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Yet, there is something about him that makes her nervous. She will not be able to put her finger on it at first, but there will be things that need adjustment over time. She will know this early on, but her heart will win over her head and she will be packing her bags with him to bring them wherever he dreams of taking her. You see no matter how adventurous one may be, and no matter how exciting it will all feel at the time, there will be a time where the Sagittarian will look for some sort of security. With all of the moving, and all of the job changes, and all of the what ifs comes a sense of instability.

There is something in the back of her head where she knew this was who he was, but she never thought she would be sick of it. Most Sagittarius women are very bunt, and Pisces men tend to be sensitive guys, so if her words hurt him enough he may swim away after the honeymoon is over. She will have to learn how to soften her tongue, and he will have to understand that there are not many women that want to live out of a suitcase their entire life.

To save each other a lot of heartbreak from the beginning it will really be up to her. Yes, I said it Sag. You will have to look past his dreamy ocean like eyes open and see if you have a whale or a fish on your hands. If you know that you have a fish on your hands, you can say your prayers every night hoping he turns into someone he is not or you can embrace him for who he is. If he is a whale, you my dear are one lucky lady. There will be plenty of times where her words and actions are absolutely breaking to him, and he will just slip away from her.

In her mind she just wishes he would toughen up and take it, but no matter of how masculine he is there is a soft core in every Pisces man. They are both mutable signs, meaning these two will never be short of anything to talk about. Almost instantly we had this great chemistry, like I fell in love with him at 1st glance. We flirt a lot and we are very much attracted 2 eachother.

However, I am constantly wondering what he is thinking. I struggle to read him and it annoys me cos I like nothing more than being upfront and straight to point about things. I find myself wasting a lot of my energy thinking about him and what he might be thinking. I do not feel relaxed atol when I think of him and it drives me mad!!! Altho I really like him and would love it to work out there just seems to be something missing. However, we are rarely alone but when we are alone it gives us the opp to get 2 understand one another better.

Hope it works out for us and everyone is dif so try not 2 believe everything you read. Although my love sometimes is a little blunt and loves to speak her mind, I try to suppress my emotional side as I know its just her nature to be like that. I'm a Sagittarius girl and my ex-boyfriend was a Pisces. He always complained that I was too independent. I loved him but everywhere I went he was always following me like a stalker.

He was so boring too, everytime I talked to him I almost fell asleep. I don't know why I loved him but now I hate him and he stays away from me!!!!!!!!! Ive never been so happy! If you wana understand the true relationship between a saggi woman and a Pisces male, watch days of summer: I dated one for nearly days myself and eventually realised she loved the potential me and not the present me she fell in love with back then. However today our lives are different and shes with someone else and after her I realised there is lots more to life than being in love. Today I am the potential candidate she saw in me.

Even though she is with someone else she called me, I laughed cause I know her inside out. This is one of the best combinations ever, simply cause one never knows what tomorrow brings. If this relationship has 2 last, both these signs need to hang out together as pals till it eventually hits them, cause they know the fact since day 1, just that they aren't sure bout each other.

He would give me the world if he could. I also know that Pisces are allegedly "to clingy" for sag women, he is very good at dispearsing "my time" away from "our time". I hope the relationship lasts a life time. Okay, So I am 20 years old and have been speaking to a Pisces for about five years. He is two years older than I am. At the beginning he always wanted to be in a relationship but I always denied because I was young and I never thought I was ready.

Pisces Man And Sagittarius Woman Love Match - Wonderful Secret

After almost a year of talking and continuously asking me to be his girlfriend he gave up and started talking to this other Sag girl. I am also a sag He ended up going out with that girl for a year, at the same time I had also gotten a boyfriend. When he found out I had a boyfriend he was really upset because he said how can I do this to him after I said I wasnt ready for a relationship. We were still friends and spoke occassionally while he had his girlfriend and I had my boyfriend.

