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Making informed decisions on which advice to use has become very challenging. To find out more about the founders and editors of DSR, read our bios. What is Dating Skills Review? We do this by providing you with support on three levels: Guidance on How to Learn the Best Way: We kick start your learning by giving you well researched and experimented advice on how to learn to become successful with women the fastest way possible.

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Our free Fast Track Dating Manual has become a well recognized must for beginners to start out with. Our Daily Dating Gold newsletter is a popular way to get your feet wet with some brief high quality free dating tips. Guiding you to the Best Advice: We provide the most comprehensive and credible reviews of dating advice products on the Internet. Our ratings, rankings and awards have become recognized for their credibility in the dating advice industry.

Our site contains comparison tools so that you can compare different products on the criteria you are most interested in. We help you make informed decisions, rather than choosing in the dark.

What is Dating Skills Review?

Access to Every Dating Advice that Exists: Our database of dating advice for men contains every dating advice that exists. It is updated continuously with the most recent releases. If we don't have it here, then it simply doesn't exist. You can be sure you're not missing anything. We think of ourselves as the "Amazon.

The quality of advice given in dating advice products today varies from: Dating advice available over the Internet had grown into a very difficult to navigate mass of homestudy, coaching and seminar products. DSR simplifies discovery and comparison of products through its extensive coverage of the products available and its multi-criteria rankings system i.

People who are newer to dating advice are unaware of the wide variety of high quality products out there that veterans and dating masters would highly recommend. The media attention is concentrated around a few big brand names Real Social Dynamics, Love Systems, Stylelife and Venusian Arts , ignoring the quality products outside of these. This isn't about trying to act like a comedian, but about finding the humor in interactions themselves. Christian relates how his clients who struggle the most are usually too serious and goal-oriented and forget to have fun talking to women. You'll hear some specific techniques for dealing with this issue, including creating humor with 'diversions', how to use 'frames', and the power of facial expressions.

This is an explanation of the fight or flight response and the role it plays in feelings of approach anxiety. Christian explains this in an easy to understand way and reframes it into something powerful that you can use to make approaching women more fun and exciting. Here he explores the concept that the assumptions you make are not reflective of reality.

This is something most guys suffer from, and Christian talks about the 'find the truth' philosophy he learned from Rob Judge which is covered in more depth in Rob's book The 4 Elements of Game. He reveals that he's probably been rejected in every type of place that you can approach a woman. But because he was able to risk rejection he grew from it and has since dated some incredibly beautiful women.

The takeaway from this is to work on the aspects you can control, but not to take any rejection from a woman so personally. This is all about how to take your natural masculine desires and channel them in a positive way.

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When used properly, this can be one of your greatest assets. And as Christian points out, any guy he's even seen that's great with women has got some of that killer instinct in them. The second module of Say Hello is all about body language and mastering the vibe with women. This section is a bit shorter than the first, but still has some valuable content. Christian talks about the different aspects of good body language and has a female assistant to demonstrate this in action. This is helpful so you can actually see how it looks when done right rather than just hearing about it.

You'll hear about the four elements of good vocal tonality, which is important, especially if you spend time in bars and clubs. Another thing that's covered here is calibrating your sexuality based on your environment. Christian also gives you some non-verbal ways to approach women. For the most part these are different looks you can give her, and will be most effective in a place you can establish eye contact, such as a bar or coffee shop.

If you were on the street, for example, it wouldn't work so well. A technique known as 'social momentum' is covered in this module, and it's one of the most effective ways you can deal with you approach anxiety. When you learn this and make it a habit, meeting people becomes a lot easier and stress free.

If you're the type of person that likes to model what successful people do, Christian gives some examples of actors and celebrities that have good body language and swagger that you can learn from. There's nothing too revolutionary in this module, but it's a good roundup and explanation of foundational principles you need to know. This third module gets to the meat of what to actually say to meet women and begin conversations with them.

At an hour and forty minutes, it's the longest module of Say Hello. Christian defines an 'opener' PUA community slang for conversation starter a little differently to most. He talks about it in terms of being the first three to five minutes of the conversation, including body language. You'll hear how the best openers have three common elements — they capture a woman's attention, arouse her emotion, and intrigue her or create a hook. These are all explained in more detail and you'll hear practical examples of how they work. There are also more examples given of Christian's 'bombing openers', including verbal and non-verbal.

