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Forcefield Forcefield walls limit the available space for the Monster to run and hide. Man-Eating Eels Flooded areas with man-eating eels make environments more dangerous for Hunters.


Matchmaking evolve - Trova il futuro amico

Fair Weather Natural lighting, no adverse weather effects. Storms The type of storm depends on the chosen map. Scent Masking Scent masking inhibits the Monster's ability to smell. Hostile Wildlife Wildlife becomes more dangerous and hostile to the Hunters. Medbays Medbays allow Hunters to heal and remove strikes. Mutated Plants Mutated plants allow the Monster to restore health when eating them. Space Laser A laser from space periodically fires at the Monster to severely damage it. Falling Satellite Pieces of satellite fall to the earth that damage Hunters. Colonists Colonists join the Hunters to fight the Monster.

Canyon Striders Additional canyon striders give more food for the Monster. Birds More birds makes it easier to find the Monster. Phantoms Phantoms create more hostile encounters for the Hunters.

Sentry Guns Sentry guns defend areas against Monster attacks. Radioactive Clouds Radioactive clouds damage Hunters in their vicinity. Attack Drones Attack drones patrol the map to spot and attack the Monster. Monster Configuration Here you can assign three points to four different ability categories unique to each monster. A maximum of three points can be assigned to an ability category, improving it up to three levels. Press to reset point assignments and start over. Once all ability points are assigned, you can choose a Perk for the Monster.

Choose Your Class Before queuing up for a match of Evolve, you have the opportunity to choose the roles you prefer to play, and Evolve will try to place you in a match where you can play your preferred role. You will rank each role from , with 1 being the most preferred class, and 5 being the least preferred class. After the initial set up, you can rearrange your preferences at any time by selecting the "Choose Role" option from the Matchmaking menu.

If you are in a party of players, your role preferences will be restricted to Hunters only. However, if you are in a party of 5 players, you will automatically be placed into a Custom Match, and the Monster role will be available to everyone.


Searching for Games After choosing your Role Preferences and creating a Party with friends, you can search for available matches to play. As you play more Evolve, you will gain Rank based on your XP experience earned. Your Rank will help to determine which players you are matched with, in order to keep games competitive and fun. In Evolve, effective communication makes the difference between predators and their prey.

Playing as this class means going toe-to-toe with the Monster, simultaneously dishing out and bearing the brunt of damage. Heavily armed, Assault Hunters deal massive damage to groups of hostiles at close range as well as dole out rapid-fire medium range punishment. A personal shield allows them to charge in fearlessly, while a complement of specialized weaponry allow for tactical firefights.

Trappers have unique methods and tools that enhance their ability to track down elusive prey. Their mobile arena traps the Monster within its bounds when they close in on the creature. This, in combination with movement-inhibiting traps, creates an opportunity to deal massive damage. Medics keep a team of Hunters in top condition, wielding powerful technology that can heal wounds and sometimes even revive the dead. In addition to wielding long-range heavy firepower at critical moments, their cloaking field facilitates quick escapes for both themselves and any teammates within range.

More than one wild creature lurks on the planet Shear. These three Monsters that these Hunters will face are as diverse as the world in which they live. Animal Sense Despite their differences, all three Monsters have a keen sense of smell.

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Click the Right Stick to use their animal sense to briefly reveal nearby Hunters and wildlife. Stealth All three Monsters are also capable of stealthy movement. While sneaking, Monsters leave no tracks behind, and they can pounce their enemies, striking silently and killing without alerting any nearby Hunters or wildlife. Goliath Boasting brute strength matched by staggering agility, Goliath scales obstacles and vertical surfaces with ease.

From a distance, it can throw boulders large enough to crush multiple hunters at once. It closes distances with a devastating Leap Smash, or a Charge guaranteed to crush anyone caught underfoot. Up close, its Flame Breath chars anything to a crisp. Kraken The Kraken soars over the battlefield. A dangerous opponent that controls the skies, it summons down an electrifying Lightning Strike or whiplash-inducing Vortex winds to knock back Hunters. Strategic retreats are facilitated by Banshee Mines that automatically home in on Hunters.

Wraith Slithering across the fields of Shear, the Wraith is a master of speed, stealth, and subterfuge.

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Its powerful Warp Blast teleports the Wraith across short distances and unleashes a powerful explosion. Abduction allows the Wraith to quickly grab a Hunter, pulling its prey away from the action. The Wraith can turn invisible and create a temporary duplicate of itself with the Decoy ability, allowing it to distract even the cleverest Hunters. Finally, its Supernova ability charges the Wraith with massive amounts of bioelectric energy, greatly increasing its melee attack speed.

There are diverse ecosystems scattered across the surface of the planet Shear, abundant with natural flora and fauna. Absent-minded Hunters quickly fall prey to carnivorous plants, wild beasts, and other environmental hazards which leave them vulnerable to Monsters. Evolve or Die An apex predator at the top of the food chain, Monsters prey on everything around them.

Evolve Alpha - Matchmaking Pls...

Kill wildlife and hold to feed on their corpses. Damage depletes your armor, and feeding on wildlife and dead hunters replenishes it. When no Armor remains, the Monster begins to lose Health and, once lost, can only be restored by evolving or by gaining specific buffs. Evolving Pay close attention to the circular energy meter that fills as you feed. Evolving increases the size, strength, and overall power of your Monster. Elite Creatures Keep an eye out for Elite Creatures: Both Hunters and Monsters benefit from taking one of these beasts down. The corporation needs someone of your talents, an experienced Hunter who can finally purge Shear of its problematic pests.

If that is grayed out, have the other person invite you and then join the game. Wait a few seconds and there you go, it miraculously works. If you don't find a match you probably won't and you try to back out of the game, you both will be split after a few seconds. If that happens then repeat the join process. Good luck with this ridiculous problem where friends can't even join your game in a game that is known for its mutliplayer. I understand problems on release, but this is unacceptable.

Xbl is down thats why. Same problems here after the updates have gone out, both players have open NAT types no reason for this to happen, any word on the specific issue bungie? Holy crap been trying to join a party with my friend for an hour I get to the loading match screen and then it says game over and kicks me out this game has been out for a while wtf to many issues to even list with this fail of a game.

Same with me can't play with friends. It seems to work as long as everybody in the party has an Open NAT, but thats hard to guarentee and frequently people think they have an open NAT, but they actually do not so dont just take them at their word! Wait until the match is over, then back out to the Campaign menu, then go back to the multiplayer menu and use the Roster to join. Two Matchmaking Games in one hour and that's been about par.

No problems in custom games minus the same chatting problems that have been supposedly fixed: The games we got into are still buggy and laggy. It has been days!!! Try fixing some games that were actually good. I don't see how you don't put in more time because if this is the result for games that have already been released, what makes you think that anyone would want to buy a new game from This is utter garbage. I have religiously played Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 for years and I cannot do it anymore even though that was what was promised. I pulled my preorder on Halo 5 and I will not be buying it unless this game is what was promised to me.

I have never had much to complain about with the Halo series but that just takes the cake. You need to give the franchise back to Bungie for free.


You won't make any money off of it. You might have to pay them to take it back after what you've done to the good name of the Halo Series. Either that or fire everyone and start with some competent individuals that know how to make a video game and actually like Halo. This still happens on occasion. I'll send a game invite and the person 'joins' because it says I can kick 'em but they aren't there hard reset and it's ok.