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So how does it work?

  2. Friday, October 19, 2018
  3. Speed dating: Meet the four fit fellas put to the test | News
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  5. Speed dating: Meet the four fit fellas put to the test...

And with the speed-dating service ringing a buzzer that signals the end of a couples' time together, participants can relax knowing that they can largely avoid any awkward end-of-date moments. But do the rules of attraction still apply in speed dating?

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University of Pennsylvania psychologists examined more than 10, client responses from Hurry Date's database and found that in the context of a speed date, the usual rules of attraction go out the window. Factors like religious affiliation and earning potential -- usually viewed as very important in dating -- are replaced by behavioral cues. These cues provide the basis of attraction in a setting where time is of the essence and split-second decisions are made.

The University of Pennsylvania researchers determined that Hurry Date's three-minute format was longer than necessary -- three seconds is about all it takes, said one researcher [source: University of Pennsylvania ]. Another study conducted by Stanford Business, Harvard and Columbia University researchers also found that women in the speed date setting throw out traditional requisites for a mate, like intelligence and sincerity, and go instead for physical attractiveness. So, too, do men , but this represents no change, as men traditionally report physical attractiveness at the top of their list of desirable qualities in a mate.

This same study also found that the smaller the pool of potential candidates, the more likely women were to want to see any of the given men.

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As the number of men at the speed date simulation increased, the number of men the women wanted to see decreased [source: Stanford Graduate School of Business ]. Scientific study has come up with quantitative evidence that speed dating can work in the selection of a mate. But there's also plenty of qualitative evidence suggesting that speed dating can fail. Some speed daters report the scene is fraught with sleazy and insincere individuals.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Others find the candidates somewhat lacking. Speed dating, while comprised of brief, timed encounters, also generally requires that the dater sit through the entirety of a date, with little or no chance of escape usually found in other, less structured settings. In stark contrast to these objections, speed-dating service Web sites are brimming with anecdotal evidence that the technique works.

Most sites are long on success stories and display wedding photos of couples who met through their service's events. His team was uncomfortable deploying technologies at such an early stage in the development process. Unlike more established technology applications, ubiquitous computing does not have established design patterns to leverage. So he explained that he looked in the design toolbox for some tools of the trade to help. There are a lot of tools designers use — such as sketching and prototyping — for getting the idea right.

30 vs 1: Dating App in Real Life

But not a lot of tools for getting the right idea. Speed dating was a dating strategy born out of a need for busy professionals to optimize the time they spent… well, dating.

Speed dating: Meet the four fit fellas put to the test | News

His theory is that multiple low-cost engagements with a wide variety of concepts allows a broader perspective to emerge. Scott then described how the next step in their process was to show the families in their study concepts like the ones shown here:. He praised paper is a wonderful media to show concepts because it is cheap and stressed that scenarios should be engaging. Scenarios that people liked were made more tangible through low-fidelity prototypes in order to test and identify boundaries in acceptable behavior.

A father is suppose to pick up his kids from an activity. His car breaks down.

There are 9 thoughts on this idea

Features of the ubiquitous home coordinate this task and finds a new person to pick up the kids. The question then became: He explained how a matrix can show lessons about individual themes but can also reveal large themes. Understanding of the right idea from his project was that they needed to change their design strategy. Managing activity and parenting are inseparable — teach kids responsibility, function as a safety net.

Speed dating: Meet the four fit fellas put to the test...

Thanks for sharing this. I love what seems to be a recent surge in creating interesting design activities Comicboarding comes to mind , and this looks like a winner. Rachel Hinman of Adaptive Path wrote a nice summary of that September […]. Guess this theory can definitely optimize the time and money.

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The principles and design process methods are really amazing. Hope every one can enjoy.. There were several key reasons why this was not the best approach, namely: