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You get to play dating bingo with delightful experiences of ghosting , zombieing , kittenfishing , and shaveducking. You sift through an exhausting conveyor belt of disappointing matches, boring dates, and experiences that, while they make brilliant pub stories, take a chisel to any lingering hope that remains in your despairing heart. As coined by Tracy Moore at Mel Magazine , mosting is the act of coming on strong, then suddenly ghosting. They talk about the future. They use mushy, lovey-dovey language, calling you the person of their dreams, the one, the person who makes them want to be better.

They look into your eyes and ask you about your parents. Things were great at first and we talked for hours on end. We have a real connection with deep conversations. Maybe he forgot that I was there when he grew up?!?! He started disappearing for entire weekends or one ore 2 days. He would say he lost his phone, got arrested, went out with friends got drunk, whatever. Just like real crappy reasons. This past weekend, he did it again. I feel so upset. Because he was treated horribly by his last relationships according to his friends and family.

I see the red flags and feel almost defeated that this relationship will end. I am a good woman that only wants his love not his money because I got my own. Im definitely bothered by it and think I know my answer.. We got engaged in January of this year and he has disappeared several times to just reappear. I find that strange. He leaves comes back leaves comes back. From the sound of it, no. A man that truly loves you would not say nasty stuff about you and your parents.

This sounds like emotional abuse and you should never date anyone that abuses you physically or emotionally. And him hiding the engagement from his friends is not a good sign either. You did the right thing. Then it got worse, he starts dissapearing ever once in a while. Could be for days or even weeks. I always be the one who approach him, just to find myself being bullied. Now I try to heal and give him space.

If any of you experiencing the same treatment from your beloved. Please, learn to love yourself, bit by bit. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your experience. I am so glad I am not alone. I met this guy on a dating site 3 weeks ago. It became daily communication. New years eve we talked in the phone for the first time and it was like we knew each other. We knew we liked each other. We meet two days later and the physical chemistry was amazing!!

He started the deep texting about wanting to continue seeing me and possibly moving into a relationship. He was good looking and we had so much in common….. We met up again and again the chemistry was amazing. He wanted to take things slow and build a relationship and when the time was right, it could happen. Texting everyday, all day. Good morning texts, good night texts. Just everything I wanted to hear.

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I was in heaven!! Since then he has disappeared. I texted later that evening as I usually do when I get home and nothing. I called and after two rings it went to voicemail which meant he declined the call. He knows how I feel about him and now I am just in total shock. I feel so foolish right now that I let the guard I had up for so long to be treated like this.

Declarations of love followed by the disappearing act? You've just been mosted | Metro News

Obviously, the risk of letting your guard down is the possibility of getting hurt, but that risk is worth it if it means getting that great love you really want. Start doing the things you enjoy and love to bring more joy into your life. Sad time for me right now but i know il be better off for it. He took advantage of your love and trust by feeding you lies instead of being straight forward and just ending the relationship.

But every Monday he plays this disappearing act. He like call me first thing in the morning and feed me this story about spending the day with his mom or sleeping all day. Then around 8 or 9 pm he will be back. And talking and responding like normal. This has been happening on a weekly basis since we started dating… And the thing is he was dating a girl that lived a few hours away and would visit her very Monday and Tuesday. She told me last week she spent the day with him. And when I talked to him about it he of course denied it.

But it still seems so strange for him to do this every week. You may really like this guy, but deep down inside you know the truth. I have dated my boyfriend for almost two years now. Three and a half weeks ago, he asked for some space. Now, this was space, he went to Chicago, likes away to be with his family. I was like, okay. Things have been good but he never has any time to talk to me, like on the phone. I call him, no response, cool. So, I text him, he answers most, but this past week, since Thursday, he has disappeared.

I know he wanted space but he agreed that I was still to communicate with him. It is Saturday morning, I sent him a text but I feel that my actions Thursday morning, led to him pulling away and disappearing. Unfortunately, if a man asks for space and disappears on you, he is pulling away. The good thing is that this gives you an opportunity to evaluate the relationship and determine if it was really right for you.

We have only been together for a month now, but I have known him for about 6 months total, as just friends. We went into this crazy fast though. After only 2 dates, we mutually decided that we were boyfriend, and girlfriend.

When the Person You’re Dating Does the Disappearing Act

We were so happy. We talked about anything, and everything. He wanted to go to an after party…I wanted to go home. It was 2am…we should just go home.

Suddenly he threw his arms up saying that I was being difficult, and causing drama for no reason, and started stomping away. He said- Fine, bye! BUT he caught up to me outside. Do you even want to be with me anymore??? But I replied- Do you even want to be with me anymore??? He touched his head, and said- you live in here, and he touched his chest over his heart, and said -and you live in here. I will come and see you tomorrow, I promise.

I agreed, and said ok. He hugged me, and kissed me good bye…. And I have not heard from him since. It is also not lost on me that he knows that I have a cellphone, and a landline. You are right—if he wanted to talk to you he would find a way to get in touch with you, period. It also sounds like this guy was punishing you and pushing you away for not wanting to continue drinking and partying the night away.

Knew this man for several years. The first time he called me, he was out of a relationship. I was also in an awkward relationship situation. We went out, he came on a bit quick and heavy, after 2 dates, poof! So 2 weeks later, I wrote him a message.