I'd advise you to be careful with some of these, especially depending on which environment you're in. One of them involves sitting in a woman's lap, which for many guys will be tough to pull off congruently and could do you more harm than good. Use common sense and you should be fine. Some of the types of openers and ideas shared here are reminiscent of old school dating techniques e. But others are a lot fresher and are ones I haven't heard other people teach.

You'll also get some examples of what to do in different situations. For example, Christian shares a story of a time he was out with fellow dating coach Rob Judge. Christian was striking out with his girl, then he used a 'pacing her reality' technique in a clever way to completely turn things around and spark the girl's interest.

Overall there's a lot of quality info in this module, and you'll get practical takeaways you can put to use right away. An example of this would be the simple way he approached a Playboy model and stood out differently to other men, to the point she gave him her number.

DSR Podcast: Become a Better Man

The final module is all about different contexts and situations you'll encounter when meeting women. Rather than just give you a bunch of different openers as a one-size-fits-all solution, Christian explains how and why to adapt what you do depending on the situation. This is one of the unique strengths of Say Hello, as most products neglect this fact or barely cover it.

Whereas other coaches might just break things down into daytime versus nighttime, Christian's main distinction is sober versus having alcohol involved. He illustrates this by explaining how approaching women at a daytime pool party in Las Vegas is a world away from approaching a woman walking down the street in New York City during the day. There are other scenarios broken down as well, including: You'll get some good examples from Christian of direct and situational openers he uses. And he also shares some of the approaches used by other dating coaches, such as Nick Sparks and Rob Judge, so it adds a bit of variety in terms of the styles mentioned.

There's a few instances where examples given will be specific to certain places e. New York or other big cities. But for the most part everything Christian talks about is easily adaptable so it'll be effective no matter where you live or what your personal situation is. A minor thing that could've been improved here was better editing of the video. At one point between topics Christian is texting on his phone for about 20 seconds, which should've been cut out. There's also a few instances throughout the course where he restarts what he was saying, and it wasn't cut from the video.

Again, this is only a very minor issue though. In the sales video for Say Hello, you'll hear Christian talk about something called the 'Yes Sequence'. This is heavily featured and made out to be the magic ingredient for success, but in reality it's not really talked about in the main program. It's just not as prominent a part of the program as you'd expect. There's some decent info in it, but it's nothing revolutionary and it's more focused on bar and club environments.

And the reality is if you want to get results with this product, you'll have to go out and take action. There's no getting around the fact that you'll need to be proactive in meeting women, but Say Hello gives you a great roadmap to make it as simple and fun as possible. If you're a beginner who struggles to meet women, I'd suggest you take a look at this program. Particularly if you struggle with approach anxiety or social anxiety one of the biggest sticking points we've found guys have , this program is specifically tailored to your needs. Also if you are meeting women but you're not getting positive reactions, and it never leads anywhere, this would also be a good fit for you.

You'll learn how to make a strong and positive impression when making that first approach, which makes everything afterwards that much smoother.

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If you're already able to approach women and have it consistently go well, this product won't be that useful for you. Instead, check out the Top Editor-Rated programs to get our top recommendations for your personal needs. Say Hello is solely focused on the aspect of meeting women most guys struggle with — what to actually say and do in the first few minutes.

It covers everything you'll need to know to make a strong first impression with women in any environment.

Browse the Most Effective Dating, Sex and Relationships Advice for Men

If you struggle with approach anxiety, social anxiety or simply aren't sure how to effectively meet women, this product is the best one we've reviewed and definitely worth investing in. This course is designed to help you overcome approach anxiety in order to meet women. It is a 4-week course, covering both specifics of what to say and do, as well as improving your confidence and mindset. The Social Man Release Date: March 01, Buy from Product Owner Price: Approaching Confidence - Developing the confidence to take action and approach women Module 2: Body Language - Demonstrations and examples of attractive body language Module 3: What To Say - Lots of examples of what to say to start conversations with women Lesson 4: What To Say, Where - How to adapt to different contexts and environments for the best results.

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Is it a good deal? Click "Submit" to send your review! I'd tried some other products and even a bootcamp, it helped a little bit but not that much. So I didn't expect too much from Say Hello but I was completely blown away. I bought it 3 months ago and followed the steps Christian teaches. Within 2 weeks I noticed a big difference and now today I can talk to any woman anywhere. If you've struggled with this like I have I suggest you just try it and see what happens.

He tells you exactly what to say so you don't need to think about it or need to be naturally good at talking.

-DSR 85- Minx: How to Avoid Relationship Drama (in a Polyamorous or Monogamous Relationship)

All of the examples of what to say made this program easily worth the price I paid. Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? The Social Man Dating Coach: