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6 Major Reasons To Date A Yoruba Man - Romance - Nairaland

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  2. Dating a yoruba man - Vill du träffa enda mannen? Börja här
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Get yourself one today! The way they majestically walk into your heart Just wait and see how the children of hate would flood the thread now.. If you don't know, dating a Yoruba guy is a privilege.. Seriously it's not bragging, but they stand out from the rest. I'll advice my stubborn female friends to marry yoruba men, because they aren't manly and strong enough.

Their wives beats them steadily and back to back, especially those yoruba ladies wee dn tear tear eyes tee tee. Their men are only good in gingering and shouting "Emi!! Hopefully this thread doesn't turn a war zone but you know it will right?? The only tribe that can make stew out of pepper and tatashi only. That stew will melt all the mucus in your lungs and brain. Dating a Yoruba man is a waste of time and energy because nothing good come from them? Lol Girls date Yoruba guys, more igbo boys for me then.

I love igbo men because they collectively praise us, igbo women. There is nothing more assuring than hving to know ur men will always hv ur back. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments. This field can be seen by: To finish activating your account, check your inbox for our Welcome message and confirm your email address. Remember Me Forgot password?

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Skip to toolbar Log in Register Search. I acknowledge that this is an over-generalisation, and I am not here to point fingers at my tribal… Share. Do share your thoughts below, you know Dami loves to chat. Image via Nairaland Related. Far from running away LOL… new job, new schedule, new phone…I have been reading without much commenting. The woman in question is his wife now.

I have friends, mostly from Edo, Delta and Crosss Rivers, and the stunts these guys pull, well, let us just say yoruba guys are learning. The best thieves are the ones who never got caught. Those are the real MVPs. We are so happy that you think it is an accomplishment! Edo guys are the real Mvps. Yoruba guys are learners compared to those ones.

Yes the women help in making men what they are today,the majority have come to accept men cheating as the norm,especially the married ones. While most men lack self control and temperance as you said. Have I been living under a rock? Do they really cheat and lie, more than others?

It would be interesting to have some stats. As you have pointed out already, this is one of those over-generalizations. Everyone one cheats, regardless of gender, tribe or religion. It is just unfortunate that yoruba men are the adopted archetype of this vice. Women voices are the loudest when lack of faithfulness in relationships is being discussed. They would have us believe they are victims. This cannot be further from the truth. Women, single or married, are very active cheaters as well!

Dami, is your entire piece by any chance based on social media trends, specifically twitter? Waheyat Allah…Aboki, your words couldnt be realer. Plus I agree with Aboki and Nosa. When it comes to cheating, the Hausa man takes the cake, Yoruba is a smooth talker and the Igbo, well, was just Igbo. In my opinion, it all boils down to personality. Hausa takes the cake? My comment is based on a personal experience.

Dating a yoruba man - Vill du träffa enda mannen? Börja här

If the Hausa man was more of a cheat than my other lovers, i have a right to say so. Lol, You sef calm down. What does giving cake has to do with a cheating partner. Not who cake was given to or who is not taking cake. Currently talking to a Yoruba guy. Should I back off? Well these is Ridwan and I want you to know that this is one of those over-generalizations.

Hey woman run for your dear life. Is all sugar coated. Make sure to investigate him well before u. Bring his ass over here. And I am tired of reading possible excuses for men cheating like they do, whether Yoruba or Edo. LMAO, pls I cant! Not all yoruba men are cheats. So u mean u saw a WiFi signal on his forehead…. Mehn DAT shii got me! You can hide but you cannot run. I detest tribal labels. Some though were obviously planted on earth by the devil to cause havoc but this is irrespective of tribe. One of my exes was the best boo ever and he is a Yoruba boy. Cheating has nothing to do with tribe.

It is more of personality and fear of God! Its like the devil farted on the relationship. Lol…u said it all NOSA ; at d end of d day d junior boys in cheating are d ones dat get caught. Cheating when it comes to yoruba men is a real deal, i do get worried when they come my way but truth is, is not a function of tribe really.

I kind of feel yoruba guys are just more sloppy at it and they somehow bring it to your face. I miss TNC, work has made me so far away but am back for good. I get the Twitter bants and all but some people do take these things seriously. Like the Anonymous one said, this issue is DOA. I think cheating is a general phenomenon. Men and women cheat. Married and unmarried people cheat.

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Cheating is a personal decision and has nothing to do with your ancestors! But what is the big deal tho? I need somebody to explain it to me. Penis and vagina are just parts like ear and tongue. You people like giving yourself unnecessary HBP. You just made sex sound unsexy.

Man kissing woman body youtube

Just a penis in a vagina? And same parts as ear ke? Pls help me understand. Well, I have a friend who used to talk like this. There is always a turning point. Everybody has to have a code. Jade we need to have a sit down okay. This could be me but I too dey possessive of my prick. I nor dey shia abeg. But babe you be chief.. Listen, it can never be me. Not just the preek sef, everything. I dont want anyone else to know how he smells, or notice his smile or his cute bum, or his birthday, or know what his tongue can do, or hear his laugh.

I cant deal with cheating… nah… it bugs me big time. Let us know when you get there. I finally get it.. Words from S All these things are small matters. Yes there probably are single guys but this one married man has what she needs, simple. The wife will be alright please.

This happens here also? I just kent deal!!!!! Jade, first of all, why are you far away in Abuja? But ive always been ambivalent about cheating, i stayed with my fifth boyfriend despite how randy he was but the day he threatened to slap me if i dont shut was the day i left him. If you truly care about your SO, you either stay faithful or break up the relationship! In that sense, monogamy is entirely natural.

Sorry Jade, I just had to jump in here. Kels , well it is what it is, just another part of the human anatomy. Well, i comment my reserve…….. The fact that you think it has to do with just cheating and sex says enough. Did i say anything about emotions? Not all Men Cheat. I am a Yoruba boy and I am not a demon. Max Payne Baba, cool game, cool name..

Funny: how to identify a YORUBA Man ??

Allowing memes in comments will put us in trouble.. Correction please there are more men than women. Google is our friend. I have missed TNC. I just looooove your 1st comment. I am a yoruba boy, not a demon……. I cant stop laughing.

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Thats a worthy introduction right there. Sometimes for very unexplainable reasons. That is your opening statement? Is cheating a pre-requisite for being a man? I wish i could begin to tell you how monumentally incorrect your statement is. Funny comments in here but the fact is that not all yoruba men are cheats. This is twitter banter, furst of all i need to cop these memes mehn, too damn funny. On a real tho men cheat but i think the thing with yoruba guys can be explained thus: Most women are enablers tho and that is a major part of the problem.

I love the comments sha http: Hello everyone, been a regular reader but first time commenting on here. I am Yoruba and to be true Yoruba guys are sloppy at cheating. I keep coming back for the comments Im so interested in what everybody has to say about cheating.

LOL woooow You people are just allowing the devil to use yall left, right and centre.

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  6. So I wanted to see what everyone was saying … But wait , why am I explaining myself sha!?!???? Looooooool to think anyone would pin cheat on a certain tribe is disturbing.

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    People cheat cos of various reasons. But really, is it so hard to commit your genitals to just one person? This is very much a work in progress whenever I find out about one who is more beautiful than any of these I will add her and kick out number ten Thanks for sharing the informative post.