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In that way, you will not need to wait for someone to contact you. Most users are serious about their intentions and highly participative. In fact, around 40, conversations are currently taking place in the platform. As initiating contact is limited to a subscription, most of the times you will be contacted by singles who really are seeking something serious in the long-term. You can also answer messages from Premium members for free, check the results of your personality report, hide members and upload up to 15 photos.

RSVP keeps a close eye on profiles and photos submitted to ensure they meet their safety guidelines.

Day 25 - Sharing part 3 - "Good and Bad Date Stories"

The moderation team automatically checks profile by profile to make sure there are not fake profiles. The monitor process includes a check-up for trends in suspicious profile behavior or content as well as technical information. The site provides also a wide range of dating tips to help you get the most out of your dating experience. Easy-to-use App available for Android, and iOS You have to upgrade to Premium to check all members who viewed your profile.

RSVP is the leading dating site for Aussies singles looking for a long-term relationship. The dating site is at the top of the league because it manages to connect singles who have many things and relationship goals in common, but also in creating long-term couples: December 4, by Georgia. It is just not worth what you pay or the time you invest in it.

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I think it is more valuable to meet potential partners the old fashioned way, social gatherings, learning institutions, church or friends, In my opinion this is just a complete waste of time and money. Unauthorised payments did not approve direct debit. Reviews -

I paid once via my credit card for a broke single girlfriend i am married do not require this business whatsoever to use this site for a month. At no time did i authorise ongoning payments to be taken from my credit card EVER!! I have now discovered after checking my online banking statements this mob have taken 3 unauthorised payments for past three months from my credit card. I am not even a registered member and have no profile! Seems as soon as you provide credit card details you are considered a member?? Wouldnt you need to apply and set up a payment system if you wanted to use their services?

RSVP review

I have lodged a transaction dispute with my bank and even if i was to cancel that card, apparently that wont ensure that a company will not automatically transfer direct debit to new card? So beware of this site and its payment set up. Trying to contact them is harder than you expect. The number provided does not connect. I am awaiting a reply from my email to them, contemplating going to the ombudsman to inform them of unauthorised activity.

Watch this space for updates. Verified Customer Works for me.

Questions & Answers

So far I have many dates over coffee and have not paid a cent for any stamp or membership fees. I have been on it for almost six months but you can take a break anytime to stop the flow and get back to it anytime. I took a break for two months now back again.

So far I am happy with it. Let otherside to contact you and then you screen them. You may receive fake IDs kisses but does not cost you anything even if you are interested. The more options you have the better one you choose. After a few messages then suggest for mobile number and take your communication outside the platform. And start texting, talking and eventually meeting. It works for me every time. Verified Customer Possible fake member fraud, forfeit of stamps consumer fraud??? Yes many fake profiles, talk to you to keep you on site and buying stamps, soon as you start connecting they are, "removed from site" I have just brought 25 stamps but have been banned from the site even though last week they resolved an issue and never told me any of the female members had complained.

Had to nice contacts there but now cant communicate with them? They have withdrawn a service that has been prepaid? This is against consumer law in Australia?

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I have been removed from this site inspite of having 25 stamps credit. One bit of advise Make sure you do not opt to Subscribe for more than a month. Not fit to be rated 1 star. The parent company i think is in trouble. I rather have the Chinese take over. I like the format better But seriously, paying a lot for the chance to chat with someone who might not be interested. But alas I think not.

I'm not a pretty person. But I do have some odd charm that makes some men turn their heads. But I feel like I'm in a ghost town when it comes to rsvp. Ontop of that the few men I have managed to engage with have pretty much been pretty vile and nothing more than Tinderboys I did and how was a related? With F boys who weren't interested in a relationship First winker is the payer logic. But something strange happened then. I'd reply to few prospects only to have them not start a conversation Nobody wants to spend money to talk And just to give you a reference point to the difference.

I joined POF 2 days ago and I've had at least a dozen guys drop a real message. Ok most of them are probably Tinderboys too but at least I'm having an actual conversation. You have screamed for equality but when it comes to money you want to play the old card Was good 15 years ago, not so now - no new members in a loooong time. Over the last 5 years, women on the NSW Central Coast on the site have not changed, nor has the number.

These are , dare I say it, old stock. Site did have a good turnover years ago, but not now. Why would someone remain on the SAME site for 5 years? RSVP pre was good, now it's crap, as well as expensive. On the plus side, they don't charge to see photos like eharmony do, nor do they have a ridiculous number of questions to go through like POV. So called Dating Sites its all fake. It is all about computer circulating photos from all around the world. It is what it is. A dating platform filled with promise.

Unfortunately I think you need to be very confident when using a dating site and I am unfortunately not. Lots of married men sadly, players, I think it would work if you are confident and in a good headspace who has the time and patience to sort through the nonsense. A warning to anyone who is not that confident any online dating site can be depressing and confidence destroying. I have been on this site forever but the stamps are too expensive! For instance, you could charge the same minimum amount for 10 stamps or 3! Especially as things can often go awry in the first few messages.

The worst part is, women just expect men to pay for this all the time! Even if THEY send the kiss!!! This is getting ridiculous! Been on here for like 20 years or something, thinking of leaving it altogether… You never give out stamps for free.