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It attaches way too much importance to the date, which would be really awkward if the initial attraction doesn't play out.

Our celebration of the 20 Years of the Jedi Council is over!

It's really difficult to find a job you like where you have a fantastic relationship with your employers, so obviously one doesn't want to jeopardize that. But it's also really difficult to find that one wonderful person who could be the love of your life, so it seems kind of crazy to just let that possibility slip away, unexplored. But ultimately, if you decide to pursue the girl, you will be left with no choice but to trust to the fairness and objectivity of her and her parents in the event that things take a bad turn between you.

You won't really be able to control that by extracting agreements or setting guidelines beforehand, so it's definitely a risk. Don't forget the parents, but they can find out sometime after the first date -- I agree with others above in that the daughter will know what's best in that regard. And what's wrong with a fling anyway? That may be her desire as well.

Here's to 20 more!

Casual is often the norm. It's for the 2 individuals to decide. They can become the subject of another AskMe Q, if needed. If you care about the job, don't do it. I don't think it's paranoid to suggest that parents may think in somewhat more long-term terms than something kids. In my 20's, I would absolutely have been in the "whoa, whoa" category myself. The thought of marriage used to give me hives, and I never worried about I wanted out of a relationship beyond "are we enjoying this?

But my mother still asks me about various people I did not marry, and now that I'm in my early 30s, I actually understand the attitude she had, which was generally a concern with whether the relationship was 'going anywhere. Sure, it depends on the particular parents, but I would bet that a good portion of married people over a certain age actually will be thinking of marriage pretty early on.

I mean, at this stage in my life, it occurs to me pretty much right away to distinguish between "potential mate" and "just for fun" I'm not saying the categorization is definite to my mind or anything, but just pointing out that it honestly does not seem weird anymore for the question to occur to me , and I'm only 31 and not even sure if I want to get married!

So whats the rules when attempting to date the boss's daughter | Jedi Council Forums

These parents are at least in their mids and have been happily married for somewhere around half their life, so they may very well think it's pretty central to their daughter's life. Tolerable jobs are easier to find than great relationships. As long as the parents are cool and you're not a dick things should be fine no matter how the relationship ends up.

If you do eventually break up with her just have a talk with the parents, explain it didn't work out and you hope there is no hard feelings, etc. If they fire you or make your job a living hell then find a new job and perhaps seek legal action, but all that's jumping too far ahead. One thing nobody has mentioned, when you're dating your boss's daughter you should be prepared for your coworkers to automatically see favoritism around the office. Even if there is none, they'll say there is.

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If your office has a better view, if you get a promotion, or if you get a shiny new red Swingline stapler, as far as your coworkers are concerned it's only because you and the boss's daughter are making the monster with two backs. Coworkers will do that no matter what though, so ignore it or play into their jokes.

If your question was phrased more like, "The boss's daughter is hot I'm thinking about banging her as soon as she gets her braces off However, what with your birds singing and all that, it seems you might have something more real here, so I say go for it. The fact is, no matter how good your job is, jobs really don't tend to last all that long these days anyway.

Eventually the job is likely to end for one reason or another, and if you never made your move, you'd end up regretting it big time. There are loads of smart, funny and gorgeous women out there but a good, warm working environment filled with people you respect and admire is extremely rare. And the power relationships involved seem particularly devious. I can't imagine having a girl friend who'd have the direct line to my boss.

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You'd be better off asking her to put in the good word among her friends. She'll tell her parents. From what you've told us, it's what her parents had in mind. If you care about the job, do it. Oh, and if you do the deed and ask her out, show her this thread. Yeah, but great jobs are, equally, harder to find than tolerable relationships. Neither one is really a meaningful factor in this decision.

There is no dilemma: This would be a huge mistake. There is already an unwritten workplace rule against dating your co-workers and it's not difficult to see that it would also apply to, say, the boss's daughter for similar reasons. The decision, in other words, has already been made for you; you are now deciding whether to break that rule or not. I guess if you're a rulebreaker, you will, and if you're not, you won't. Also bear in mind that, at this point, it's possible that blowing her off will create some bad feeling, too.

I'm not sure how far along things are. When I said "marriage track" I didn't mean that the parents would push for a proposal right away. The marriage track is long and begins with simple things like dating. But a set of parents who already know and like you, who set you up with their daughter, are not doing it for the sake of your happy penis pleasure.

They may be fine with you two dating.

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They may be fine with you two fucking. But they're likely thinking long-term, and anyway will hold you to a high standard of "honor" no matter what form the relationship takes. If her parents are at all cool and it sounds like they might be , they'll appreciate your situation, if you do decide to do it. Heck, maybe you could even double date with them, but ease into that. I kid of course.

Also, is there a possibility of her coming to work at your job? That could make things more confusing Oh, and if you do it be sure to keep your weeks open for emergency AskMe questions I'm interested to see the leftish leaning MeFi gallery expressing somewhat conservative ideation about a fundamentally enjoyable exercise such as dating somone who's considered hot by the poster. It's of course prudent to take into account the unusualness of the workplace connections but extended philosophizing over such factual asides may be a telling regret in the future should the impulse be stifled now.

Too much thinking can itself be a barrier to finding a compatible partner. I just think it's a little early on, before the first date, to give serious consideration to the marriageability factor. That's only going to come with exploration of the relationship and that's only going to come by having a first date and seeing what happens. Les affaires d'amore are more fulfillingly realized when the heart rather than the head takes the lead, at least in the beginning, IMHO.

Here's to 20 more years!

If you're falling for her, you should ask her out. Your feelings are likely to continue to grow, and it'll be very painful if you never take that chance and see whether it could go further. If you get naughty texts at work you read it discreetly and delete it immediately, not make a spectacle of it with everyone which is exactly what you've done. And before think twice before you make nonsensical and asinine comments like fucking your boss' daughter's brains out because it doesnt reflect ANY bravado on your part.

Yes he's mad at you for having sex with her, any father will be. Its bad enough that this guy is your superior at work and that should have made you all the more careful; instead you have your little cocky jokes about how you're fucking the little girl and the father cant do a damn about it. Well you know what Willlomo, he can have you fired.

He can make your life miserable if he wants and he can give you a delightful letter of recommendation once you leave your job. He can have others promoted above you, he can make it really hard for you to get another job and he can give you sleepless nights because guess what, he's the boss and you're messing with the wrong person. If you want him to respect you although we can safely say that ship has sailed Stop treating your girlfriend like a sexual conquest and see her as someone's daughter. How would you like it if some upstart spoke this way about your younger sister?

Would YOU tolerate that guy? Mark said exactly what I would tell you. Tread very carefully young man. Seems the movie doesn't know when to end things and when things just seize to be funny.

You're better off watching "The Party", starring Peter Sellers, which has a sort of similar concept as this movie. Terence Stamp was really great in the movie and he is the reason that still most of the comedy works out. Here we have an actor who has had a great career- but no-one has really heard off. I know Ashton Kutcher has gotten a lot of crap over him but he's capable at what he's doing. I just like him as an actor. He's a good comedy actor and besides has got the right looks for his roles. The movie also has some well known actors in the supporting cast.

The most surprising name was Michael Madsen. You don't too often get to see him in a comedy. Other are actors such as Jeffrey Tambor and Carmen Electra. The movie love story between the Ashton Kutcher and Tara Reid characters, which forms the central core of the movie doesn't ever become realistic in the movie.

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