When my ex boyfriend and I broke up, his ex girlfriend and him also broke up. For some reason we got really close and started dating and were really into each other. After maybe four months his ex girlfriend called him saying she missed him and wanted to get back together, he didn't know what to do and was really confused and depressed he ended up choosing her and assured me he was just going through a phase, he would say he didn't know if he loved her but he was comfortable with her. He would always want to keep me around and would still talk to me, he never disrespected either of us though and never cheated on his ex with me we were just good friends and I tried to understand where he was coming from and was there when he needed someone to talk to.

So a couple of months later they broke up for good, he wanted nothing to do with her changed his number, he had let go of all his emotional baggage and after a couple of months was ready to commit to me. We started off slow just dating, long conversations over the phone, we live around the same way but he was also away for college while I was still at home.

A couple of months after things were so perfect I sort of wanted my own space, I was busy with school, had a promotion at my job and I wasnt ready for a full on relationship, it was a mutual feeling, we kept talking but just tried to slow things down and just gave each other space. He would always text and call me though just to check up on me still calling me baby.

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I had met a girl that was one of his best friends friend that he had once kissed at a party they were just cool and the fact that he introduced me to her made me feel like she wasnt anything to worry about. I had met her years back and she was a very cool girl, we would talk through the internet and would sometimes be around when him and I would hang out with his friends. So last year when him and I were on that break he went to his best friends house in another state, the girl had also went. That had happened in April and though him and I spoke here and there, the whole summer he was giving her tons of attention and going places with her.

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That summer I spoke to him about it when he asked me to go for a walk with him and he told me he didn't like her like that he was just at a point in his life where he wanted to have fun. At this point him and I had never ever had sex. Four years of talking and we never had sex! I just let it go but it still bothered me that he had had sex with this girl which is also a sag.

Anyway they had stopped talking. A couple of weeks ago he told me he saw her somewhere and she mentioned someting about me like if its any of her business. I had also asked him why he never took her seriously in a relationship way and he said he just doesn't see her like that and he doesn't think he has those type of feelings for her. We made an agreement to just be friends and thats when he wanted to be closer to me, we wouldnt have sex but every night we slept together on the same bed was full of sensuality, we would kiss for hours and just fall asleep holding each other.

Just recently my cousin told me she saw him and the girl he was just having sex with together, they werent holding hands or anything just walking, I asked him if he still speaks to her and he said yes but they are just friends and assured me thats all it was that he doesn't like her in that way and doesn't speak to her like that.

I have no idea if he was saying the truth or not but Im done with all the confusing games. I changed my number and hopefully never see him again. I'm a Sag woman, I dated Pisces man several years ago, for about 5 months, we had instant chemistry, and had a great time together, he would take me out to do fun things and have adventures, he called me every day, it seemed we were a couple because niether of us were dating anyone else and we spent so much time together although this was never spoken however he would not kiss me or have sex with me, so I guess it was more like friends, but I know the way he looked at me was with desire, I finally had to break it off becuase I was always so confused, I had developed feelings, and my patience had run out.

Now I find myself dating another Piscean and it's the same situation I am at the point where I think I should break it off and save myself four months of confusion this time. I'm a Pisces man and I dated a sag girl on and off for 3 years. She was in love with me, but I never truly loved her. The sex was great and we had gotten back together because of it. No matter how many times I broke up with her, she always took me back. I envied how sure she was about us and how much she loved me, she was willing to change anything for our relationship to work.

But I always felt that she didn't really get me, she loved me, but she didn't know me. Its funny reading about the possessive and clingy Pisces men, because my sag was clingy and possessive, even trying to keep me away from my long time friends.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

A part of me will always have feelings for her, she was my first everything, but I don't think we were a good match. I'm reading all the comments and they are interesting Some of the stories here I can totally relate to. Im a Sagittarius and my boyfriend is pisces, weve been on and off for three years now.. I love him but he's so hard to understand.. Like I know he loves me too, because he says it all the time but its the fact that we would talk for one night then the next I wont hear from him till a month or so later..

