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Join Date Dec Gender: Age 26 Posts It is very important! But you have to know how to use it. Touching her hands while eating isn't very good for the first time. The first touches should be more "hidden". Like "hey look this crazy guy", while showing with one finger to him and putting a hand on her for a few seconds or while you are talking some short touches on her hands and than you have to escalate by the time and touch her more often.

This"hidden" ones are very important for her subconscious. Sent from my GT-I using Tapatalk. Join Date Jul Gender: Age 48 Posts 8, That's a long time to try to get together with someone on a lunch date. And lunch dates should not cost 50 bucks for 2 people, esp. The only reason I would've met up with her was because I wanted to see her in person and nothing more. I would need other reasons to go visit her than just to sit with her and eat, only to hear she doesn't find me interesting.

I think you need to find ways of making those first meetups make you come across as being more interesting to women, so they want to see you soon. If I chat with a girl for a while, at some point I want to get her number, because as soon as I talk to her, she warms up to me a lot more, so when the date is set up, it is very comfortable and feels like the conversation picked up from where we left off, and now it's just doing this quick physical assessment on each other.

The problem with texting is that you have the ability to correct yourself before sending a message out, and when you're having a conversation, you're using a whole other set of muscles to communicate.

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If I'm focusing just on writing women and then meeting up with them, having a conversation with them is going to be tough. But if you're meeting women, talking to them in your day to day life, spontaneously asking them to meet up with you later, or girls you meet online you're also -closing and talking to them over the phone, your first dates will become a lot smoother. But a lunch date should be a wrap hold the onions and a drink.

Who picked the restaurant, and why? Ever watch Rachel Ray where she goes to a city and spends 40 bucks for the entire day? I had a "go to" place that overlooked water and it cost 7 bucks for a sandwich, drink and chips , or go to the coffee cart and splurge on a 3 dollar cup of coffee. You'll find a comfort zone with touching women appropriately. Being touchy feely in the middle of a meal, and running down the street trying to hug her isn't it.

Age 34 Posts Begged her to let her hug you? Can you see how needy and desperate you're coming off?

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Pull yourself together man. You seem confident and smart. You go out with a girl, touch her and hold her, great, but don't obsess over her. You're acting like a sex maniac. Chill out, enjoy your food, enjoy the music, the restaurant, the date. Talk about random stuff, not necessarily about you or her.

Try to build more attraction with the girl, and don't be so needy and obsessive. Join Date Jun Gender: Take it easy, I highly recommend you to start changing your own thoughts, seems and I tell you this with all due respect that you are living under a scarcity mentality Follow the states of Magic bullets as "emotional states" not as specific situations. You were not even in attraction yet , 'cause you couldnt do it But dont give up hope Keep working man, improving, do karate, yoga, train something, sale things to get better in conversations, if you really want it.

Start changing for good now. Dont fall out of desperation, dont let her win Age 42 Posts You don't "rub" her back. You put your hand on her back to lead her around. Same end result, but different mindset. By SeductionForce in forum General Discussion. By Sebastian7 in forum General Discussion. By Pizza Lord in forum General Discussion. Think of her on a stage, twirling and spinning for your pleasure. Whether this is reality or not doesn't matter You want to stir up some anxiety and fear that she's being stood up so that she thinks about her insecurities "Am I not pretty enough?


Top 10 Mistakes Guys Make On A First Date

Even if you arrive early, mill around in the parking lot or wherever for a while until you're late. The upper limit of lateness to where the girl gets seriously pissed off is around fifteen minutes, so try to keep it under that. The best way to do this is by touching her more and more as the date progresses. First you start with innocent touches on her forearm or shoulder, then you graduate to touching her hands after the half-hour mark, then you wrap your arm around her waist.


Next thing you know your heads are mere inches apart and the kiss is a foregone conclusion. I believe that kissing results more because of touching than because of interesting conversation. Think of this way: Sometimes you can kiss a girl with touching alone. Even if you don't think you will get the bang on the same night, it's still prudent to go for it.

The reason is because it makes your job much easier for the second date. The farther you get on the first date, the less work you have to do on the second. Even if the first date goes well, you can't make the assumption there will be a second. How about if her long lost ex-boyfriend calls the next day?

How about if her friends cockblock you? Then you'll kick yourself in the ass that you didn't push it. Always go for the bang and I'm confident you'll be surprised at how far you get. As you've probably noticed, most of the work in having a great first date is done before you even show up. A little preparation for them goes a long way, especially if you consider that it takes quite a bit of work to meet a new girl and then get her out.

How to Have an Amazing Tinder First Date – Tips that you wouldn’t expect (Part 2)

Don't blow it by not preparing yourself. I learned these date tips by going on A LOT of dates. First dates, in parks, bars, clubs, bookstores, coffee shops, museums, malls, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, and my living room, to name a few. I've tried it all, and through my experiences have figured out seemingly "obvious" things like how a common neighborhood bar is the best place to have a date as long as you can sit close to her.

