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The page has over 1, likes so far. The page has inspired posts so far, most of which describe intimate and graphic details of student encounters at parties and events. The explicit nature of the posts has prompted student organizations, such as USG, to call for university interference. Sahoo said that Phan approached her with worries about the page and wanted to write a resolution that would call for university intervention. The resolution says the derogatory and explicit nature of the posts on the page is detrimental to the image of the university. The page is viewable to any Facebook user, including prospective students, parents, alumni and members of the general public, Sahoo said.

The authors also said possible victims of assault might be traumatized by the public exposure. They said this exposure could be potentially interfering with their healing process. Some students, however, said the university does not need to play a role in ending the Facebook page. The resolution calls the administration to investigate the page and limit its negative impacts.

  • the alternative USC news source: for the original, the suppressed, the radical, and the funky.
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The USC Center for Women and Men also urges the administration to ensure that the page will not taint the reputation of the university by encouraging abusive behaviors. So this headline is inaccurate.

USC vs. UCLA Sex Survey: Who's Sluttier? | L.A. Weekly

USC has a HUGE problem of sexual assault and this resolution is one of several campaigns to get them to admit it and then to take steps to create a safer campus. I am against rape, sexual assault and harassment, misogyny, racism, and homophobia. All of which have appeared and have even been celebrated on this page. Covering their tracks much? She cried and walked home. After reading this article I went to this Facebook page only to be stunned by sexual depravity described by USC students. It is truly disgusting what some have chosen to share online. I only hope those that have forsaken their morals for the sins of the flesh turn back from the darkness that fills their hearts and find peace in His word!

I felt an odd tug on my closed heart. Our connection was palpable. The hours flew by as we chatted about everything — the magic of Katsuya's corn crunch roll, the emergence of a Los Angeles NFL team, grand theories of our universe.

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I gave him a closed-mouth smile, my cautionary L. But my heart felt something novel — open, ready for a real ride. A few days later, after brunch at Nick's Cafe on N. Spring Street, I called my friend Siobhan to debrief. I think she could practically hear the wide-mouthed, idiot smile that had been plastered on my face. But contrary to my usual cautionary driving, I sped through KazuNori sushi dates, late-night eats at downtown L.

We judged drunken idiots at parties, shared our future fears, laughed about the little absurdities of life.

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At a time in my life where it seemed as if there was hurt around every corner, Dan brought a lightness of being. It was clear that he wasn't just another L. He made fun of kale smoothies and gluten-free fads. I felt as if I had escaped the confines of the city's shallow romantic connections. So when I heard word that he was getting with another girl, I felt foolish and lost. I associated that behavior with my jerky past flings and locals of yore.

I had deemed that exact line suspect many times before, but coming from him the words felt genuine. I was riding down unfamiliar roads of real human connection that I had never dared drive on with my hometown suitors, but I wasn't going to compromise myself in order to partake in the pain and yellow lights that define hookup culture. So I walked away.

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My posse of girls echoed these sentiments as they took out Thin Mints and Swedish Fish to soothe my tattered heart. This East Coast boy showed me that even amid life's most terrifying road bumps, there is beauty and exhilaration of living with no seat belt, and perhaps it was merely preparation for a ride that's even grander.

The author is heading into her junior year at USC, studying political science and English. Her website is rebeccaerinkatz. Affairs chronicles the current dating scene in and around Los Angeles. If you have comments or a true story to tell, email us at LAAffairs latimes. To read the article in Spanish, click here. I got caught on AshleyMadison.

I finally asked her: Are we dating, or just hanging out?

the alternative USC news source: for the original, the suppressed, the radical, and the funky

When I met Dan I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. His sincere smile screamed "East Coast. The bus took a sharp turn and my body slid toward his. He was quick and smart.