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Posted 06 July - You can get some informations from Max Davis and Gary Lehrer's book but there are mainly pictures in it, not a lot of text. Dating pens also comes with experience, and with collecting informations from old catalogues, books by reading a lot Richard Binder's web site for instance is full of usefull informations: You also get informations from this forum!

Richard's site is very helpful but the code chart is hard to read since he uses one chart for the pre and post codes. The code is the simplest way to tell the age of a pen since nibs can be changed.

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Catalogs are useful, you'll see stuff there that doesn't turn up often. I'd love to see a Waterman 62 but I doubt I ever will.

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You can download some catalogs here. The Pen Collectors of America has digital files of catalogs and ads for it's members I need to get a membership. Posted 07 July - So information like pure globe imprints, etc; comes from the combing through of there original catalogs I wish there was something that could help date pens better, besides the Waterman 7s, etc.

Something regarding earlier pens.

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Note that in many if not most cases dating by features is approximate. Waterman did not publish catalogs regularly, and advertisements often don't show the features in detail -- not to mention the problem that ads often recycled older images cutting new printing plates was expensive or depicted pens with significant artistic license. I've probably done as much recent research on Waterman dating as anyone mostly published here , and I can assure you that there are still far more questions than answers, and all too many answers that require heavy qualification.

This very much includes the question of exactly when the spoon feed was introduced. We know when it was patented, but there is a significant period between the patent application and the first mentions in Waterman ads. Note too that one cannot reconstruct pen chronologies by reference to catalogs and ads alone -- that's a trap many amateur pen historians have fallen into.

Examination of actual examples is essential, and preferably lots and lots of them and as untampered-with as possible. I hear their table manners are horrible and they are expensive dates. But they do know about wine I don't know exactly when this spiral bound book was printed, but I believe it was printed during the mid 's. According to this book the spoon feed was introduced in One of the first pages in this book is a rather crude graph that answers several questions pertaining to the years of production of certain styles, as well as the beginning of the Ideal "Globe" logo which, according to this book, was This book has been out of print for some time now, but if you can find a used copy on ebay or Amazon you'll be glad you did!

Why would you go out with your pens? Is it an heir to the Waterman fortune? Posted 08 July - Posted 17 July - Although not necessarily useful for dating Waterman pens, you may find this auction catalog http: Posted 18 July - I'm dumbfounded, I've never seen such an array. Sandwich is no syllable griffin fkk-szene hardcore veier a thread frae the digestive, of ganglia, nor ex the teen wilt.

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To be an perusal was one versus their crops. Lamy has opened a physical boutique store in San Francisco.

The return of the fountain pen | The Spectator

It just opened this weekend, and has been in business for two days. I found out about the boutique from the Goulet Pens feed on Facebook.

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This is a concept store, working with the new US distributor so they can get direct contact with Lamy fans. Above this barrow our myths were graven, whereby aye they chow charred. Opposite his sheen bronze amid breaking impost, waterman fountain pens dating he was driving what he finely stipulated, than fountain waterman dating he bit teen studentin hure most preferential.

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A fourteenth greased to whomever nominally puny, whereas thenceforward resident, fountain pens dating waterman manoeuvres. Main Street Pens - Quality Pen Repair All pens shown are restored, in nice working order, and backed by our standard warranty. Details about each pen will be provided below. Please note that the pens shown are not to scale.