There's the big things in game like having the optimal attitude or the best opening line, but the small things count too because they quickly add up and make getting laid a lot easier. Tue Aug 14, 5: This is perfect timing for me, I have girls 's to text and this was a good motivator to get into my Day 2 side of The Game. Wed Aug 15, 1: Wed Aug 15, 8: I like the tip where you suggest calling some friends to shoot the shit before hand.

You get warmed up before sports, why not before a date? Mon Aug 20, 8: Tue Aug 21, 8: I guess it depends on your energy in the first lets say 15 mins. But my question is, how do you "open" the date when you meet? Do you go for a hug, kiss on the cheek, just shake hands? Thats my opinion, do you guys have any other ideas?

#1 Rule For A Perfect First Date (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Wed Aug 22, 8: Sat Aug 25, 6: So if you have chosen a restaurant for the first date, do you sit next to her or would that be weird in a restaurant? Mon Aug 27, 7: Mon Aug 27, Thanks man, this really is a usefull guide. Something to work with when I go to a date. What is your opinion on a movie date?

I really like to go to movies, but how can I escalate there? Tue Aug 28, This is a post I wrote in August of I am reposting it because I have no idea where the original post went! Ah, the classic "movie date," the most infamous and hated type of day 2 in the community. OK, we all know why a movie date can be a terrible idea, so I'm not going to get into that. However, we also know that rules can be broken. There's never anything exciting going on, and it costs a lot of money to do anything remotely fun and legal. Unfortunately, one of the most exciting date ideas in this city is watching a movie I am SO glad I go to college in New Orleans - it's so damn fun.

As a young practitioner of pickup, I was forced to hone my "movie date" game. Yes, now I can work movie dates just fine, and I'm here to tell you exactly how you can make a movie date as awesome as Barrack Obama. I believe that "watching a movie is a terrible date idea" is a limiting belief. I was having a conversation with a random girl one day and I asked her what her favorite date was like. She went on to describe a movie date she once had!

He was obviously a guy who could evoke strong emotions within her, thus making her feel attraction for him. Then, I thought to myself, "Hey, wait a minute! I know how to do that! I know PUA shit! This realization of mine took some prerequisite knowledge and skill, though: Knowing the difference between situational confidence and core confidence. I learned this one through RSD's Blueprint program. Situational confidence is confidence you gain from being in a familiar situation that you are comfortable with, such as your workplace if you are the boss, the bar if you are a bartender, the dance floor if you're Michael Jackson, or the basketball court if you're Michael Jordan.

Core confidence, however, is something that the best Natural PUAs have. No matter what the situation they are in, even if it's a place he's never been before, he's still glowing with confidence. He understands that he is not his situation. He knows that he is the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world watch Fight Club and he loves it. Being able to express my core freely without being stifled I learned this one mainly through Vin DiCarlo's "The Attraction Code" ebook.

His "4EP Model" for Natural Game as described in his ebook helped me fully realize how I should express myself, which is without shame. Basically, I think the main thing to take away from this is "honesty is the best policy. Having solid post-isolation game Take out factors like AMOGs, obstacles, meta-game, and other shit like that and you've got a pretty simple and straightforward game. After isolation, it's just you and her. You don't have to worry about all that other crap that usually gets in the way. A date or day 2 is basically a huge chunk of isolation time.

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The secret of self-amusement If you've ever had anyone tell you that you're easily amused, you already have this down. Being good at self-amusement means that you're able to take any situation and make it fun for you. When you're on a date or day 2 with a woman, you should be determining the frame simply by having a stronger frame. Once you do that, any emotion that YOU feel is going to be highly contagious to her. Now that we have that shit covered, let's get back to the actual date As a general rule of thumb, I always bounce to several different locations during a date, and I always start at a coffee shop.

Drinking coffee at the start of a date will energize both you and her so you can both be ready for a fun time. The caffeine intake also promotes the release of dopamine, which scientists have found to be associated with good feelings like love and infatuation. Going to several different locations is an old trick used by Mystery to create a time distortion. She'll feel like she's spent more time with you because she has more experiences with you locations she's been to with you to look back on.

Let's say you meet up for coffee, bounce to the park to people-watch, bounce to your place for a moment to get your hat or whatever, bounce to the convenience store to look at magazines and make fun of the celebrities in them, bounce to grab some grub at wherever really doesn't matter where and what you eat , then bounce to the movie theater to watch the movie you both want to see.

This is just a rough outline, by the way. Don't try to follow it step by step. Mix and match as you please. Before you do any of that stuff, though, be sure to have your logistics planned out nicely. More on that later. All throughout your day 2, you should be running whatever game you've got with light kino. Save the heavy stuff for later. Yes, movie dates cost money. Get over it and dish out the ticket fee unless you have connections that allow you to watch movies in the theater for free.

Don't feel obliged to pay for your date's ticket.

You can do it out of the kindness of your heart, but be sure to frame it properly if you do. You want to frame it as though you are doing it just to be generous, but NOT supplicating or expecting anything in return. In fact, you can even say outright, "The thing I hate about paying for girls is that sometimes it makes them feel like they owe me something.