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How to use your Airstream without any hook-ups (aka Dry-Camping)

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There have been several reports here on the Forums from people who have had someone do the job for them, and when they plugged their rig in, they toasted everything inside as the outlet was wired for volts, not Since you are starting with a volt outlet, there is even a higher danger that it could be mis wired.

Home Electric Hookup - Airstream Forums

Originally Posted by idroba. Welcome to the forums! Should work OK as long as the wire going to the old 50 A outlet is at least 10 gauge. A 50 A circuit would normally have heavier wire than that, but as I recall the national electric code had an exception for welder service because the welder requires current only intermittently.

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  3. How do appliances work in our Airstream travel trailer?.
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The thing you need to make sure your electrician understands, though, is that the existing outlet is Volts, 50 Amps and your trailer outlet is Volts, 30 Amps. In other words, you will be replacing a two pole 50 Amp breaker with a single pole 30 Amp breaker.

Another way to say what is said above: I suggest that you print these post and make sure that your electrician reads them prior to starting work and, welcome to the forums. I got a problem. Originally Posted by markdoane. Propride hitch give life. After you are VERY sure the outlet is correctly wired you need to think about your batteries.

Been there done that tim. Originally Posted by A W Warn.

I did the same hookup from a 50A to 30A RV receptacle using one of the hot legs. The other hot leg I used to wire a 20A regular plug receptacle to have handy to the trailer for tools, compressor, etc.

What does it mean to dry-camp?

Well, I was finally able to get this circuit installed and get my Airstream plugged in to "shore power". Everything seems to be working AC outlets, microwave, etc. However, if it hadn't been for the folks commenting here, I may have had a real problem. My electric guy is very knowledgable about electric matters, but not experienced with RV's.

RV Electrical: All the Basics You Need To Know!

If I hadn't printed the excellent advice from this forum and made him read it, he would have used a double pole 30 amp circuit and left the existing wiring in place. When I showed him the comments I printed from the forum he kind of had an "aha" moment and understood the trailer's electrical requirements. We also turned off all the breakers inside the trailer before plugging in the electric cable and then tuned them on one by one just to be cautious.

We encountered no problems when everything was turned back on and the appliances in the trailer were checked out. What a great group of folks and a huge resource we have with this forum. Originally Posted by rumrunner. You may also like: Every time I speak to someone who owns at travel trailer or visit a forum or blog, I learn something new about an appliance or a system that I have on my trailer. First, we have most of the typical appliances and systems of a house, such as an oven, microwave, and refrigerator, and we also have some of the same power systems, such as electrical and gas.

The two big differences from a typical house are that our appliances are much smaller and we have options to run off different power sources. A 30 amp plug comes out of the back of an RV.

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  • How do appliances work in our Airstream travel trailer?.
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  • It is attached to a breaker box inside the RV similar to the one you would see in a home. When we plug into an electrical hookup, we can run our electric appliances, lights, and our outlets work.

    Electric hookup at home blows out RV's electronics. Why?

    The 30 amp plug hangs off the back bumper. This battery will supposedly last us a couple weeks if we consume conservatively. We charge the battery through the alternator in the truck when towing the trailer. The generator burns gas and creates electricity. We only start it to power our big appliances as needed. The battery system mentioned above is still needed with a generator, as it gives us instant power for lights, fans, and water without the need to go outside and pull start the generator.