Easy to hook up at raves

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  1. Hooking up with girls at raves
  2. How do you go up to girls in a rave/club and grind on them
  3. 50.2% of festival-goers say they are interested in a weekend fling

Joined Apr 21, Messages Likes 6. I went to EDC Vegas in The entire city is over run by young people going to the festival. Here's what you do. You need to hit on chicks during the day on the strip, get some numbers, then meet up with them at the festival and dance and party your ass off with them. Then once the sun comes up. Go back to your hotel to smash. One helpful question, you getting a rental car? Thanks for the quick reply. But to answer your question, No.

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Shuttle is the plan for me and my buddy in terms of transportation. Or at least they were 3 years ago. If you can get a rental car for cheap check Priceline , you can use that as another hook for chicks.

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Hooking up with girls at raves

Very easy to tell. Plus that's your instant opener is bringing it up. Wham bam thank you maam. So meeting up with chicks you've day gamed already could be close to impossible if you don't ride out there together. So whether its in a rental car or a shuttle: And she'll still sleep with you?

But how is this possible? Because deep inside her brain, sexual desire has nothing to do with what you LOOK like And everything to do with how you make her FEEL. Matt Cook knows this all too well.

How do you go up to girls in a rave/club and grind on them

Matt is a nice guy In this free video training below, he'll show you how he does it: Again, thanks for the quick reply. I will talk to my buddy about renting a car then. And thanks for the tips! Just thought of something. Don't you need to be atleast 21 to rent a car? My friend and I are only both No prob, and I keep thinking of more tips haha. I have never seen soooo many perfect asses in one giant place in my entire life!!!!

Don't over think it. And yea, pretty sure you gotta be at least 21 for a car. In that case, go the route of asking the chicks you're day gaming if they have a car and ask if you can ride with them. Offer to buy them drinks or dinner or something more clever than just gas money. Haha one problem with that last tip. It's like a math book in the retard class.

Originally Posted by yomomma Originally Posted by jtaylor Originally Posted by Mike-anon. Originally Posted by yoCasmu. I live 4 blocks from EDC. Originally Posted by bambo0zle. Originally Posted by BiggerTommorow. Not sure if I'm even going - depends if I work in LA or out of state this summer. I have a friend who's 5 10, lbs, very nervous around girls and he got laid at one.

50.2% of festival-goers say they are interested in a weekend fling

If it's just them rolling then yes. If you're both rolling then no. By Glads in forum Relationships and Relationship Help.