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How many more can you spot? Is there anything else to say about this other than "wow"? One of those songs that'll remind you how strong you are, you'll be belting out the chorus to this track after just a few minutes. As well as being an awesome track, this video gives us all kinda of goals including - but not limited to - cushiongoals and jumpergoals.

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  • Emma Blackery Biography, Life, Interesting Facts;
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The video sees Emma singing and playing to camera, cutting away to her feeling all the feels and taking them out on a bunch of emoji cushions. The second part of the Blue Neighbourhood, this video is absolutely stunning as we see the drama ramp up and Troye work those intense faces like no-one else. On a serious note, the lighting and cinematography are stunning.

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On a less serious note, we want to adopt Troye. Your privacy is important to us.

Emma Blackery Biography, Life, Interesting Facts

We want to better help you understand how and why we use your data. View our Privacy Statement for more details. Her YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers in July many of which had stuck around since the Fifty Shades era. She's also not just a vlogger.

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She's also a musician, and was actually doing music long before she started on YouTube; for example, her earliest YouTube channel, emmaforthewin , was based around covers. Some of her songs can be found on her Bandcamp site and include self empowerment anthems like "The Promise" and "Perfect". In April , she was confirmed as a support act for Busted 's "Pigs Can Fly" reunion tour - see the Promoted Fangirl entry under the "Trivia" tab for the importance of this moment.

[Main] My Second Dating Rap | 1,, SUBSCRIBERS! : EmmaBlackery

She was in a relationship with another fellow YouTuber, Luke Cutforth , but the two broke up in May after around three years of dating though they are still on good terms with one another. They have appeared in many of each other's videos. In addition to her main channel , she also a vlogging channel named Vloggery with over , subscribers.