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Melissa at my email iflum dotcom. Sandra mcnichol, I have one. Contact me at enidcandles yahoo.

I have an entire set of prairie green with several serving pieces. I would like to sell this. If anyone is interested, please contact. Would like to purchase 6 Dinner plates 4G 4 water glasses 4F 6 saucers 4E. I have a set of Frankoma donkey mugs from in mint condition that I would like to sell.

Any ideas on how to do this? I have a complete set of prairie green dishes would like to sell. I bought three casserole dishes in the shape of Arkansas.

They are were terra cotta on the outside and the inside of one had a red glaze, one was navy, and the other was a dark green. Can you give me any information as where I could purchase more? I have a piece collection of prairie green pottery plates, cups, serving platters, bowls, etc.

Wagon Wheel Pattern Frankoma

I would like to sell entire collection. Where do you recommend to post the collection? What is the current value? I have a blue cup and toothbrush holder. I was wondering the date of this pottery and rareness. I have a rose cream pig FP that is a piggy bank. I also have a hunting dog with a bird in its mouth it has McCoy usa? I have a Frankoma Pottery scalloped edge turquoise bowl and would like to know some history, i.

Hi, I have some of the original Frankoma Pottery and then some later. Dishes, platters, serving dishes, pitchers, much much more.


Frankoma Art Pottery 1938-2004: Collecting Artistry in Clay

It is Plainsman Desert Gold. I would love to sell it al. Family lore says the original plant burned down and the molds were destroyed. Because of this, pieces made from the original molds are worth more than the pieces made from the new molds. Can you verify if this story is true. Simply interested in the value, they are in excellent condition. I have a flower bowel with frog, s rare black glaze trying to find value, frankoma capital letters?

How to Identify Frankoma Pottery age by the Clay

I have a flower arranger dish no Francoma. What is the value??

Frankoma Pottery

It is green with brown edge and some brown near the base. It belonged to my husbands very old God Mother. Between and , Frankoma used a brick red clay. Frankoma collectors commonly refer to this clay as Sapulpa clay pre In the s the clay color became a light pink or orange. Some examples of Frankoma from this time period can be found with a rubber stamp Frankoma mark.

Frankoma also used the cat mark between and Between and , Frankoma used an impressed mark. The Antique Week article also indicated John Frank personnally signed pieces that were given as gifts. Welcome home Frankoma collectors. As the internet becomes more important in our life it becomes more important to our hobbies also. With my update of this site you can now check a Frankoma mold number right from the antique mall on your smart phone.

You can review the years of production and look it up in the original catalog.

Frankoma pottery identification, catalogs and collections.

Yes, you can be an informed collector on the go! This site started out in as a Frankoma salt and pepper shaker site. Over time I have added a scan of almost all of the Frankoma catalogs.