Sagittarius and Pisces are not meant to be. I'm a Sagittarius woman dating a Pisces man, and so far so good. I've been reading all the experiences of the commentators and--no lie--it somewhat scared me. Some of the things written are very true. I'm very adventurous, out and about, and blunt. My Pisces man is very emotional, sensitive, and seems to be the "settle-down" kinda man.

His plans about our future scares me since he wants to raise a family and expects me to forget my ambition of becoming a career girl and turn into a stay-at-home mom. It scares me, but as far as I know, if our relationship lasts, then I know we'll have to compromise. He's definitely been, by far, the most promising guy I've ever been with.

He showers me with so much attention and care. He gives me whatever my heart desires, not worrying about how much it'll cost him. He seems too good to be true, so I still have my guards up, just in case. I'm in the military and I'm very active, he's a civilian and is very much a "settler", that alone shows incompatibility, but we're compromising and working it out quite well.

I couldn't really ask for more. We're doing good and hopefully it'll last. I am a Sag female now dating a Pisces. We both are very attractive people and thatI don't know about because I am a very jealous person. I don't normally date very attractive men, I date sexy men. I didn't get that because we are born with personality some show it more than others that's all! I am very outgoing, flirtatious, take charge kind of gal, I will speak my mind. I am a survivor, I love nice things but will budget, I use common sense, I am similar to a therapist, I love to give my opinion.

Pisces man and Sagittarius woman

I am a realist, I think before I react. I have a non chalant attitude at times. I can take or leave u, if you don't mean me any good. I am a beast in the bed and I always fool who I am dealing with because they tend to think I am so sweet so they think I am stupid when it comes to love making and I shock them everytime, whereas I develop stalkers.

When I get focused, I am focused! I am very business oriented. I love to learn new things and apply them to whatever I am doing. I am very impatient. I hate stupid people. I take the bitter with the sweet.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman

I am a passionate Sagittarius woman, who has been with the love of my life, not to mention, very sexy, Pisces, for almost four years know. I love having sex, but I can never satisfy his needs. He has been asking me to get pregnant for since the beginning. He likes me a little off the edge. He's very much a machismo, but inside just a teddy bear. On the outside I look very innocent, but inside I have a trigger. He is the jealous type, but on the other hand I know for a fact that he has never even looked at another girl.

He gets the most turned on when I'm doing math or thinking about philosophy. I think that he wants to sexually dominate me because I'm the brains in the relationship. I'm fine with that as long as I'm the boss for everything else. The one bad thing is our communication. He never understands my complex thinking, so I can't ever explain deep things, and I can't get him over his excessive jealousy.

He likes my independence , but doesn't like my having guy friends. I don't mind though. I am a Pisces Male married to a Sag woman. She is very very good looking. The first time I talked with her half of me said run for your life. I am very attracted to this Sag Woman. She is a handful to be with but I can not stay away from her.

Are sex life is better than great. One other thing I know about a Sag Woman in love with a Pisces man. They have to know when and what you are doing at all times cuz if they don't they start flipping out. Sag ladys are the best lovers and if a Pisces Man has one as hot as the one I have he would swim up, over, around, through, in and out to keep that love. I am passive and agreeable by nature, but if I feel I'm being taking advantage of or being looked down upon, I sometimes become very angry because I'm sensitive and once that happens my very aggressive nature comes out.

This causes a problem with Sag women, because they see my lack of everyday aggressiveness as a sign up weakness. I have found that a Sag woman is inflexible in her thinking and will tell you what is on her mind as if it's a fact. Pisces men are sensitive. Sensitive doesn't necessarily mean they'll cry and go in a shell. Then they'll put it behind you and love you again A lot of Pisces are empaths, so you can't even hide how you really feel. With me, as soon as a woman starts talking about my approach to life negatively we're going to butt heads.

