed impetus to party activity and to political participation at the national level.

But by providing for comparable regional governments exercising broad legislative powers, which could not be overridden by the newly established seat federal House of Representatives, the Macpherson Constitution also gave a significant boost to regionalism. Subsequent revisions contained in the Lyttleton Constitution , named for Oliver Lyttelton, 1st Viscount Chandos and enacted in , firmly established the federal principle and paved the way for independence. Nigeria's first constitution as a sovereign state was enacted by a British order in council so as to come into force immediately upon independence, on 1 October Independent Nigeria's second constitution established the country as a federal republic.

It came into force on 1 October Nigeria's third anniversary as an independent nation. The constitution, which was based on the Westminster system , continued in operation until a military coup in overthrew Nigeria's democratic institutions. The constitution, which brought in the Second Republic , abandoned the Westminster system in favour of an American -style presidential system , with a direct election,directly-elected. To avoid the pitfalls of the First Republic, the constitution mandated that political parties and Federal Executive Council Nigeria cabinet positions reflect the "federal character" of the nation: The constitution was intended to see the return of democratic rule to Nigeria with the establishment of a Third Republic , but was never fully implemented, and the military resumed power until The constitution restored democratic rule to Nigeria, and remains in force today.

In January , two amendments of the constitution were signed by President Goodluck Jonathan, the first modifications since the document came into use in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.