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I never thought that day will come I will dress long skirt that I hated ever since. When I enter college, I opt to change my green skirt to green pants for I am comfortable on it and no one disagree in our attire. Simply because when you are in jeans, it is easy for me to walk, to run and to ride in a bus, unlike long skirt, it quite difficult. Aside from the fact I am not a girly-type. Eli Soriano, I immediately follow without hesitation.

Although uncomfortable at the start, I learn to manage myself on wearing it.

What is the proper way of dressing up, according to the Bible?

I think it is faith that lead me to carry the Christian dress without hesitation. Because I heard there are people who continue not the indoctrination session because of wearing long skirt, they like it not. Eli, if you wanted to be saved in the last day, you must follow even the smallest doctrine of Christ.

Newly Baptized Testimonials: February 29, 2016

Wearing modest apparel is a doctrine of Members of Church of God International. Posted in Ramdom Thoughts Tagged bro. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Mirror, Mirror on the…… March 2, How many hours do we consume in front of our mirror to make sure we are pleasant as we want to see by others? It always entertained me. During those times I was worldly and that was the truth. I was fond of wearing micro miniskirts — measuring just a stretch from the thumb to the middle finger. I often went out for stroll with my peers, wearing the latest trend in fashion — and walking by the streets in micro -minis.

Tattoo was one of the craze among teens during my time. The day I was scheduled to have my very first tattoo — and it was supposed to be at my nape — I heard Bro. Eli on his broadcast. He read the verse stating that imprinting even a comma on your skin is an abominable act in the sight of God. I suddenly got scared! Then body piercing followed as the next hip thing among teenagers that time.

I was planning to have my nose pierced, and then I heard again Bro. Eli saying the same thing for body piercing as an act that is not pleasant in the sight of the Lord. I cancelled again my plan. Next, I had my haircut. After that I heard Bro. Eli reading the passage in the book of Corinthians He explained that women must keep their hair naturally long and for men to keep them short. The pang of guilt in me was too much. I regretted having my hair cut. Why did he seem to know the things I planned to do?

Why did he manage to speak words that apply to my case each time when he could not see me? With those series of events, I decided to avoid listening to him, resorting to watching movies instead. Later, it got me to reconsider my faith.

Posts Tagged ‘modest apparel’

The turning point in my life — when I abandoned the Catholic faith — was when I tested myself asking for a sign. Eli saying one time about the sign of the cross being unbiblical and is actually being anti-Christ. One day, my brother invited me to attend their Pasalamat Thanksgiving Service. Eli Soriano is presiding minister to. I said yes, I will come with him.

That night before we were set to attend the gathering, I tried to pray asking for a sign. If I see no sign, however, I will remain a Catholic.


After that, I did the sign of the cross. When I opened my eyes, I saw black smoke! It was weird and frightening. I got very scared and I covered myself with a blanket. So, I got the sign! I already got my answer. The morning after that, I went to Apalit, Pampanga with my brother. That affirmed my belief that Bro. Eli is indeed leading the true church. On June 11, , after completing the indoctrination sessions, I got baptized together with my whole family, including my strict father. My brother John Jerry got affiliated ahead of us. Prior to our baptism I experienced some kind of dilemma.

I consulted our worker who had attended to our indoctrination. What should I wear? He pointed to our curtains saying they can be modified and sewn into skirts.

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What is that curtain doing up there, he asked. He knew my mother is a dressmaker and that we have a sewing machine at home. That may sound funny to hear but I then realized the seriousness of following the doctrines of modest dressing in order to be a Christian in the true sense. Days after getting baptized I returned to school and surprised my peers with the way I looked. They were shocked to see me in modest clothing as they were used to my micro mini skirts and wild fashion sense. My peers were chiding me, saying my skirt can be enough for the three of us for mini skirts.

They kept on taunting me. I lessened my time going out with them and busied myself with Church activities.

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  • Dating daan dress code.
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With the help of God, I was able to endure that phase. Then came a humble duty assigned to me inside the church that gave me opportunity to be with Bro. I learned a lot just by observing him. I witnessed how he cares for the brethren, how he values even one single soul.

Dating daan dress code

Eli react to honest mistakes in performing tasks? Eli would just laugh instead of getting angry. When we, his companions, get sick, he takes care of us personally; he attends to our needs. You would never accuse him of forsaking a brother or a sister. So whenever I experience hardships as I perform my duty, I just think of Bro.