She's hurt my feelings and I'm not going to sit back and take it. They make a point to tell me that I was mean to them. You can see it in their face, they love to hate that side of me. To me it makes no sense The Sags are the most masculine women I've dated attitude only, they are also the most attractive to me. They don't want to feel like a man is less masculine than them. What you may not know: I get much pleasure from deleting people out of my phonebook and off of my facebook page. Any perceived slight could cause me to cut you out of my life for a week or two, but then I have absolutely no I'll will towards you.

If you are seeking to be praised, I will find it highly offensive and permanently dislike you. But I love to uplift other people and give them praise if they are not seeking it. I think the only reason why i've stuck around for good is because of the history, not because we're compatible. The saggitarius woman are really blunt personalities.

They love the romance and passion but don't have a clue in understanding the Pisces soul. A Pisces id putting lots of passion in relationship,the sag woman takes it as a game. To have a succesfull relationship as a Pisces with a sag woman,you need to gave her the freedom and take yours as well. Sometimes they hurt you unintentionally,and when you discussed with them open about the issue,they feel bad about it.

Yet a minute later start thinking is not worth taking all the "crap". You have to be carefull with sag woman because every other day a "surprise" wil make your heart bit fast. And most of them are unintentionall. They make lots of mean jokes,thinking those are really good ones, and if you jike back exactly the same way they get so furios!!! Although what you showed them is exactly the same thing.

Bottom line sag woman are very immature emotionally and don't have a proper understanding of what a true relationship involves. They love to play and be independent and they thing that someone can love them deeply and give them all the independence in the world: Which is fine,I thing as a Pisces man you should to the same.. I've been with my Pisces man for over a year. I agree with most of the comments here; we do have many ups and downs and we can change our states of mind very easily. We'd get upset with each other and then suddenly be happy together.

I find that no matter what, I always go back to him, and vice versa. I also don't understand what it is that I find attractive about him. However, our sex life is great! I don't ever want to lose him and I hope that he feels that way about me. He's very caring and I can't imagine him as a liar or as some of the negative things that were described about Pisces men above. Overall, I think we're happy together. Hi, I am a sag woman and I am getting to know a Pisces man and we clicked instantly!: I think we have a better shot at compatibilty tho perhaps because I myself feel more Pisces than sag.

My moon and ascendent are both in pisces.

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Then the rest of my chart is filled with water scorpio. My Venus is in cap. At the end of the day, love conquers all. I'm a Sag girl, dates a Pisces guy off and on for 3 yrs. The age never was a problem. What can I say about my Pisces guy? Always disappearing amd then reappearing after making you nuts with no comunication,like nothing was wrong. Likes being in his own surroundings and his sex drive was lacking, but when I did see him after weeks of NOT seeing him..

Couldn't be counted on.. NO knight in shining armor thats for sure.. Because he lacks a bit of confidence in himself, he tends to seek the advice of those around him. But rather than seeking reassurance about his own plans and intentions, the Pisces man usually relies on others to make these decisions for him. The Sagittarius woman is more than happy to support him during the decision-making process, but she definitely does not want to receive advice from everyone around them.

In order for this relationship to work, they must be able to work through their problems together — without broadcasting their troubles to all of their friends and family. When a Sagittarius woman and Pisces man fall in love, there is the chance for a very special bond to form.

This combination of fire and water has the potential to last forever. Like two pieces of a puzzle, this pairing can fit together perfectly, allowing them to function as a beautiful unison. Together, they are able to find the pure joy and beauty in life. Have unresolved questions about your love life? Join the millions who have already received valuable insight into their love life — your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Astrology Advice When it comes to love, the Pisces man and Sagittarius woman both tend to be restless. The Pisces Man — The Grounded Dreamer The Pisces man is a hopeless dreamer, filled with lots of dreams and dream worlds that are very important to him. An Ever-Changing Relationship Like waves rolling in and out with the changing of the tides, the relationship of a Pisces man and Sagittarius woman is constantly changing.

Sexual Chemistry The Sagittarius woman is intense and passionate — and if the Pisces man wants to keep her happy in the bedroom, he will have to learn to be more aggressive.