Relationships & Dating: WTF? Disappearing Acts

He said he was having difficulty moving on from his ex and still loved her. We agreed to have a one-time sexual fling. Well, after that, we parted ways. Some months later, again, he called. We went out and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said no, because I still had feelings for my ex. Some months later, again, he reappeared, we had another short lived fling, he would make suggestions about being in a relationship, but I shot him down. He disappeared for about a year.

Then reappeared again with a call, we set up a date, except he never called to follow up. We went out as friends. I told him I was in a relationship, but a long distance one. He was a bit sad. He stood me up a few times during our fling. The last time we met up, he hinted at a relationship but I hinted no. I believe he keeps reappearing and appearing because you allow him to. I also think you like it because there is a block feature on your phone that kills all of this no sense. Best of luck to you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kay. We all deserve better! Save yourself the annoyance from dealing with this unreliable guy and resist the urge to play into his disappearing and reappearing acts.

He hides more from me. He is definitely a workaholic and spends hours at his workplace but he also has many female friends who come by his work. He is flexible enough to be able to have visitors. We have a great communicative relationship but sometimes he does disappear. This triggers me as he might go radio silent for a day or two but then he comes back and shares that he needed space to think about stuff, apologizing and this we talk about.

He gets a lot of texts from women, he has shared about some of them but there are a couple i know about who he has never mentioned to me. When I am away for work he will often have dinner with them. When i am around though, some of these girls are never around. It could be coincidental, but there are some red flags. This is where I am confused. The other night he said goodnight but later while i was at a concert, i saw he was online. Right now, my stomach is turning and he said he was at dinner with a friend…why do i feel this way?? You feel the way you do for a number of reasons— 1.

Your guy has a lot of female friends, which would make plenty of girlfriends uncomfortable, but the real issue is 2— 2. He is hiding some of his friendships with women from you, a big red flag; and 3. No woman would feel comfortable with this combo! The person you are in a relationship with is the one person that you should be able to bare your soul to and share your deepest feelings with.

Furthermore, the disappearing act is one of the most disrespectful things that men do to us. But worse than that, is our acceptance of it! If you want space or a little personal time you verbalize that on the front end so your absence is not categorized as a disappearing act. Out of state disappears. Anyway, thank you for what you wrote. It really helped me. Time to let this guy go. Why have women in multiple states, you ask?

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Because they can—because we allow men to make us into placeholders for when they finally feel like giving us the breadcrumbs of their attention. Positive changes in the dating world must begin with us, women! I was in a situation where my man disappeared on me over the this Thanksgiving holiday.

I cooked for my sons and him thinking we would have a nice dinner together like we did the year before and he was a no call no show. After three Thanksgivings together he disappeared for the entire weekend and when he finally reached out to me that following Monday he tells me that he spent time in the emergency room dealing with his sick brother. He claims he was dealing with his family all weekend but I went past his house that Saturday and his car was there.

I know that his brother is Ill and has been for a while but I also know that there is something else going on. I have had the feeling that he was lying to me for years but every time I have attempted to catch him doing something I come up empty looking like a fool. I know with everything in me that something is going on and it has nothing to do with me being paranoid, I just know the signs when I see them.

This pass weekend we spoke all day on Saturday but on Sunday I received a message in the morning that he was still sleeping and I have not heard from him since.

I even rode to his house but he would did not answer and his home looked dark but his car was outside. I have been fighting thoughts of him with another woman and I am trying to focus my mind on something else but that has been very hard to do.

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  5. I know that he has some issues that he is dealing with like the deteriorating health of his brother and he just recently lost his job. He is also a drinker and he did mention to me that he was dealing with depression because of the stress and pressure he is under.

    I still feel that none of that will stop him from fooling around with someone else eespecially if hes been with this person for awhile. I truly want to be supportive because I can relate to his pain of being unemployed, I empothise with him because I have walked in his shoes, but I also know him to be a creature of habit, we both are.

    We normally communicate everyday, many times a day unless he is doing his disappearing act. He just told me on Friday that he is 57 years old and he is to old to be playing them kind of games but then he go and does this. I also know that he is the type of person that has no problem ignoring his phone no matter who is on the other line. Communicating is very difficult with him because to me he has secrets when I am the open book.

    We normally volunteer our wearabouts. He calls inroute to his appointments, when he gets there, while waiting, in route home. They are very painful to handel because how can you be so connected to someone and then walk away and say nothing for long periods of time. I have asked him everytime if you feel that you need time alone, put my mind to rest and just say so.

    I can understand and relate and would have given him the time he needed but he never does that. I hate it and I sent him a long message telling him my feelings about his behavior. I even told him about my suspions and I told him not to even bother responding to my messages. Especially when it is someone that feel like I should respond to his text right after I receive them or answer his every call. I am to old to be worrying about what my man is doing and who he is doing it with.

    This has been going on far to long. Today I take my power back. Sometimes we get stuck in this mode of looking for evidence to validate our gut feeling that something is wrong. Relationships should be a safe place of comfort and solace not a source of anxiety, doubt, and worry. Should you feel hopeful that you and reappears, or ten, dating and then disappear on this whole dating.

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