Dating a nice guy boring

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  1. 'The Bad Boys Hurt Me And The Nice Guys Bore Me. How Do I Change It And Where Are The Men?'
  2. 'The Bad Boys Hurt Me And The Nice Guys Bore Me. How Do I Change It And Where Are The Men?'
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I thought it could work. I thought it was worth exploring.

Apparently, a sociopathic narcissist picked you to make something safe for him this time. All of that is natural. None of it is helpful. A monster is a message, a piece of advice sent with the intention of protection. I know the patterns, I know what to look out for, how can I not only recognize them but be confident that I have actually changed them?

Is there a point when you feel like just a complete badass and confident and unstoppable or, will you always have to have a high level of awareness to not fall back into old patterns? There are many people in this world who never feel unstoppable and who have far more satisfying dating experiences and relationships than you. Anyway, can old patterns be completely erased or will they always still linger? You are very skilled at keeping yourself stuck by creating these false dilemmas. You are keeping yourself stuck by asking false binary questions which preclude other alternatives. These questions have the form: This is very limiting on your thinking, and thus behaviour.

No, you need steps on the outside, in the world. Because when other people are involved, the important stuff happens on the outside, in the world.

'The Bad Boys Hurt Me And The Nice Guys Bore Me. How Do I Change It And Where Are The Men?'

You need to risk new behaviour on the outside, even though you think you may have done this already. We can sit by ourselves in a room and convince ourselves that anything is true. He flies to Paris to get her her favourite macaroons. Yes, he flies to Paris to get her favourite macaroons, but as an apology for hurting her. So he trades his girlfriend to his uncle for a hotel, punches her and shows up on her wedding day to ruin her dreams, if he buys her flowers and expensive jewellery and says sorry every few months, it must be love, right?

Yes, yes it would be. One of the reasons so many girls ignore the good guy is because they want the sparks ; the biting, scratching, spine tingling sex that so many of us associate with the bad guy image. Being good in bed has no correlation to how many motorbikes you ride, and a lot of the time the nice guys will be more attentive to your needs.

'The Bad Boys Hurt Me And The Nice Guys Bore Me. How Do I Change It And Where Are The Men?'

Have you ever been with someone who just kind of felt like he was in it for himself, not really paying attention to what you wanted and definitely not getting you anywhere near that big-O? That's just not something that I am interested in. If he is looking for more than a fuck, he is totally going about it the wrong way.

Jul 1, 9. Thanks x 2 Hugs!

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Jul 1, It sounds like a lack of social skills and emotional intelligence. I know plenty of people who don't really do anything super exciting and don't have strong opinions but who know how to discuss a topic, know how to keep a conversation moving and know how to connect emotionally. He's probably just always been attractive, good student, mild mannered and respectful and he never was forced to learn how to really interact. I think you should just save yourself the frustration and move on.

If he can't read a conversation and formulate an appropriate response, I doubt he's going to be able to communicate about larger issues in a relationship. His "ask me questions on this date and I'll answer" turns in to "I don't see a problem with anything ever, you do all the work, planning, coordinating, guessing what I want, asking for affection Thanks x 8 Hugs!

Kept trying to come up with conversation topics but all he cared to talk about was his job. And just as quietly as he came in, he left.


He ended up ghosting me after months. Have to watch out for the quiet ones.

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Break up with him. I thought the same thing about a guy I liked.

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His phone called me one day and I overheard him talking with a co-worker having an in depth conversation. He was dry as a piece of turkey with me. It's not worth it trying to pull something out of someone.

Machiavelli’s Advice For Nice Guys

Yes, good looking guy but he was boring, overly religious in a snarky way and insecure. I let him go.